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The Forest Awaits You

There is an age-old saying about looking to the forest by perceiving beyond the trees.

Go to the source #ActuallyAutistic people for inside information...

Go to the source #ActuallyAutistic people for inside information…



I think most folks have learned if you only focus on one tree you will likely miss that the tree is part of a larger community, a stand, a grove or a FOREST.


Looking at the entire FOREST is always hard for people living in and concerned only about …just one tree.




Satchi Art Vicious Circle painting by Rob van Heetum

Satchi Art Vicious Circle painting by Rob van Heetum

Which becomes the proverbial, vicious cycle. Trying to understand a single tree can only be done by gathering info from the stand, the beautiful grove… the FOREST of information.





Tree hugging in a Santa Cruz redwood FOREST...7 yrs. ago.

Tree hugging in a Santa Cruz redwood FOREST…7 yrs. ago.

My son stands in his Autistic roots. The roots and branches of a tree naturally trellising through the fabric of his glorious DNA. It colors and shades his sensory world and his growth- grafting- patterns with unique and challenging differentials.



He does not stand alone. There are hundreds and thousands of Autistic people that experience the world as he does and/or have an understanding of those differentials each other experience. An actual inner-standing of his Neurodivergent experience. Over the past decades the community of Autistic adults have grafted together, compared notes and have realized this wonderful fact filled FOREST.  

2016 ANCA World Autism Festival. Innovators, Artists...Friends standing tall together.

2016 ANCA World Autism Festival. Innovators, Artists…Friends standing tall together.

When you view the vast amounts of #ActuallyAutistic people on-line and in the world as a FOREST of knowledge, sharing crucial information about individual trees… you can breathe in that life sustaining information.


You can research the Autism traits and factors that seem to be pertinent to the tree you love and care for. There is absolutely no excuse or reason to hang out on a limb in one tree when there is an amazing informative canopy, a FOREST of wonder, discovery and successful truths awaiting you and your Autistic loved one.


2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival art by Kelly Green & Carissa Paccerelli

2018 Pasadena Chalk Festival art by Kelly Green & Carissa Paccerelli

STOP being “puzzled” by Autism trapped in a ‘one tree bubble’ with other parents. Look beyond that singular tree to the amazing and enchanting FOREST of Autistic culture. READ, LEARN and LISTEN how to best support and care for Autistic people that have long needed this loving innerstanding!

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Chalking It Up with Cool Cats!

So energized from an amazing weekend at the Ventura Harbor! The Ventura Art and Street painting Festival that happens the 2nd weekend in September is becoming a favorite here at AutismHWY! It was our 3rd year participating in Ventura’s magnificent  8 year event. Fabulous people, Fabulous ART and the always fabulous California coastline. Truly a winning combination. Thank you to the organizers, sponsors and volunteers once again for putting on this great show!IMG_2726
Every year I participate in this event I have a mission to showcase the artwork created by an Autistic artist. In the past we have highlighted Nora Blansett HERE and Nele M. known as Tashi HERE
Beautiful Artists and ART! That’s what it is all about. This year I asked our colorful tour de force friend and Art Partner MaryEllen Szper of Flying If we could take a crack at her colorful cat design!
Maryellen creates amazing Art all over her community of Cedar Key Florida. If you pass through there please stop at her amazing yard…Art studio/shop and make a purchase!
maryellen create
Page 2 Maryellen Szper Bio FINAL

You will find an abundance of generosity at each and every street painting party you stumble across! The energy felt is the heartfelt pulse of humanity that unfolds before your senses. Colorful, loving vibrations embedded into our planet. When we love the earth with our heART the EARTH loves us back. This art form IS truly transformative…ask anyone that has chalked a square anywhere! A feeling every community CAN easily replicate because our planet is brimming with talented people with amazing ways of expressing who they are and what they feel. It’s the essence of who we all are and it attracts people of any age at any stage! LOOK we even made the Ventura County Star Newspaper! What a gift!
Here is Maryellen’s original ‘Cool Cat’ design…
mary ellen cat
And what emerged from the Ventura Harbor embankment…



ventura 2017

My favorite Cool cat!

Here I am with Wyatt my favorite Cool cat!



We are all here to CO~CREATE. Just…Chalk that up to the Universe!

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Bee Happy!

The first Friday in September has become a traditional day for me to be chalking in Carpinteria! After having my Coloring Book Series highlighted at the former Curious Cup Bookstore there, this delightful town has embraced my heART! Readers of this blog will remember my previous art trips to “Carp” like the time I chalked Nekea Blagoev of Get Smashed Art‘s Ripcurl design HERE! OR the time I chalked a Carpinteria loving mermaid seen HERE! So much FUN to be under the sun and down on the street. As we have continually informed you here from AutismHWY… Chalk Art is addicting in a very colorful, peaceful and loving way!


