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The “A-LEAGUE” Family

Was conceived by Lora Mancini…implemented by San Dimas California. And brought to life by all of us parents!! It takes a group-effort and that we have had! Yes we still have 3 games to play in this opening SEASON but, I am just so grateful! Yesterdays action was as fun as ever!! The sun was high a nice breeze drifting through…and tons of smiles rounding the bases!! The perfect afternoon!

Wyatt is enjoying it now more than ever. I see him smile with pride when everyone calls for him to bat. “C’mon Wyatt get your helmet”, ” Your-turn Wyatt”!! He does this chirping laugh when he is particularly happy. Now his “A-League ” buddies are hearing that CHIRP!! Definitely SOMETHING to TWEET about!!!

There is alot of movement being made. You can physically see it in my photos! While going through my gallery I had to laugh at Wyatt’s face on opening day …he was literally squinting at me. Squinting and probably, wondering what is all this pomp and circumstance?! What was the big-deal ? It is just baseball people. A little round ball that I don’t really mess with. He was wondering what was in store for him?? TOO CUTE!

This weeks game pictures of Christy were amazing! I actually had known Christy! Before… I discovered she was on the “A-LEAGUE” Braves! Wyatt and Christy had attended 2 summer day-camps together at Casa Colina in Pomona Ca. I am a parent that needed to stay on premises due to toileting issues so, I enjoyed seeing all the different kids. I had an instant fondness for Christy. She is very high-maintenance…needing lots of 1 on 1 ! Yesterday she was on fire… looking like quite the player!! So amazing to see big changes in these players. From A to Z ! The bottom-line is this A- league is a big HIT!!

A Grandslam actually !! The players are rounding the bases…but the impact is hitting home with ALL OF US!! Parents, Siblings, Grandparents,Cousins…Caring Aunts & Uncles, Therapists it runs the gamut! I have even seen an x-teacher or 2 “checking-up” on a former student. SO HeartWARMING!!

EXACTLY what I have been planning~ for AutismHWY ! A Place for ALL of US to SUPPORT Our A.S.D. Family members and Their support TEAMS !! Linking US together through interests and commonalities . Perhaps, making connections with someone through a difference. So much HELP, INFORMATION and FUN ! It will be such an amazing network of inspirational people with MANY stories and ideas to share!

PROMOTING FRIENDSHIPS through COMMON UNDERSTANDING!! Making a HWY. to Pave our Awareness and Artistic and Athletic ENDEAVORS!! It is where we all are going!


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Is what Grampa Bob began calling Wyatt. I can’t remember exactly when that started. It was clear though that Wyatt liked to rub his skin, your skin…a random strangers skin! WHOOPS…Wyatt! “Get back here”…Wrangle wrangle! That has happened before. Beware of Tactile A.S. individuals when you wear those summer tank-tops LADIES! Wyatt will put his lips on the soft skin of his own under-arm. People think he’s smelling his arm-pits! Makes me think of that crazy actress on Saturday Nite Live!

It can be COMICAL…but, really not a laughing matter. JUST a big thing for A.S.D. (Autism Spectrum Disorder) INDIVIDUALS.~~”SENSORY ISSUES!”~~ I mean, WE ALL have them BUT, people on the SPECTRUM really have them! We as people love to be TACTILE some MORE THAN others!! (lol) Touching, and being touched! There is alot to be said on that subject !! We as people are VERY SENSORY ORIENTED! Really, if you think about it ALL LIVING CREATURES ARE!

Mechanisms for survival ALL stem and revolve around the 5 senses! Taste, Touch, Sight, Smell and Sounds! People on the SPECTRUM will have different degrees of “caliber” on this 5~sense system. That is part of what people “don’t get” about Autism. Individuals are JUST THAT …Individuals with greatly varying degrees of impairment! Most OTHER ” Syndromes”… or “Diseases”can be generalized. People “afflicted- suffer” in the same degree for the most part.Not with AUTISM and that is only a small part of it’s COMPLEXITIES!

