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Autistic Voices WILL Trump Trump’s Stance


Donald J Trump's reign begins...

Donald J Trump’s reign begins…

Here on the AutismHWY we often times find ourselves in the Autism fast-lane. Researching and focusing on the information that Autistic people share about Autism has placed us there. Understanding how Autism operates in an individual’s human system is how we feel safe driving in that “fast lane.” How we want all others to feel. It is how we cope pragmaticly and how we move forward in a world long confused by how to respectfully communicate with every type of diversity. Autistic people are here to guide other Autistic people and the larger world…


On this day, January 20th, 2017 as a new President is sworn into these United States of America we are willing to make a very bold and provocative prediction. Even as the Daily Beast reports that the White House website made disheartening civil-rights deletions today. still knowingly believes that President Donald J. Trump will indeed be “trumped” with Autism information provided by Autistic people.  During his administration he will find that he needs to interface with #actuallyAutistic people to fully face the diversity picture. It will be a momentous thing… in a brand new word, it will be UGE. The private citizen Donald J. Trump had been commenting on the vaccine controversy for years  and has in fact sounded very much like an Autism stakeholder. During the Presidential debates he referred to Autism as an epidemic ( seen here.) Words and beliefs he certainly shares or shared with his friend Bob Wright the Co-Founder of Autism Speaks the Autism organization furiously  boycotted by Autistic people. Misinformed core beliefs about Autism and it’s history fueled by the lack of experiential knowledge of, or friendships with Autistic people are frankly extremely dangerous. Autistic people will fight for their civil rights and voices to be heard. Be ready President Trump.

Tweet tweet…

We respectfully ask for any future misguided comments regarding Autism to cease Mr. President as you now are indeed an Autism stakeholder as the leader of a nation founded on free thought. Do not over think things for Autistic people because they are right here watching what you do and say about them. Please do not create any commissions touching on Autism with out the Autistic community. Seek out their counsel on their issues. Their points of view will change the world in ways we ALL desperately need.


We respectfully ask  that you not gather Autism information from skeptics and critics and instead go straight to the source. Autistic people and those that respect Autism understand just how dangerous linking vaccines to Autism is. It is in reality a life or death matter on a plethora of levels. Horrific levels of bigotry, violence, abuse and harm caused to Autistic people sometimes due to anti-vax Autism rhetoric. Not to mention the public health crisis the world could experience from exposure to disease through ignorance powered by hatred and fear of Autism and vaccines. Those mainstreamed negative belief systems surrounding the “supposed causation” of a naturally occuring Autism population will shape some very scary and life threatening policies. Policy that will further entrench us in yet more of the same Autism ignorance, hatred and stigma we’ve experienced for decades. We will no longer continue to tolerate society’s propensity to avoid science and factual information by replacing it with the myths of pop culture.


Today’s inaugural address was said to be for the “ignored  and forgotten people that will be ignored no longer.” Mr. President, Autistic people will not continue to be ignored and denied their natural human existence.  They will not sit back and accept the world to misrepresent them and the supports they need to live a happy and healthy Autistic life. Autistic people will be and should be the voices crucially included to set precedents by helping us shape respectful communication and research towards best Autism practice for our nation and the WORLD!

We agree the time for empty talk is over! You spoke those very words today…


RESIST FAKE AUTISM NEWS…Mr. President and THINK FAST…Because Autistic people ARE!!



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The Generations of Communication

glass ceiling
After the unprecedented 2016 presidential election a glass ceiling has been shattered here in the United States of America. Not the obvious gender based one that all attention had been trained upon. The ‘glass ceiling’ we refer to is an entirely new concept. The communication “glass ceiling” that has expanded greatly in 2016 and …as we have been saying all along, this entire great decade of change. We are living in the generations of complete and total plugged in communications. Just look at what our lifetimes have witnessed. In the last century our ability to communicate globally went from 0%————————————-100%.

Completely downloaded and connected!


With just the push of a button and the stroke of some keys…you can be heard and you can be read; LOUDLY and CLEARLY all around the world. What communication ‘ceiling shattering’ progress!! Progress we don’t seem to marvel at or even acknowledge because, it has become so ‘normal’ so common-place. Something that was once unheard of has become our everyday experience.

In this 2016 news cycle of social interconnectedness we communicate freely with the greatest of ease and at lightening speeds.


