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Time for another Artists and Autism HIGHLITE! For new readers~ A & A is a brilliant webpage on facebook!

Focusing and showcasing ART on, in and around the SPECTRUM!! People with ASD’s and their care-givers are some of the most talented people on the planet! Has anyone ever seen or heard of Stephen Wiltshire…? Clay Marzo…? Scott Siegel…? 3 BRILLIANT MEN planted firmly on ASD ground! The perspective autism brings to their world is refreshing…just take a look at these 3 links and REFRESH YOUR WORLD!!




NOTHING disabled or ordinary about that!! WOW….so much power and talent looking to be discovered and enjoyed! The sky is the limit…TRULY!! Our AUTISM Community is doing just that!! SHOWCASING and enjoying the value of OUR ASD Individuals!! Precisely why ARTISTS and AUTISM thrives. We appreciate and discover the beauty in our ASD lifestyles minute by minute. We seriously~ don’t have the time to be negative and down-trodden. ASD can be SO unpredictable…you need to be ready to hop into action at a moments notice, with a smile!! Kind of like the FIRE DEPT.!! I like that. We are all ASD ~FIREMEN / WOMEN!!…Heros in our own world. Thriving on HOPE and KNOWLEDGE fueled by POSITIVITY!!

Which is the perfect segway to our Tech Artists we are featuring this blog! Michelle Michels & Karin Mosberg . Each of these talented ladies have been creating Hope and Positive Vibrations through their vision, artistic talent and fantastic computer skills! Beautifully colored asthetic inspiration…..NICE!! Most often, with EMPOWERING words of encouragement and acknowledgment! SUPER NICE!!

CLICK HERE for Michelles vision…!/pages/Autism-Creations/122692677778388?ref=sgm

Michelle Michels is the mother to 2 beautiful young boys on the SPECTRUM!! She has a talent for uplifting everyone with her great attitude and even GREATER Autism Tags. Visual Images with awesome attitude! Her NEW fb page is awesome…you can use the amazing signage she creates!! Her concept is timed perfectly for the heavy awareness campaigns that are building in OUR COMMUNITY!! Michelle’s ART is a big part of that…check this out! She is even taking requests!! VERY Fun!!! Thank you Michelle! YOU are providing self esteem … In AMAZING ways!

Karin Mossberg has an eye for geometry in all shapes and sizes!! 1 size DOES NOT fit all in Karin’s WORLD! BRAVO Karin !! Her STUNNING Computer images are mesmerizing! She utilizes brilliant colors and shapes like no one else. Her vision of empowerment resonates with us weekly on A & A !! Karin is an amazing Aspie with a huge heart. Her submissions inspire and create happiness for many! That is the pleasure we experience when we visit this awesome page! Thanks for decorating our lives with such HOPE , TALENT and BEAUTY Karin, Michelle, Stephen, Clay and Scott!!

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Seems to me that this decade is going to be the best ever for people living with AUTISM and ASPERGER’S SYNDROME! So many brilliant minds on~board! Surfboards …out on the crest riding the wave of HOPE & ACCEPTANCE for our community. We are strong as our numbers grow. These spikes in numbers are dumbfounding to some. However, if this is what it takes for the rest of the world to get “on-board”… Then I say, “Surf’s up dude!!!”

Just about every week the news will feature a story on autism research. This is what we need mainstream coverage on a weekly or daily basis! People need to “warm-up” to our issues. I had a conversation with a table full of “lovable old cronies” in downtown Glendora, Cal. last month. I asked them who they knew with AUTISM? One gentleman…Ed, owner of “Ed’s Place” said,”What difference does it make if it’s Autism, Cerebral Palsy or Diabetes?”…”If it does’nt affect me?” My point exactly!

People have just been …too busy to care. I do see that changing with leaps and bounds. Sooner than later “IT” will touch everyone. So to those that don’t think it affects them, you are just not seeing yourself in the best light. Sure if someone seated next to you in a cafe has C. P. you may notice their wheel chair. If the person next to you has Diabetes you would never know. With Autism my guess is you would notice 7  times out of 10 .

Most “health conditions” do not include a social aspect. This is where AUTISM and ASPERGER distinguish themselves. So yes, someone’s “condition” may affect you in the course of your normal day. Even the most stubborn person must admit that! So I ask…Don’t we as human beings”owe it” to one another, to empathize? Very interesting that word… empathy! I am essentially asking ALL “typical” People to do for autistics what many neuro-typical believe : that they cannot do for us. Empathize! Quite ironic.

Nice! I like that !! Our “Computers” are programmed so differently. As Temple Grandin’s mother so astutely says different not less !! I love what Dr. Tony Attwood and Dr. Chitra Bahkta say about Clay Marzo and, ASPERGER”S SYNDROME in the following video! Simply put their words are astounding! Fascinating really. As I have been saying, take advantage of an opportunity to learn about yourself through others! Realizing that differences are what make this world so brilliant! Learning how to cope with those differences …is what makes us better as humans. Evolve thinking, evolve understanding, EVOLVE LOVE. 

” What do you say people??”…Let’s enlighten ourselves and raise humanity to a whole NEW level !!


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