However, realizing THAT CONCEPT alone IS KEY! Because it is pervasive and underlying! A great start in UNDERSTANDING this “many- headed animal! ” Wyatt’s proclivity toward rubbing his SKIN was a subtle CLUE! I never knew it at the time…but, I SEE IT NOW. His tactile needs were presenting themselves. His lack of “Central Nervous System CONNECTORS”…had him seeking out EXTRA STIMULATION! He would be on the concrete patio rolling around in his walker BACK & FORTH through the sheets drying on the line! So CUTE…I thought.

Anytime we would enter a building with a huge TILED FLOOR…down he would go. Laying as much of his skin as possible on the cool flat sensation! LIKE A CAT… Wyatt would sprawl! I found him like that in the bath tub a time or two! I really did’nt think ANYTHING of it! Looking back now …I SHOULD HAVE! He was walking, talking hitting the milestones. He’s fine, SO WHAT if he morphs into a “CAT” every now and then!!? My kid feels the world through his skin…”SO~ WHAT?” At least he did’nt put everything in his mouth! ….. I THOUGHT !!

Imagine your body has the NEED TO FEEL in ways that typical people cannot fathom… Everywhere you go you have these urges to FLOP AND DROP. Or shake and wiggle HANDS & ARMS to feel SOMETHING! Generally society does’nt understand this! More than likely they will assume the individuals are just spoiled brats, acting -out ,acting “inappropriately! ” When in REALITY…they were witnessing the whole OTHER ANIMAL that we are DEALING WITH ! ~~AUTISM~~ Until there is some kind of way to re-route electronic brain signals…we will just have to continue DEALING with our kids “unorthedox need to feel! ” The matter at hand is to get dialogues going to PROMOTE FRIENDSHIP through COMMON UNDERSTANDING! This NEEDS TO HAPPEN…Sooner than Later!!


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That is what I am beginning to think! For…ever it seems that fingers are always pointing to the inoculations! THE PERFECTCATCH-22! Something you need…that could RANDOMLY mess you up? GREAT. I personally don’t have “a dog in that fight.” Sure ,I have a son with AUTISM. Yes, he has had his shots. Did I notice a vaccine “injuring him?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Does this mean that it DID NOT happen? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Therein lies the CONUNDRUM. ~ OF ALL TIME. ~ Did it or Did’nt it? Many people will NEVER BE CONVINCED otherwise. I applaud ALL PEOPLE for taking and making their stands. We all do what “WE FEEL” is right. I choose not to choose. I am not a scientist…& I do not have a scientific mind. You well know I have a more…”VERBAL- MIND!”

I do read …but, NEVER have the time to read ALL I need to, or should. So in my mind we have a “GRASSY KNOLL” where that ” PARROT “ can reside! (I refer to my “blog titled “ALMOST APRIL…1ST! “The “Parrot” being the limited cliched knowledge most have concerning autism) Seriously! After YET another interesting conversation… this time with, Paul Detrick of . That fun ,VISUAL THOUGHT occured to me!!! (THANK-YOU Temple Grandin!)

Paul called me today when Lora Mancini referred me to him. Seems he is doing a piece on that “HOT-BUTTON” Vaccine ISSUE. All the recent NEWS regarding the on-going debate. He had heard of A-LEAGUE and called Lora. When he got around to that topic…Lora did what all GOOD BALL PLAYERS & MANAGERS Do…Deflect, giving him my number! When he called me, I spent about 15 minutes blathering on about our PLAYERS SOCIAL CONNECTIONS before I let him get a word in edgewise. He finally got around to what his focus was. VACCINES!! B O R I N G !!

His outfit does alot of COOL little topical stories, from what I gathered. I’m hoping he will come out to the ballpark some Saturday soon. To see our A- LEAGUE autism baseball and interview a few PARENTS. HERE’S HOPING I gave him a NEW Focus! I think our “A-League” is A …WAY more RELEVANT story. That’s okay he will get it!

