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The Art of Authenticity

Art is authentic. It communicates, it calms, it vanquishes…it can do just about whatever you need it to. That is why ART is truly crucial to all people even if they are often unaware of it. Sometimes people feel they “own Art” as if they were the first person to put paint on a child’s fingertips or the first person to paint x, y or z. Art will not be owned like that. It’s too big to be contained. It belongs to the human spirit, it belongs to us all. Art is something people have been doing from the beginning of time. Art is a gift for all people to use and express as they will. Life demands artful release constantly. Those of us really ‘tuned in’…know this with every fiber of our being and we enjoy watching it play out DAILY. Before words there was ART. After words there is ART that needs no words. ART is infinite.


cave painters

Ability does not always matter in ART. The process of working out your emotions through artful mediums is cathartic. ART is even prophetically placed into the very word which means emotionally purging. Purging your emotions through ART is always good even when it’s bad. Thus, there really is no bad ART.



Many ART projects are so immense that vast amounts of people must be employed to work on them as apprentice artisans carrying out the piece, project or performance. A master Artist may have designed the entire concept yet many workers fill out the vision. Think about bridges and amazing architectures throughout the world and history, epic artful productions of all types that require armies of artisans and art apprentices working together.

A big crew indeed!

A big crew indeed!

People are enlisted to help Artistic dream become reality. That is awesome and an authentic truth that we all know. Some artists work in pairs and in teams. We see this often at our Chalk Festival Event every year! Disabled Artist’s sometimes need facilitation and perhaps collaboration to bring their dream to reality. Others are able to create completely independently, however may need and/or appreciate supports marketing their ART.

My Chalk design becomes....

My Chalk design becomes….

...this digitalized ART with Rachel's help!

…this digitalized ART with Rachel’s help!


There is no shame in artful collaboration. I work with an Art partner. The very talented Rachel Walker is my Art partner and illustrator. I create Art designs and lay-outs and Rachel facilitates them into digital versions we can use, print and distribute into coloring books, pages and decal forms. People should be aware of how many people work together to create the ART they may purchase or support. This way they will not be upset to realize that an Artist they believed was creating the ART all alone…simply was NOT.

They will not feel deceived or fooled into believing that one person is solely responsible for the ART which they love.



Facilitated ART is fabulously valid and very much needed as stated above for many great projects to reach fruition but, what becomes problematic is when facilitated ART is marketed and sold as independent ART.

paint hands

If an Artist uses supports to create their masterpieces that is nothing new in the world of ART. It is in actuality, quite common. It’s simply not authentic to deny this ART truth. If you purposely lie about the process of the Artist in order to create emotional attachment to the ART, you have no integrity. When ART is used to manipulate it’s purchaser’s, fans and admirers it is a sad day in the ART WORLD. Real Art does not need that type of manipulation. Authentic Art just IS. It happens by coming from within and it expresses itself outwardly in oh so many glorious ways. Created authentically by one individual or by any number of individuals in artistic collaboration. It is not machinated to be sold as something it is not.



Earlier I claimed that there was no bad ART. Perhaps, I will re-think this concept that indeed there is bad Art. The kind of ART sold as a lie. Art created to manipulate others by falsifying who created it and/or how they created it. Art sold with sugary sweet lies.

In my mind THAT is the only BAD ART on the planet.


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Meeting of MINDS!

What a blessed and wonderful thing that is, can be and will be! When 2 heads are better than one…imagine 2 brainstyles (or however many there are lol) being BETTER than one. Great minds think alike…and GREATER minds think differently.

 As Temple Grandin so rightly says…take away the Autistic Mind…take away much of the amazing technology of today! No brain is perfect. Underneath our diagnosis/ and labels we are all human. Wired in differing ways. Functioning on differing levels. Understanding this paradigm is what happens when you love someone with Autism. It becomes second nature. You feel it and breathe it and if you open yourself you understand it. Through that understanding your senses become heightened. Life to the 10th power. It should happen to everyone.

Annie Eskeldson said it beautifully on the AutismHWY Fridays Blogradio show recently…”I love the person Autism has made me.” It is something we in the Autism community all feel collectively! True, we seem to have alot of other issues, factions…and YES~~>divisions. But, I think we all can get behind the words that Annie spoke. We have all said them. If we havent, surely we have felt them.

