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Vibrating Three Dimensional Energy

That’s what’s happening. This universe, this planet, this country, this very vibrational moment in creation. Dimensions of humanistic expansions and remembrances of knowledge. Cutting edge knowledge that will be communicated through literature, science and the arts is truly about to blow-up!


"In the air" after day 1 of the 2017 Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival!

“In the air” photo taken by event founder Barbara Hinton after day 1 of the 2017 Ventura Art & Street Painting Festival!

AutismHWY has continually advocated for this rediscovery. The rediscovery of our instinctual and natural ways of being and loving. A momentus universal expansion which cannot be stopped. We’ve called it all along in this great decade of communicative change 2010~2020. A decade which has been exponentially hypercharged by technology and the connectivity of diverse cultures. In the fall of 2017 this was most apparent at this years very emotionally charged 2017 Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival. What a fantastic group of organizers, artisans and spectators understanding these vibrations of great change. Artists like Tracy Lee Stum and Rod Tryon taking us into dimensions we have not been before! WOW…So much love all under the sun moon and stars equally!

A Universe of Love as felt and chalked by artist Lesley Perdomo

A Universe of Love as felt and chalked by artist Lesley Perdomo

This was AutismHWY’s 4th trip to this stellar event sharing the work of Autistic Artisans. In year’s past we have shared the work of talented friends Nora Blansett, Nele Muyleart, Maryellen Szper and this year the work of April Dawn Griffin.
April lives in Canada and views the northern lights. Her art reflects so much of the world’s natural energy making her work a fitting choice for this time in history! This very powerful piece titled “Bring It On” was perfect and eerily so just after Hurricane Harvey and as Hurricane Irma
. bring it on

The the beginning vibration...

The IDEA…is the beginning vibration…


Coloring the energy that vibrates WITHIN!

Coloring the energy that vibrates WITHIN!


April Griffin's strong energy emerges!

April Griffin’s strong energy emerges!

2017 vent lant
vent 2017a

The winds of change were apparent in the many conversations had on this artful weekend. Friends and family loving the convergence of artistic and humanistic diversity is the only highway forward. We are always better together as loving and feeling people. Art has a way of reminding us of the healing natures we all bestow. Let’s mine that energy and harvest that positive flow bringing it with us everywhere we go …TO GROW!

PLEASE take the time to watch Artisan April Dawn Griffin in this brilliant film trailer of the ANCA Naturally Autistic documentary film Connected!

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The…”FUN & ONLY”!!!

Will be happening, NON~STOP!! Next Saturday on September Eleventh. Come on out to California’s GREAT AMERICA Theme Park in beautiful, sunny Santa Clara!! is counting down the minutes!! Literally…the minutes to our ~Fun DAY for AutismAwareness~ and the LAUNCH of the website!

AutismHWY has been “under construction” in one form or another since April of 09! It has been a long journey and very exciting to be working on widening the Autism Information HWY!! We all have layers and layers of info to share… and for that we need MANY extra lanes!! I guess you can hear my California Freeway mentality! lol Communication has been referred to as a “2~Way Highway” In some cases VERY TRUE!! In the ASD World. Very RARE!! Many, many avenues must be incorporated and used JUST to navigate daily life!

This is a good thing. It adds to the fabric and fun of our lives! Thinking outside of the box.FREEWAY of thought for DIVERSITY!” ASD STYLEHARMONY!! Coming from all walks of “thought” into the mainstream. Living side by side in parallel lanes!! Travelling the HWY’S of our lives! “On the

So…that being said, get me back on the HWY. The Pacific Coast Hwy…and straight to California’s Great America. AUTISM AWARENESS and an “ALL~YOU~ CAN~EAT” B.B.Q. are on the Menu! Should be alot on your plate and very SATISFYING! Learn more about the other great Organizations that will be participating

By clicking here

C.A.R.D , Children’s Health Council, elca , Faces of Hope , I Can Too Learning Center , Spectrum Center , STEPS Therapy , The Treehouse Inc. , TUCCI Learning Solutions , Hillview Prep , Autism Speaks NorCal , pace & Angels on Stage ! An AWESOME Line-Up for the BIG~DAY!

