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Today is International Peace Day! At AutismHWY we are truly all about Peace and Respect. Without understanding and respect for Autistic people of all ages at all stages we believe there will be a “peace delay.”

The sooner we can all respect Autism as a diverse way of being in life, the better. A way of being that requires new innovative human strategies for success! Ways to place us ALL on the peace train together!! Of course our PEACE…always involves pieces of CHALK and free expression! Love, Peace & Chalk to you ALL from the HWY!

peace day
IMG_0627There is a profound PEACE that comes with being exactly who you are!0418151831IMG_0981What an amazing figure!!

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Bee Happy!

The first Friday in September has become a traditional day for me to be chalking in Carpinteria! After having my Coloring Book Series highlighted at the former Curious Cup Bookstore there, this delightful town has embraced my heART! Readers of this blog will remember my previous art trips to “Carp” like the time I chalked Nekea Blagoev of Get Smashed Art‘s Ripcurl design HERE! OR the time I chalked a Carpinteria loving mermaid seen HERE! So much FUN to be under the sun and down on the street. As we have continually informed you here from AutismHWY… Chalk Art is addicting in a very colorful, peaceful and loving way!


We invite every city to free express within their communities. You should all try it sometime! Next weekend I will be chalking up a design created by MaryEllen Szper of Flying at the fabulous Ventura Harbor. MaryEllen is an amazing artist, so wish me luck!

Here is my photo blog from Carpinteria’s “Chalk the Walk 2016″ My rendition of the photo I took, of a sunflower I grew! FUN :

Wow. Sharing chalk art love in Carpinteria last night, The Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival in the weekend to follow with Vancouver and The ANCA World Autism Festival at the close of the month…definitely reasons to be and stay HAPPY. A Happy September it IS!

Now, spend 15 minutes to absorb this amazing talk filled with thought provoking concepts which support FUN…in order to truly BEE HAPPY! xo …

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Coloring Our World!

IMG_1768IMG_1770IMG_7563...ALWAYS!!4-16-11-6 AZAUTISM01bright ideaIMG_9677IMG_9989IMG_0002IMG_0098IMG_0154IMG_0159IMG_0524IMG_0289jeffkara2kellygreen2KellyGreen3DSCN2169ARloriinnerstandIMG_0796IMG_0787Autistic prideIMG_0872IMG_0887IMG_0981IMG_1490giraffe partyIMG_1528IMG_1527IMG_0518IMG_0512ventura1ventura 7IMG_1732IMG_1734IMG_1741IMG_1748

5 years of splashing the world with color. Coloring perceptions and shifting attitudes about Autism, Autistic people and OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURES!

Thank YOU to the many people that have joined our color brigade…..

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Chalked Under the Sea

For the 4th year in a row I have enjoyed a quick trip to the coastal town of Carpinteria for chalking purposes! Chalk Art is truly an infectious occurrence. Everyone should try it!

People, pavement, pastels = POWERFUL!

On the first Friday in September, Carpinteria has hosted an informal chalk art expression happening at the delightful seal fountain! In 2011 (pic below) I was lucky enough to meet the owner of Curious Cup Bookstore, Kiona Gross  and we forged a nice, colorful partnership. I had a blast chalking up her unique store logo!  The Making Friends with Autism coloring books first appeared in her bookstore and we will be here to support her with our brand of positivity as she seeks her new store locale within Carpinteria city limits!Chalk one up...for the good-guys!!


Kiona and clipboard surrounded by Carp's great Non -profit orgs!

Kiona and clipboard surrounded by Carp’s great Non -profit orgs!


We know how needed her store is for empowering Carpinteria’s youth with knowledge and the passion to explore this planet’s diversity through amazing books. We are sure that the universe will catapult her great mission to a safe space for learning soon.

Kiona hosted many Art of Autism events at her great shop from film screenings to book signings and art receptions! She has also done a lot to keep the first Friday chalk the walk vibrant in these last few years and yesterday was no exception! Carpinteria’s non-profit organizations were all on scene to create street art magic. It was a nice turn-out and an artful way to raise funds for these organization’s great missions!  Take a look:


I decided to chalk up a Mermaid spelling out Carpinteria. while holding the town’s beloved Avocado and the area’s splendid crop of grapes! Such a FUN PROCESS….





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