 Autism SHINES…It shines a certain sensability to you. A light that had been fading with all of the inconsequential data we barrage ourselves with minute by minute. Autism helps you to take  a pragmatic look at how the brain processes the information it recieves. Such a simple life skill we should all cultivate. At the stem of our existence truly!

So I wonder why have we overlooked it for so long? The simple exhilerating fact that people need to reshape humanity by getting into our own heads! Literaly. Autism has taught me this. Autism presents you with a deeper knowledge of theory of mind. Would I have ever taken the time to consider how others think?…probably not! I  have been so ‘brainwashed’ into believing that there is only one brain-style… and that we all think alike in life. Those learned assumptions are what impede Autism Awareness. Opening the doors of people’s processing and meeting those minds with information is our goal.

Teaching children about the brain and how it operates is the goal of Our ”Making friends with Autism” COLORING BOOK…when people become “brain aware” …this world will be a safer place for our ASD population! So come on people…what are you waiting for?? Meet some amazing people here on! Make friends with Autism…and see what a mind-opener it is!! Perhaps in that process of examining the differing brain-styles you will meet your own mind in a whole new way!!

Purchase your COLORING BOOK here!!

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Not JUST talking “The Talk”…

…OR walking “The Walk”. We are taking  Autism Awareness Action in new ways…Giving people a sensory experience if you will. Art and acceptance go hand and hand. What speaks to people without words? Yes, Autism speaks to me in this manner through my 12 yr. old son Wyatt. But what I speak of  is divine creativity! The mother of all invention. People’s minds used to the highest power to start something new!

Mixed in with a splash of color and positivity! What better way to bridge to people’s hearts and minds  than through color, creativity and smiles. Since I had my “epiphany” to create books describing my son’s Autistic  behaviors to the many curious children. I have felt an amazing flow of energy. Unexplainable really. One great connection after another presenting itself. Truly remarkable. I have always been an artist working alone. In recent months I feel as if I have been recruited.

Recruited to an invisible yet, powerful surge.An artistic army making a wave of change. Change in perceptions and attitudes. Attitudes that have shaped generations of Autistic people and their families. Worse yet, the rest of the world. Attitudes of shame , sadness and anxiety over the future. Feelings all valid and understandable in the culture we live in. That phrase is critical though. “The culture we live in”…  the amazing and the absurd. There are so many amazing things people are capable of and at the same time so much absurdity. People need to realize that “the culture we live in” is not the gold standard. Not the end-all, be-all.

The ideal, the pinnacle, the cream of the crop? People have given in to such crazy and unnatural behaviors. All for the sake of status. When  car companies propogate elitism to children sitting in vehicles at stoplights as per who has the superior backseat entertainment system…excuse me while I go and throw-up. Really? Is this the ideal? Status seeking chidren raised up to better society? Is this the legacy that Autism steals from you? Then thankyou very much, I have been burgaled!! I won’t be pressing  any charges. Sometimes, I believe less can be more.

Sure Wyatt’s life may not be filled with proms and cars and jobs…Should I go out there in a frenzy trying to make that happen with every hair-brained plan going?? When in my gut I know it is not essential to him? I think not. Playing the hand your dealt is what life is about for ALL of us…!! My Autism Awareness Action plan is about making sure everyone is told the rules to the game. How can we expect people to play awareness games with us  if no-one understands the rules? Through happiness people can recieve information much easier. With sadness and dread messages are avoided and lost. Saved for the people that have to deal with those messages. So with Happy and creative plans we go to the masses. Seeking to find people open to this perception shift.

Coloring awareness in new ways, that bridge  what autism really is for people…walking and talking are what we do everyday. People are used to it…we need something NEW~ a gimmick.

“GIMMICK: a trick device used by a magician.” Sounds about right!! To get the masses to realize the error of their thinking regarding Autism. .We could use…Harry Houdini or~The perfect solution ART, HAPPINESS and good old fashioned INGENUITY! Chalk Festivals, MURALS, “Teaching” Coloring Books and Pages. Positive imagery making positive attitude adjustments. Take control of  the Autism belief systems in your area, start campaigns of colorful change! Need some ideas? Just ask me how~


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