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Show You Care~ Be Aware!

It’s a simple request. Yet often seems hard to fill. We work tirelessly at trying to get the world to STAND UP and take notice.  Stand up for AUTISM!  This busy buzzing world we live in. The revolving layers upon layers of matter. Physical and spiritual. So much constantly going on. I of course am so immersed in my world…”The Autistic Community” that is building. Autistic adults working together with parents of children with Autism. For the greater good.

 As I like to say, “It’s a beautiful thing!” We see it. NOW~~to help others see it. For so many years the negative images  and sad stereotypes have dominated popular culture. One movie…captured the attention of the world and closed their minds to reality. Autism is not “Rainman.” A very entertaining movie yet, not a great perception for the masses. Another movie is now here to erase the damage Rainman did. “Temple Grandin” produced by HBO. My Autism Awareness wish…is that everyone on the planet that has not seen this movie… WILL

There are so many reasons to accept Autism and make friends with it!! This is the thinking behind, my Kid’s Coloring Books and the fabulous coming event!! The 1st Annual Show you Care~Be Aware CHALK FESTIVAL! At Caliornia Burgers 353 E. Foothill Blvd. AZUSA, Cal.

We are bridging to each other and the community!! We are tired of isolation and no community events geared towards reaching out as friends. There are such growing numbers for people on the spectrum…it’s time the world became acquainted with us. Acquainted with real people with Autism and Aspergers. Not Dustin Hoffman’s brilliant stereotypical performance of one individual. If people learn anything else…realize that like everything in this world. Autism comes in all shapes and sizes!

Saturday morning April 16th 10:00 a.m ~3:00 p.m.  please come  on out and see for yourself. We will be celebrating our talents and practicing our skills with chalk! Raising Awareness and thoughts for a more accepting world.  ART brings hearts and minds together and this is what we aim to do! Artist Bj Lane the mother of an Adult Daughter with Autism will share her amazing perspectives through her brilliant use of color. We are so honored and thrilled by her SPECIAL APPEARANCE! I have seen her in action and cannot wait for the designs in store for us !! Please explore her beautiful style here…  

Several other artists are signed on…myself and my amazing book and project partner Rachel Walker . Take a peek at her amazing world of talent here   She will pop by and whip up some of her special brand of magic! Another very exciting development~~ Author/ Artist /Entrepreneur/Aspie…Jan Beaver Coad …will travel down and design a square and share her inspirations with ALL!!  She has alot of amazing things to share, show and sell. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such Awareness Angels!!  Fun artistic ones!!!

There will be some  Designers of  hand crafted jewelry with their creations for sale that will  definitly beautify your lives!!…  We will have copies of the 1st ever~Naturally Autistic Magazine created by an Autistic Staff!  That alone is worth the trip! Books, Info and Useful INFORMATION galore!! Let the little ones roll up their sleeves and test their abilities! I will have a kiddie corner for “Jr. Artists”…pre-drawn shapes and lots of colors! California Burgers has an awesome menu with something yummy  for everybody…and I’m sure Grace Lee the owner/proprietor will have a “Chalk~Fest Special” cooked up!  So come on out and see all the FUN, ART & TALENT that the spectrum can hold. As we reach out and share within all communities across the globe! When given the chance this community will wow you!!                                                     OUR FANTASTIC SUPPORTERS!!                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Over the Moon, Sun and Stars!

That is how I am feeling! 2010 ended superbly with the Autism SHINES Mural project~~>  January kicked off in fine form with my Temple Grandin interaction!! February 12th was the 1st co-ordinated APAC Global Awareness Event. March 4th will be’s 1st radio show as a part of the ANCA Naturally Autistic Blogradio Team. Be aware~Show you care Chalk Festival April 16th, WOW!

That doesn’t even touch on the #1 REASON I am so blissed out recently!! “Making Friends with Autism”  my children’s coloring book has been sent to the printer’s. 24 pages of  Awareness INFORMATION presented in a fun way! Info about their peers  they truly need to know. Let’s stop all of the wondering people have been doing! Let’s put something in the children’s hands!! Let’s grease the wheels of knowledge…and get this rollin’!! I am ready to have children coloring awareness magic. Parents learning and understanding basics with their children…Autism meltdown 101 .

CLICK to ENLARGE ~ each of Rachel Walker’s brilliant drawings! I am so blessed to be working with such a special artisan. Rachel is multi~talented to be sure. She is an accomplished artist that has shown at Vroman’s Pasadena  bookstores as well as Our local Glendora bookstore . Currently Rachel has a permanent spot at  a Gallery in Pomona! She has designed  beautiful costumes and loungerie . This year she is teaching costume design at an artist oriented high school in Santa Ana. She has encouraged some great work from her students with 1 Fashion Show so far! I am proud to call her friend and partner.

When I lucked into Rachel as the artist for this venture…I was at my wits end. I had been shopping around for an “artist” to help illustrate my “Why does Wyatt do that?” books. My mom immediately insisted I could do it by myself. She knows that as an artist…you can doubt your own abilities, and need that “pep-talk”… that urge to believe. Many , many times that is true in life. There is also a time to know when two heads are  better than one. Joining minds and creativity, linking together making each other stronger. This is what I sensed and thankfully found in Rachel.

