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The 1st Annual Chalk Festival!!

…todays 1st Annual “Show YOU Care~Be AWARE” Chalk Festival  has officially ended. Such a whirlwind of friends old and new spliced with color!! It was the HOTTEST day of the year! (Thank goodness for our AutismHWY fans!!)

Whew…..I was so busy I hardly had time to turn around…Next time, the 1st thing on my “to-do list” IS~~ HELPERS!!!

Thankyou so much Jan Beaver Coad…if it wasnt for you manning the blog and all ~I never would have made it through this day!! You are an Aspie~Angel! I am so blessed to have you as a friend and colleague.

Thanks to my other amazing friends that showed up…to say “I care!!” Rachel Walker and her awesome husband David Cone… Lois Falzone and cool family, Marci Cos

ta Heaton and cool fam…Lori Shayew…our “Gifts of Autism’, visionary…Jackie Ehlinger and family…Dianne and J.J. Bernstein~ WOW, Kathy Smith and her amazing beauties…What dazzling displays of jewelery by J.J…Kathy and Jan!! Man I have some gifted friends!! Thanks a million everyone!

I was not able to finish all I wanted to do. That being said, the amazing artists like Bj Lane  and people that showed up were such FUN and inspiration!! Artists, Authors, Jewelers and friends!! What an interesting and appreciative crowd!!  MUCH MORE to say…but, too tired to say it!! (VERY RARE FOR ME  lol!!) Thankyou ALL from the bottom of OUR HEARTS!!!


FOR  J.J.Jeweler…..e-mail


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