I am so looking forward to having an afternoon to speak with families about their experiences on the SPECTRUM!! We ASD Families have some challenges that can take you from the darker sides of life to the completely lighter side of life Sometimes, all in the same day!…NEVER BORING!! Always learning new ways to manage. The AUTISM TRENCHES are meant to be shared!! Can’t wait for our families to meet their comrades!! lol

The park OPENS at 10:00 a.m. and the FUN lasts until 8:00 p.m. A Full Day with helpful information to boot! The more people that take the time to examine the world of AUTISM the better. The world of AUTISM has a lot of practical ideas that apply TO ALL PEOPLE!

So come learn, live and have fun!! There will be many FUN ACTIVITIES at each of the Organizations Booths…Fun and INFO!! AutismHWY will be holding a coloring contest. Let your child shine creatively!! Fun and prizes for a few…Giveaways for ALL!! We also have a special awareness logo we would like everyone to spread!! ( with a few special surprises as well!) Shhh… So much fun…EVEN Before you TRY ALL of the Awesome Attractions!! Please see them all on the website with fun descriptions!!

CLICK HERE for a direct look at RIDES & ATTRACTIONS…

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Anyone “worth their salt…” does it! … LOVE 2 EVOLVE! That is. It is a natural process, if you will just ALLOW IT! So many of us get caught up in the ‘Daily Grind’ and stuck in the rut of our worldly existence. Looking at life from a positive and hopeful fashion can put a NEW SPIN on Your “Daily Planet”! Dare to be SUPER~Man!… SUPER~Woman !…. SUPER~~YOU!! The most positive and uplifting person that you can possibly muster!! The “SUPER~YOU.” (Makes me think of a very funny scene in Cameron Crowe’s movie, “Singles!”)

Be ALL You can be! You to the 10th POWER!! After all people~ this is the COSMIC year of 10-10-10!! That’s right!! It has been a LONG-TIME Coming!! Here we are in the midst of it!! Such…SYNCHRONICITY. Such POWER! Such ALIGNMENT! For the GREATER GOOD!! Many of us are feeling it , living it. It’s like the pulse of so much reality smacking us in the face! For the first time ever VENUES are opening up. For a whole population of people just waiting to speak! Through there ABILITIES! Not their “so-called”Disabilities! Having a chance to show their POWER . The powerful ABILITIES ~GOD did give these amazing individuals! Having the ability to express themselves through , Sports, Music and the Arts some have LITERALLY found a voice they never had! Through these venues they have been able to EXCEL. They have A LOT to teach us!!

They are LOVING TO EVOLVE and they are showing the way to the whole planet! It is time for BIG POWERFUL Change. The Alignment is right for the world to listen to its HEART Our mother earth is at the core of every single one of us! It is calling for US to look into our Hearts and Minds and visualize the change and shift of perceptions. THE EVOLUTION! LOVE 2 EVOLVE will bring.

On 8~8~10 at 10:08 a.m. ALL Time Zones…L2E is calling out : to All the “Super~YOUS” Evolve your UNDERSTANDING of the people we share mother earth with! The incredible earth-women behind this event Monique Nazzari, Helen Brown, Fabiola Ana Torrez and Lori Shayew have been putting in every ounce of love and energy they possess. Truly amazing ladies I am honored to be working with! Here are some words from Ms. Shayew, a woman with many gifts, “The Gifts of Autism” on facebook being 1 of them!! She is a true inspiration to me and one of the driving forces in our Alignment of Acceptance

Love2Evolve was inspired by parents and educators whose lives have been touched by Autism. The goal of Love2Evolve is to bring more Understanding, Compassion, Acceptance, Love, Peace, Unity, Togetherness to diversity and the World as a whole. We are all challenged with Diversity in one way or another. Imagine more Peace in the World. Imagine a world where your child was more understood!A mindful world gathering focusing thoughts on acceptance, connection and a spirit of welcome. The intention is that people from all around the world, people on all continents across Mother Earth (at the same hour) meditate, pray, visualize or think positive thoughts for up to one hour for more acceptance, compassion, understanding, respect, love and peace in the world. By focusing inward we focus on our hearts and connect at this deeper level for change.

Paradise begins with the love we show each other here on earth.

LOVE 2 EVOLVE http://www.facebook .com/?sk=messages&tid=1525416738138#!/event.php?eid=136164579741212&ref=ts

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