The way that Rachel took my two rough designs and refined them and took them to the next level…Not Global~~UNIVERSAL!!  You know I LOVE THAT!! Kelly Green loves to think BIG! This is exactly my point ; Rachel understood that from me. When I approached her with this partnership I was seeking she had no ASD experience. She has taken it upon herself to check into things on her own. She has had some hands on experience getting to know Wyatt and I!

She has read things thatI have sent her and really taken this project to heart! She will look at photos and then be able to capture Wyatt’s body language in her depictions. Precisely what is needed. When I have given her a thumbnail sketch or idea of what I hope to see on each page…she understands and enhances my perceptions!!  So evident in her amazing heartfelt renderings.Our kids and families are in for an informative amazing  treat!

Speaking of amazing~~ Rachel surprised me yet again with a beautiful original piece for the front cover of “Making friends with Autism”…Wow when I saw this my heart had wings too! My beloved logo amongst the beautiful unique tapestry as WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY open for the ASD community!! Gorgeous~Thankyou Rachel!


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It has been 1 week since my very first Temple Grandin conference. The energy in the conference room when she was present ~~PHENOMONAL. Unlike anything I have ever experienced. I will undoubtedly seek out my NEW FAVORITE sensory experience ~ at every turn. Where I want to be. At the foot of  Temple listening to her preach!

Her no-nonsense common sense approach is simply brilliant. She talks about much more than Autism at her conferences! Her commentary on the human condition is self-effacing, precise and easy to digest! She leaves the audience hungry for more…and not willing to take seconds  from the other speakers. Most everyone  is there soley for the GRANDIN SHOW!! I hope that we as an audience take her speeches, her ‘food for thought’ and implement it  into our daily routines and speech. Change the conversation in your communities! Set the table for understanding every chance you get! Talk like Temple…..draw people the visual pictures they NEED to understand you and/or your Autistic child.

We ALL do it at least once a day I am sure. Describe Autism to someone in the community as you navigate your daily activities.  I am very talkative and find myself “talking Aut ALOT”!! Precisely why I have written my kids books…we NEED to change the dialogue. Heck we need to START the dialogue. People get overwhelmed by “The Puzzle piece.” I believe people assume they will never “get-it” so, they do not even try to UNDERSTAND!!

Well, fortunately that is changing. Alot of people are working together to bring mass awareness!This is where Temple has made herself so useful to this world. Her way of experiencing the world is very clear cut. No puzzle no mystery. She makes no bones about it. If we “Trumpet” her words of wisdom ~enlightenment will spread!  

This conference was very timely for me. In that I was able to hand deliver Temple some Autism Community Sunshine: 3 major creations #1 a powerfully positive place for spectrumites!  #2. ANCA’S Naturally Autistic Magazine! The 1st magazine created for AND BY Autistic people! WOW ( I know she loves that!) & #3. Our amazingly COOL Autism SHINES Mural in Chattanooga TN. Created by Autistic people and their families! She needed to see that we are working for her!! In support of our amazingly cool Autistic Population!! Supporting them with positivity and FUN

I also took extensive notes of ‘Temple speak’…for my NEW children’s coloring book that Rachel Walker and I are putting together for all the starving kid’s!!  Starving for information on AUTISM! lol… A buffet of info that no one has ever fed them before.I cannot wait to serve them this banquet of ASD  insight  funneled through the fun visual pictures Ms. Grandin provides!! Thankyou Temple…for helping people experience the full flavor!

Bon appetit!

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For the BIG EVENT in Pasadena, California Sat. April 24! The huge Autism Speaks Walk at the ROSEBOWL! What a great day that will be. Everyone out for OUR CAUSE, Vitamin D and of course …Some “SAME TEAM” Feel!!

Please strap on your tennis shoes or boots…and let’s do some walking!! Wyatt & I will be surrounded by our ‘support net’…Grandma Louise & Grampa “deep pressure” Bob. Uncle Kevin will even join the fun, as he is an avid walker! As we ALL should be. So exhilerating a brisk walk with friends you have LOTS IN COMMON with!! WOO HOO! Go TEAM “A”!!

I will be sharing a booth with the Fabulous Lora Mancini…as she talks to interested parties about AUTISM BASEBALL LEAGUES!! Baseball has been very,very good to our kids!! With plenty of season left… more room for growth, NO DOUBT! Lora and her adventures in autism baseball are remarkable. So stop by and talk about how you can get your ball rolling for FUTURE SEASONS! Lora can be reached here .

I will be “doing my thing!” Painting childrens faces or arms…their choice! FOR FREE ~While I continue my AUTISM DIALOGUE with them! On opening Day of “A-LEAGUE” I had a ball. I have always loved talking to kids! Very fun to see what they know about autism. Sad to say it is very limited so far but, folks that is about to change!! With the creation of our “Why does Wyatt do that” book …the learning will begin! Illustrator Rachel Walker has some color book pages for everyone to preview while we await books completion! So we will be passing those out with another little giveaway! We also have some cute surprises to unveil!

I am getting very excited to talk strategies with all of you! We ALL seem to have game plans that ROCK ! I am so loving seeing EVERYONE’S Creative “Actions”! Seems I am more amazed everyday! Sports, The Arts, NEW Books!! Promoting Friendship Through Common Understanding!! AutismHWY is on that mission and so HOPE you ALL stop by to say HI, and discuss the exciting possibilities and vibrations that are out there!! Hey and possibly get painted !!

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