So the conversation led me to that “GRASSY KNOLL ANALOGY! ” I firmly believe that this is an issue that will NEVER BE RESOLVED for any number of reasons! Okay, I get that it IS majorly horrible ! Especially IF IT IS…all a horrible greed driven cover-up /cataclysm! ‘WHEW’… just writing that stresses me out! TOO, TOO stressful to fret over! Okay, let’s say, you get your best wish…the government goofed~ & AUTISM is THEIR fault (not DNA) & now they have TO FIX- IT!

…And they will do that HOW!? HOPEFULLY they will remedy the problem. When they FINALLY figure out THE EXACT NATURE of it! I guess I am saying lets just not stress over it & LIVE ,while those that want those answers …WAIT! I want to start getting people to stop focusing on obvious facts & immovable objects! That DAMN “PARROT on the GRASSY KNOLL! “The 2 things the general population can tell you they know about AUTISM.” Which isVACCINATIONS” caused “IT” ( The Grassy Knoll)…and you need “EARLY INTERVENTION.”(The Parrot)

I have to SAY IT, in 2010…that is P A T H E T I C. Well let’s not dwell on our shortcomings and get to work!! AUTISMHWY is rallying all of you OUT THERE in the know about autism. START PUTTING YOUR SPIN on what USEFUL information should be OUT THERE!! We NEED to “Promote FRIENDSHIP through Common UNDERSTANDING! ” I know there are enough of US out here that have the SAME VIBE ~DEAS!! Let’s HAVE FUN with it! Send in your “CATCH PHRASES“… !!!

PHOTOS taken @ Very fun, autism ~friendly Amusement Park!…check it out!

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Hello…My name is Kelly Green, mother of an almost 11 yr. old amazing autistic son! His name is Wyatt Griffin Green…and in his short life, I have learned so much…and, so little! My “Oxymoron”.

When I think about that …I have to laugh, so often I’ve felt that way…like an Oxy-moron. How about the time Wyatt was really thirsty, we entered the ‘ Subway’ I approached the counter ,Wyatt darts for the first available drink of an “unknowing-distracted” customer! Oh the look of relief on Wyatt’s parched face! Oh the look of horror,then disgust on the grumpy man’s face! Of course my apologies and explanation spills forth…to a…STONE-WALL. Can you say…AWKWARD?! Fortunately times they are -a-changin!!! More and more the STONES are falling from that WALL…as I’m met with a knowing look, a smile and a nod…when” another “of my speils spills forth! Wyatt is a miracle in this world like all the rest of us …EVEN… if he does randomly steal drinks!!!

My beauty giving the thumbs up!

My beauty giving the thumbs up!

My Mission …is to PROMOTE FRIENDSHIP THROUGH COMMON UNDERSTANDING! Alot can be learned from these awesome , amazing PURE PEOPLE and is on a mission to PROVE THAT ! Linking ourselves in an “Informative Friendship Network” will be the building blocks to understanding. As our extended family members link and learn from each other…to help in spreading our words. When the people of our beautiful communities understand “us” when we are out in it…miracles will abound.

I actually see OUR COMMUNITY as an opportunity for typical people to “step-up” and better themselves. Something we have been lacking as a society in our busy self driven lives. Autism has become so prevalent…I guess I’m thinking it’s time to enjoy us…and just tell people “Hey take the time people to just stop & smell the autism”!!? I smell ROSES!!! In the future we will be needing more and more mentors to help guide our growing population. Assisted living situations will be expanding in all kinds of directions.

Common knowledge & understanding of autistics and their idiosyncrasies will be imperative. I already see some great programs to encourage mentoring…and I am quite sure those involved will feel an unbelievable fulfillment.

AUTISMHWY will be a place of celebration to enjoy our differences and learn through our similarities. I am so looking forward to meeting the amazing people on the AUTISMHWY!

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