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Super Autistic

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My son is ” super Autistic.” I actually love the sound of that! Super Autistic! Like a comic book character leaping problematic sensory situations while absorbing a chaotic planet daily.


In all reality that is what he does. What many, many Autistic people do to the consternation of others globally. In 2015 he still lives in a world where his joyful outbursts startle and confuse people, where his pain and discomfort startle and confuse people. He still lives in a world where his lack of verbal language startles and confuses people. He still lives in a world where people dismiss him and become startled and confused when they realize he is actually listening to them. He lives in a world so low on Autism insight that it startles and confuses his mother and many others, DAILY.



When will the world work on it’s Autism respect and I.Q. levels? When will parents stop focusing on their pain? When will society take real steps toward learning what Autism is, what it means and how to support it as a natural part of humanity?



People seem to always seek out books written about Autism by parents or professionals which does not make much sense to me. Wouldn’t it be supreme to read books about Autism written by Autistic people? At the very least; books heavily influenced by the Autistic perspective and experience?



There are so many simple facts about Autism that people need to learn from Autistic people.


#1. It is systematic.

#2. There are many subsets within the Autism Spectrum.

#3. There are many co-morbid conditions. Conditions that are separate from Autism and it’s traits.

#4. It is a lifelong condition to be understood and supported.

#5. Understanding Autism must come through connections with Autistic people and Autistic professionals. (I personally refer to this as, innerstanding!)

#6. Understanding Autism starts with accepting it as a natural human way of being.

#7. Each person on the Autism Spectrum has a unique chemistry and will need to seek support by discovering the balance for their own chemistry. Not only physically but, on sensory and emotional levels.

#8. That the levels of support needed are fluid and fluctuate with growth, change and setback. As with all people on the larger Human Spectrum.

#9. That supports should be in place and there to always fall back on.

#10. The respect effect. Approach every situation with respect and validation.


It really isn’t as “puzzling” as people have led others to believe. Yet, it is most definitely brain science. The science that we only explore when we believe something is “wrong” with a brain. When in reality, society as a whole should be understanding what differing brainstyles need to feel healthy, accepted and supported.  We need to honor that the human brain is indeed superbly unique and individual on it’s own “right.” Many similarities and many differences. Studying Autism and the variety of human brain styles uncover so much about being human. Many simple things that humanity has chosen to forget in favor of today’s overly complicated pace. Think beyond the outdated ’norm’…






~Read books from Autistic authors and publishers atAutonomous Press!  


~Look for Steve Silberman’s cutting edge book -”Neuro Tribes: the Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity!


~Read “Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism” by Barry M. Prizant


~Ask your public library to carry books by Autistic authors!


~Support or create Autistic lending libraries!




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