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DAD’S Vacation!!!

What can I say about the Dad’s of the A~LEAGUE?!! Can you say…’HAPPY CAMPERS’?? I can, because frankly we ALL are. But as most know…MEN are the best campers and HAPPIEST when camped out watching SPORTS! Live or otherwise! So many of our father’s had closed the door on a little league experience. After an AUTISM Diagnosis most MEN have a huge transition to make. The transition from great expectations to no expectations. For some men that is frankly JUST TOO MUCH to take. Some may never “get it”, never release those expectations and embrace the “NOW.”

It is a tough pill to swallow admittedly. But, nonetheless the medicine must be taken. in order to move on!! Jon Hope of the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center had asked me in the spring if I would sit on a parent panel.The panel would speak to his staff about …living with AUTISM 24/7! Perfect for me because, these days it seems like that’s all I do!! He also recruited a few other Moms. A-League creator Lora Mancini and another great A-League Mom Nicole Johnson. It was an amazing opportunity. Something struck me as very timely. At the end there was a GREAT QUESTION. A question about what about the MEN …how could we help engage the men in their child’s lives…???

Well you KNOW MY ANSWER………Baseball Baby!! This experience was such a GREAT PRECEDENT! Autistic people deserve this right to a happy healthy way to grow up. To bond with their father’s especially! There is just something so transformative about sports. That on the “same team feel.” We witnessed the power it holds!!

I have never seen such a HAPPIER GROUP OF GUYS!!

Happily trekking out to the ballpark each week not knowing what to expect yet, hoping for the BEST! Well…in MY MIND they got what they were hoping for and MORE!!

HAPPY Father’s Day to the awesome ,supportive~ willing to understand ~A-League Dads!!


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It is that time of year!! Time to honor Our Dads and Our Grads! Two factions of constant hard work!! These factions need support. Since June is the time to GIVE IT…it is so fitting that Jim Gott ex- L.A. Dodger(father to 2 sons w/ AUTISM) has picked this Saturday for an amazing event!!FOR MEN ONLY!!! Teaming with another great Dad, Jon Hope the Autism Manager for the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center. They have planned a training/seminar

Sorry Ladies…but this is an event that we could use A LOT MORE of!! Dads joining forces to find ways to deal!! Women being more verbal…(less autistic ! lol ) tend to group up and commiserate/ trouble-shoot MUCH MORE effortlessly! So glad to see an avenue/HWY. for MEN to bond and solve issues in their style! Very COOL Event!! Let’s get a great turn-out here so more can be planned in the future!! The more we learn the more strategies for SUCCESS !! Have a great time GUYS!! contact: Jon Hope (909) 706-3595


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“WHY- WHY”!??

When I named my son Wyatt. I just liked the name. I was asked by family members …Why Wyatt? One uncle told me it sounded funny with my last name. He said it sounded like “White Green!” That hadn’t even occurred to me. I JUST LIKED THE NAME. So I found myself defending my “choice” at that Christmas Party. If you haven’t noticed I try & be witty (or corny) whichever you choose to call it. So I formulated a “catch phrase” on the spot. I went around the party declaring EXACTLY why I was naming him Wyatt… So his nickname could be WY!!!

VERY CLEVER KELLY! Is that a case of “Be careful what you wish for?” OR WHAT?? My thinking was well , perfect… here I am having son’s 10 years apart…WHY??! Little did I know the ENORMITY the future would hold for my witty “catch phrase”. His brother Aaron actually doubled it up… as he toddled around so sweet natured and cute to “WY-WY“.

WHY, WHY…INDEED? Today I had a very enlightening and alarming conversation with Mr. Jon Hope. Mr. Hope is Autism Services Manager at the San Gabriel/ Pomona Regional center.. . here in southern California. Talk about NAMES that fit a CAUSE! Mr. Hope enlightened me on the new shift in numbers concerning AUTISM DIAGNOSIS. I almost felt like California was having another seismic jolt. To learn that California’s children are now born 1 of 100 autistic. For boys even worse 1 out of every 70!!

Mr. Hope also told me that the numbers are significantly higher in certain locales!? So PUZZLING! For instance England and San Diego California are at the¬†astounding rate of 1 child per 50! UNBELIEVABLE. What could be the correlation there? Certainly not the weather! So many theories and thoughts. I for one have never thought it was the immunizations. Naive? Perhaps. We do NOW KNOW that it is genetic and that the wiring of the brain is dramatically different than a “typical” brain.

There has been a growing belief that something in our environment is “seeping through.” Which stands to reason after all, autistic people are assaulted by the environment minute by minute! Environment to the NEXT LEVEL…Autistics…GROUND ZERO! Doesn’t seem a fair fight. Especially when we have been operating in the dark for so many years. Well the LIGHTS are FINALLY ON. People are home but, we need them out in the streets. Spreading the word of HOPE , RESPECT and COMMON UNDERSTANDING. While we pray for the Researchers, Doctors and Scientists to figure out the “WHY” for WY and so many!

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