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Nervous by Nature

We are. Each and every one of us. It is the essential ingredient in the human condition. We are ruled and driven by our own unique central nervous system and what it is or is not capable of. How our brains work in conjunction with it or battle against it. We as people are akin to electrical snowflakes traveling varied environments we sometimes, breeze through, clash with or melt in. There you have it~ the basis for all behavior. The ABC’s of it. Seems simple, right?

Uniquely crafted to experience the world differently

Uniquely crafted to experience the world differently

Not so. Just ask a “behaviorist” they have a whole alphabet of labels for us!! First of all, people are very unaware of their own central nervous systems and how they should be cherished, studied, understood and protected. We are taught that our bodies are “our temples” without much explanation of just what that entails. Our bodies are our circuit boards that channel and guide the energies God has given us genetically. We all have an infrastructure for these energy codes to travel on. This is where the sameness ends. With differing levels and codes of energy our electric snowflakes swirl but, swirl differently! How our unique energy codes are able to travel and navigate this central nervous system, or HWY Infrastructure is where we need to focus our attention and acceptance. Promoting understanding of how we are ALL swirling the same and differently at the same time. Just as it should be.

So many paths of connectivity.OUR AutismHWY in L.A. California.

So many paths of connectivity.OUR AutismHWY in L.A. California.

 Understanding the different HWYS of navigation each person needs to utilize. How one needs to travel in life to feel comfortable and safe. What each persons strengths and limitations are. Anyone that drives can understand that analogy. We all have ways that are uniquely comfortable and familiar to us. Ways we travel to seek our own personal success and freedom. Unique as we are we all want the same outcome for the most part. To feel happy and safe within our families, within our communities, within our world. To further feel as if we contribute to that happiness by creating our own self esteem and human worth no matter the differences.

Why do anything else? Whoever celebrated SAMENESS?

This system we are blessed with drives these electrical signals to our structures informing us how to behave, how to ‘feel it.’ If we all behave and ‘feel it’ differently that helps us realize we all experience life on varying degrees and differing levels. Nerves and neurons (HWYS and vehicles) constantly driving us to where we are going. What we all need to do is take a long look at our unique mapping and the ways we all travel on our individual systems. Our delicate infrastructures and what they will support. More importantly what they will not support. They definitely DO NOT support every one of us driving on the same road in the same direction at the same time. We need to understand that more fully and celebrate this divergence of humanity. Be accepting of this simple truth and stop demanding that people experience the world as you do. All  people have unique and valid differences. These differences deserve understanding, recognition and respect. Despite labels placed on people like high or low functioning that can constantly be re-shaped and transcended. Allow yourself and allow others the dignity of being as they are. Allow people to “feel it” and evolve as they were born to.


PLAIN and SIMPLY, diverse reactions and feelings should be considered the “norm.”

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