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Could be a GOOD-THING...or…a BAD-THING. Depending on the cicumstances. Depending on exactly WHAT… is SEEPING ? Nutrients, from compost enriching your garden? OR, water damage…from a leaky roof ? Benefits and Deficits. BENI’S & DEFI’S…Life is full of ‘em. Certain things we allow to “Seep-in” ~others …not so much. QUESTION’... what ~IS~or… ~COULD BE~ seeping into OUR KIDS?!

For years now I have been hearing the familiar phrase ” ENVIORNMENTAL TRIGGERS” in regards to AUTISM! Could be …something from OUR ENVIORNMENT triggering a GENETIC pre-disposition. I have even adopted THAT MIND SET from time to time. It does stand to reason! Coincedentally~ Co-inciding with the “LEAKY-GUT THEORY…” which essentially believes A.S.D. Individuals have PERFORATIONS in their DIGESTIVE SYSTEM ~PERFECT~…

So, something that SEEPS INTO your system will have a PATH OF NO RESISTANCE! Great. This “seeper” (whatever it may be)…can take the QUICK ROUTE through the PERFORATIONS in our kids systems! Therefore setting off THIS “chain reaction” that is Autism & Asperger Syndrome!? Well, how convenient IF, that is the case. BULLY, Many-Headed Animal, Super-SEEPER…Wiley Devil! Take YOUR Dang PICK!!

As families we try lots of dietary things to try and balance their systems. No wheat (GLUTEN) No dairy (CASEIN). Some try lots of supplements…Vitamin B-12…NOW they are studying possible uses of VitaminD. There has been some thought about hormones.One that has been LOOKED AT has an INTERESTING NAME!…SECRETIN!! Secretin was the 1st hormone discovered. It acts as a “fireman”…(of sorts) It will extinguish INFLAMMATION in the small intestine. You know that is just too much FOR ME to resist!!! WOULD’NT that, be the biggest COSMIC JOKE of them all?! A hormone with the name “SECRET-IN”…being an answer to this puzzle we live!! I ONLY WISH IT WERE THAT SIMPLE!

I have mentioned that Wyatt has very sensitive skin. Perhaps that’s why I have had a thought ~AN INTUITION~ that always makes me think of the pours in our skin. That IS how we take IT all in. Our ENVIORNMENT…we drink it in. We absorbe it. We breath it in and sweat it out. Such an amazing interlocking chemistry. This amazing body and all the systems that work TOGETHER!! But, what if something we are basquing in…IS SEEPING IN ?? Its not “rolling off our back” …We are not “sweating it out …not ” RELEASING IT ?

Instead… its entering in to this fine interlocking chemistry, this delicate balance. That is OUR BODY and BRAIN ~~”Our Physiology.” Once there, it does’nt follow the natural progression and exit as “IT”should. It SEEPS IN and builds up. Co-mingling with ONE”S DNA setting off a rapid chain of events. That essentially short circuit the MOTHERBOARD ?

Then turning certain portions of HUMAN NATURE in another direction. Directions that go directly against THE NORM? How CRAZY is that ?! No crazier than a mystery wrapped in a riddle!! I have one thing to say to ALL of this world’s BRILLIANT MINDS!!!

” GO FIGURE” !!!

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