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The “A-LEAGUE” Family

Was conceived by Lora Mancini…implemented by San Dimas California. And brought to life by all of us parents!! It takes a group-effort and that we have had! Yes we still have 3 games to play in this opening SEASON but, I am just so grateful! Yesterdays action was as fun as ever!! The sun was high a nice breeze drifting through…and tons of smiles rounding the bases!! The perfect afternoon!

Wyatt is enjoying it now more than ever. I see him smile with pride when everyone calls for him to bat. “C’mon Wyatt get your helmet”, ” Your-turn Wyatt”!! He does this chirping laugh when he is particularly happy. Now his “A-League ” buddies are hearing that CHIRP!! Definitely SOMETHING to TWEET about!!!

There is alot of movement being made. You can physically see it in my photos! While going through my gallery I had to laugh at Wyatt’s face on opening day …he was literally squinting at me. Squinting and probably, wondering what is all this pomp and circumstance?! What was the big-deal ? It is just baseball people. A little round ball that I don’t really mess with. He was wondering what was in store for him?? TOO CUTE!

This weeks game pictures of Christy were amazing! I actually had known Christy! Before… I discovered she was on the “A-LEAGUE” Braves! Wyatt and Christy had attended 2 summer day-camps together at Casa Colina in Pomona Ca. I am a parent that needed to stay on premises due to toileting issues so, I enjoyed seeing all the different kids. I had an instant fondness for Christy. She is very high-maintenance…needing lots of 1 on 1 ! Yesterday she was on fire… looking like quite the player!! So amazing to see big changes in these players. From A to Z ! The bottom-line is this A- league is a big HIT!!

A Grandslam actually !! The players are rounding the bases…but the impact is hitting home with ALL OF US!! Parents, Siblings, Grandparents,Cousins…Caring Aunts & Uncles, Therapists it runs the gamut! I have even seen an x-teacher or 2 “checking-up” on a former student. SO HeartWARMING!!

EXACTLY what I have been planning~ for AutismHWY ! A Place for ALL of US to SUPPORT Our A.S.D. Family members and Their support TEAMS !! Linking US together through interests and commonalities . Perhaps, making connections with someone through a difference. So much HELP, INFORMATION and FUN ! It will be such an amazing network of inspirational people with MANY stories and ideas to share!

PROMOTING FRIENDSHIPS through COMMON UNDERSTANDING!! Making a HWY. to Pave our Awareness and Artistic and Athletic ENDEAVORS!! It is where we all are going!


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So time is ticking again on this “month of awareness.” Thirty days has April…simply NOT ENOUGH! We are at a point in time that it is just silly to call the AWARENESS off ! So AUTISMHWY now declares the rest of this year and beyond…. Autism Awareness Decade! Seriously. Allocating a month to honor the spectrum is great… just DO NOT STOP the AWARENESS! We have alot of catching -up to do!!

Autism was only labeled in the early 40′s…so the first 20 yrs. it basically was ignored. Honestly it seems a portion of society would like to continue on with that ignorance. Chris Rock has a very funny routine… essentially saying that certain individuals love to”not know.” It seems to ring true. People just don’t want to broach the issue. It really isn’t that daunting. Just seems that way AUTISM has taken advantage of that …”love to not know” attitude.

With a complete lack of understanding…the syndrome has been getting away with murder! Well it is time for all of that nonsense to cease! I have a script and a plan to x-out that love to “NOT KNOW” Status! It will start with the smallest of children. When my Wyatt books are ready for school-age kids we can at least start some dialogue.The only kids with any awareness are either related to or have a close friend on the spectrum. Soon we can work on teaching ALL the rest!!

Seems children are ALWAYS the most receptive to new information and change. They will help to grease the wheels of change. When the adults read my comical & basically informative books …I’m hoping to teach them as well. It seems that NO-ONE has ever really sat down and told ANYONE basic autism info AROUND HERE!!?

