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Sarah Van Deisel's cool view!

Sarah Van Deisel’s cool view!

Autism is a continuum that ranges in degree. Autistic traits are human traits amplified and de amplified in variations on all Autistic themes. United in similarities and differences, just like every other human on the planet. Sub sets upon intersecting subsets in beautiful snowflakey layers.



When you understand how Autistic sensitivities and processing distinctions work you are better equipped to safeguard and support a person while helping them to emerge and achieve individual success. So many simple fixes can be made for people in a world made to be so complex. If you are focusing on the heart of the matter you will naturally understand this without prejudice. Utilizing the pragmatic knowledge of Autistic people will bring welcome relief for everyone. Healing relief.


All Autistic people have concern for other Autistic people. Why wouldn’t they? Autism means a lot of things to a lot of people. I believe all interested parties want society to have a realistic and humane glimpse into what Autism is and how we can all work together supportively. No one wants this more than the generations of Autistic adults that came to be with limited, if any humane support. Constantly being made to “fit in” has been an unsatisfied theory that the world has exhausted Autistic people with. It is time to work from the Autistic perspective for a more comfortable and successful future. Setting and reaching goals that make Autistic sense.


Allowing a person to feel supported as they are is the humane way to be. Why must we continue to only support and strive for what has been deemed “appropriate?” Living to typical standards is truly not always the appropriate thing and we all see this in our ever evolving “typical world.” Every person is going to have differing needs and ways of being. Just because a person is Autistic doesn’t mean they need to be pathologized. Autistic people are normal. Normal in their own Autistic way.


The Neurodiversity movement has been questioned and maligned in the weeks since Steve Silberman’s groundbreaking book NeuroTribes was released.  A book highlighting  the perspective on Autism I have had instinctually from the moment my son was diagnosed a dozen yrs. ago. Knowing that Autism is a natural part of humanity and that the Autistic experience is valid. Autistic people know just how natural they are and they have been shouting it from their hearts, minds and souls. Now we have the means to hear those shout outs and the means to shift the viewpoints that society has previously ”settled for.” The false narratives set forth that have hindered entire generations from embracing ways to support Autism naturally, must now be forgotten.



Let’s not further divide the community interested in Autism by deciding that Neurodiversity does a disservice, is invalid or only applies to a select few. Do not believe that the acceptance of neurodiversity means you don’t seek therapy or supports. I cannot count the number of times I have seen dissenters saying that Neurodiversity somehow only applies to so-called “High Functioning” Autistic people. Ironically, Autistic people are inclusive and do not “buy into” those assigned functioning labels!  They know just how fluid Autism is, how best to support it and how being marginalized feels. They would never purposely hinder supports, marginalize or pigeonhole other Autistic people. This civil rights and soul filled movement is about heart. It’s not about money or who was the first person to do or create something wonderful in the BIG book of Autism. It’s about people treating each other with the humanity we all deserve. Preconceived notions about Autism need to be erased. A whole new world of defining moments is at hand.




PLEASE allow the people with the inside knowledge to write the NEW Big book of Autism from a first person perspective.

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