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The Royal Pain…

It’s here again. The day I hate May 1st. I love to make a ‘Big Joke’ about it , how awareness doesn’t end on May Day…S*O*S *…!! Sadly enough my joking does’nt alleviate my underlying current. My current despair in so many. So many that will put the “Awareness Box” back on the shelf…and be on their merry way.

 It is so crazy when something is dubbed a ‘crisis and a health epidemic’ that one lil month in April will “do the trick”. Get REAL please.  A few segments on a few stations controlled by an elite few, does not cut it. A National message that NEEDS HEARING. A government with no plan , idea or efforts to educate society in what is going on with our kids! Talk about COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS!!

Parents and people who care about Autistic People are the only ones doing anything! We all struggle because our awareness efforts become a 2nd career. When we were barely getting by with the first one!! There are never enough hours in the day when you have this need that we do. The need and desire for the world to understand my child. The need to PROMOTE friendship through COMMON UNDERSTANDING!! We are good at spreading the awareness to each other.  Unfortunately we already ”GET IT”. Everyone else….not so much!  In 2010 with numbers as low as 1 in 70 in some instances~ there are STILL people that have such minimal knowledge about Autism.

We need to create a whole  new cirriculum. Instead of the “3 R’s” reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I propose we expand that to one more “R”~ Reasoning. A whole subject called ~” THE BRAIN”. Teach children cognitive skills, processing and sensory matters…so many things that would be helpful to create  Autism Awareness ,understanding empathy and more. Can you imagine children learning at a young age how important it is to understand how the brain functions? It will be a whole new world. A brave new world!

A world that understands it is not necessarily a bad thing to have Autism. It is a different thing.  A world that must have a working knowledge for daily co-existance with neighbors thinking differently. Children understanding the brain-styles will make the world much more effective. These aware kids that will be there flanking our Autistic population when we as parents are gone. That time will come and we cannot continue  waiting 11 months each year for APRIL hoping for a bit of coverage!! I am heading full steam ahead with my concerns about no public awareness policy! We cannot do it alone without huge dollars backing our campaigns. That much is clear!  Our governments needs to step up. The dollars wasted on political campaigns alone is astounding. How about putting that money where awareness should be.!!

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