I guess that shouldn’t come as such a shock. Heck 8 years ago when I got Wyatt’s diagnosis…I didn’t get much information. What I did get was quite hard to digest. Alot of the literature is in a “clinical-type” language that is hard for anyone to understand. It takes acclimation…and who’s got time for all that nonsense in the course of a busy day? You want information and you want it to be in ENGLISH…if Possible! I’m hoping I’m wrong and that there is NOW. some good literature for Mom’s w/ a new autism diagnosis.

This is precisely why I encourage people with knowledge to spread it…like WILDFIRE. These embers need stoking. We have been here waiting …smoldering , hoping for the world to catch on. Well, the world is a very busy place and WE that want this wide-spread AWARENESS need to provide something for people to GRASP ON TO ! If the language is daunting and clinical…it’s easier to tune it out. I FEEL that, that is precisely what has happened! I know …because I wanted to tune it out too. Part of my “Fight or Flight” human instinct!! So making THIS INFORMATION more “brain~friendly”will be a start.

A good start in crossing the fire-line. A start in spreading some EASY to understand information to help the individuals on the SPECTRUM. Help them gain something all humans crave. ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING! It’s a BEAUTIFUL THING …and will be easy to give with a little bit of loving efforts.

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I found out about a very nice event THIS SATURDAY April 17th 9A.M.~2 P.M. ! Chiropractor Richard J. Veirs of Canyon Chiropractic Center in Pomona. Will be Supporting AUTISM and AWARENESS!! Seems the Chiropractor and his wife Kelly have a nephew with autism. What a wonderful idea to pitch in… THANKYOU!

Saturday will be a great day for all kinds of ADJUSTMENTS!! For a cash donation to The AUTISM SOCIETY…Established patients will receive free adjustments! NEW PATIENTS will receive free examinations of their nerves, spine muscles,posture, joints & spinal x-rays if needed. SOUNDS GOOD…after a week of work and kid wrangling!!

The address for the Canyon Chiropractic Center is…355 E. Foothill Blvd. Suite B In POMONA. The phone # is (909)593-6553…appointments are not necessary but recommended. Come on out …and GIVE and GET BACK SUPPORT !!

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Wow, something SO COOL is about to take place here! In our corner of the sandbox! “A-LEAGUE” Little League ! Autistic players make up a FOUR TEAM League! Here in San Dimas California and Opening Day is THIS SATURDAY March 13th at 9:30 a.m. So much fun in store. San Dimas Little League blazing a trail! NICE!!

What, is really NICE!? Is LORA MANCINI! Mother on a mission. You’ve got to love that! Lora had a vision…and it is about to materialize! Lora did all the “leg-work” it took to get this together! Quite an awesome task she has accomplished! Along with League President , Tim Roe and the efforts and donations of many wonderful people. Talk about ripple effect! They may never even realize how many people this will help. She is on a fast track to making this something autistic kids can look forward to. 50 kids this season! So… 100+ PROUD parents and extended FAMILY MEMBERS as well! Lots to look FORWARD TO!!

INDEED! “My Mantra”…Our day is at hand! The awareness IS GROWING! This is really a great indication of that. The fact that the local news and papers have featured “our kids” IS HUGE! Quite exciting for the adults. The kids just want to play! I am sure many of the parents I will be enjoying these games with, had given up. Given up on the idea of living at the ballpark every season. I know I had. So a bit of that dream is BACK!! Yes! All parents want to do a little “vicarious living!” WOO-HOO! Go TEAM!!

At the last practice one of Wyatt’s team mates Kevin P. noticed my “puzzle-heart” bracelet. Knowing it is an autism support icon. He asked me “How’s your Heart?” All throughout practice…he had also informed me that my response should be “FINE.” Such a thoughtful and UNIQUE BOY ! As practice went on I’de hear…”How’s your heart?” My response ,(as scripted) “Fine!” Kevin is so… RIGHT! My heart is better than fine!! When you open your heart to these awesome people, you’ll grow in a whole new direction! So off we go… to the BALLPARK! Hearts full…smiles planted! What an amazing experience this will be and I feel so priveleged to be a part of it.

Wyatt is surprising me so much with his “game-play.” My sweet boy is giving it his best, despite his deficits! I can see him trying to make me PROUD…and really what more could you ever want from your child?

Photos Courtesy of – READ THE FULL STORY HERE

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