We invite every city to free express within their communities. You should all try it sometime! Next weekend I will be chalking up a design created by MaryEllen Szper of Flying at the fabulous Ventura Harbor. MaryEllen is an amazing artist, so wish me luck!

Here is my photo blog from Carpinteria’s “Chalk the Walk 2016″ My rendition of the photo I took, of a sunflower I grew! FUN :

Wow. Sharing chalk art love in Carpinteria last night, The Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival in the weekend to follow with Vancouver and The ANCA World Autism Festival at the close of the month…definitely reasons to be and stay HAPPY. A Happy September it IS!

Now, spend 15 minutes to absorb this amazing talk filled with thought provoking concepts which support FUN…in order to truly BEE HAPPY! xo …

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The Power IS Ours!

I was reminded of this in a very BIG way in the months and weeks leading up to OUR 2016 AutismHWY Chalk Festival in downtown Covina.
Our 6th annual event that has grown from a small core group of 25 to a beloved annual gathering for hundreds of people, an entity all it’s own. As if it were a teen-ager that now has a seperate life, independent from the core group that nurtured it through infancy and toddlerhood!


I realized that it was okay to allow new people to add their touches and ways of expansion as some of our core group members trickled away. The fear of change was washed away as NEW members rushed right in bubbling with fresh new ideas. Like a tide breaking again and again ashore. Always the same yet never the same. A recurring flow of energy, frequency and vibration that cannot be stopped by anything. THAT is what the AutismHWY Chalk Festival has always wanted to be when it grew up. A constant high energy and vibrational force for Autistic people and those supporting and amplifying their efforts.
I think with strong foundations planted we have grown and flown into an amazing and forthright teenager heading toward 2017!


Autistic PRIDE on FULL POWER !!

Autistic PRIDE on FULL POWER !!

Ricardo Madera really tapped into this unbelievable energetic vibe of 2016! It seemed to me that many people did. Autistic people have power. They have power to help their families innerstand them. When we quiet life down and listen to the power that comes from within our Autistic loved ones… we hear it, honor it and allow it to guide us. Do not let others strip you of your POWER. Do not let people convince you there is no power. Make space for Autistic people to display their power and they will. Do not tell them HOW their power needs to assimilate while being displayed. Allow them to regulate and harness their energy Autistically for powerful results.

J. Keith Dubois gets it right and wins 'Autistic Pride Design'!

J. Keith Dubois gets it right and wins ‘Autistic Pride Design’!

Jacque Keith Dubois knows ‘what time it IS’. A man with disabilities and intersectionality knows the word is: “Be Yourself” in 2016. We are all tired of trying to be somebody else’s idea of power. When we understand the nature of who we are and what works best for us in life…we understand that we all look differently doing that. We need never hold ourselves up to others to compare and contrast powers.

Nikola Tesla innerstood power in unimaginable ways. I was hoping his powerful image would appear at this year’s event. I had even formulated a plan with our great friend Mickey Chap a favorite chalker and talent. She was all set to ‘blow us away’ with a Nikola Tesla image! Our April 9th masterplan was then rained-out and Mickey was not able to appear for us on the new CF rain-out date of April 16th. Talk about feeling powerless. That was just the beginning!!…

On Friday night April 15th at 10 pm AutismHWY was packing up Art~Signs~Goodies and more when an outright unnatural occurrence naturally occurred! BOOM. A transformer pole came down to the pavement in my small little cul-de-sac neighborhood. LIGHTS OUT….NO Power….live wires literally on the ground ?!tesla chalk

Shortly afterwards the Covina Fire Dept. informed us we were indeed powerless and immobile. We were to stay where we were until further notice and no time frame given and winds still very high. I was powerless to pack supplies and powerless to travel the 3 blocks to the Chalk Festival downtown! Can you even imagine that!?

So as the night wore on and the ‘eerie moon-eye’ scowling at me out my back door made me wonder what the morning would hold? I thought about power and control.
The power and control we are all gripped by in life. People, place, circumstance, neurology, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual styles etc. etc. etc. So many levels and differentials!
People exert such ridiculous power and control over others when we don’t even understand our own powers. It is time we honor our power and allow others to honor theirs. We all need the support of others to be powerful and that is what life is about. Being powerful…encouraging others to be powerful and to give people room to grow, expand and fly with that power…as they can. 
To wherever it takes them.
The POWER took me to the Glendora Village to chalk at their hometown ‘SuperHero Edition Chalk Festival’ this weekend just after our big day!! As YOU have been seeing I used MY POWER to create my own Super Hero I longed to see in chalk. Nikola Tesla. My friend and fellow chalker Mickey Chap just happened to be right next-square. Imagine that energetic coincidence! Mickey and I had an OH SO powerFULL chat about Autism that actually made my day.
IMG_2347 It’s fantastical where the power will take you when you tune directly into IT! Follow Tesla’s iconic and visionary advice…


Follow your OWN power and MOST IMPORTANTLY allow Autistic people to teach YOU with theirs!!


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