But do WE…really?

glass heart

In today’s society we frequently see communications that are filled with disdain. Conversations that are unkind, extremely harsh, personally critical and beyond. People seemingly have less and less empathy in this fast paced entertainment and information driven society to be mindful and gracious. It is seemingly all about out doing one and other or having the final word. The art of communication has been lost. Many people spend time “branding themselves” and “messaging” their personal agendas instead of listening to one and other and enjoying authentic or caring human connections.

In this GENERATION of COMMUNICATION what better time and place in history for us to RE~BRAND those  communicative styles. In Autism we have a responsibility to our culture to understand communication on levels that are as deep as the ocean. We cannot merely skim the surface and rush along as so many people seem to. Communications must be respected and reworked in most instances and through this process you find much more respect for the individuality of each person you interface with. In our fast paced lifestyle how often does this contemplation even occur?  More and more we seem to witness people talking at one and other and in many cases not truly understanding who they are even talking to.


Melania Trump recently revealed that she wants to have a national conversation about this harsh style of communication in the world. Many people made a big joke of that by saying, “She should start at home with her husband.” There is some truth in that because, honestly we should ALL start at home within our own families. We can all be more respectful to our individual family members; ‘Autistic or Nautistic.’  More forgiving and respectful of our neighbors and those we meet and greet on a daily basis. Autistic people have shown us their extreme discomfort in conjunction with many of the so called “social norms” or ”ways of the world.” Listening to those discomforts and concerns will guide us to more authentic ways of getting our information, thoughts and feelings recognized. Let’s join the new first lady on her platform for respectful communication change!! AutismHWY hopes that kinder and clearer communication is ONE THING we can all agree upon as we move forward to 2020 visions…melania-trump-2-3001

A whole new era of COMMUNICATION through respectful understandings and kind gives and takes?!

Can WE do this?…YES we CAN!

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Getting THAT Call

phoneThat ‘call-out’ no one wants. When a friend or group of friends and/or acquaintances feel badly about something you have done. It eventually happens to all of us and most likely does not feel good. Learning that something you have said or done has harmed others, hurts and is never a nice thing. None of us are perfect and we all make these mistakes because, we are inherently human. It’s not shocking. What we DO after making these inevitably human missteps is where we really need to ‘train’ our attention, reactions and subsequent behaviors.


Just the other day I tweeted out a wonderful piece of writing which exposes the language of ”tone-policing.” A disturbing trend that constantly mars conversations amongst people discussing equality. A tactic  commonly used to shut down the substantive conversation. I am sure you have seen it before. One faction of an oppressed groups stakeholder’s wanting the members of the oppressed group and/or other stakeholder’s to communicate more gently. Thus policing their tone. Even going as far as to say that they WILL NOT or CANNOT hear the content of their concerns unless and until they are packaged more tamely. We should never seek to control another person’s voice. In the case of Autistic people; tone policing a group that has worked for decades upon decades to be heard is just more overt oppression. Adding more insult to the already very injured. 


Ironically, when I sent out this article that includes the cool youtube video by Chesca Leigh below, I added a few other people to the tweet thinking that those people may like to utilize it. One of the people I shared it with was not happy and felt that it was a commentary directed at them personally. It was not, which I succinctly answered upon being questioned as to why I had sent it. I apologized simply and admitted my mistake. What I didn’t do was question that person’s feelings or interpretation of what I had done or dismiss the way it had disturbed them. I accepted exactly what was said realizing this person felt harmed by my action and I apologized.


Pick up when YOU get the ‘call out.’


There was no need to explain away my intent, insist that the harmed party misunderstood me or list all of my work and/or accomplishments that make me a good person. Instead I listened and understood what was being said. That my action caused harm. Unintentionally or not is beside the point, I caused it, I am now aware of it and it’s that simple to move on from there. Really understanding what was harmful, apologizing and working to be better, it’s really all we can do. We will learn from each misstep we make while the disability community redefines itself. It is an exciting time, seeing people rise together in solidarity to change the overwhelmingly detrimental conversations about their lives. They are the ones with a legitimate reason to police the tones and attitudes of others because, the tones they have been forced to hear concerning their own lives have always been OFF KEY.



Raise your language and understanding bar. Be aware of the dismissive ways disabled people are treated in the name of good works. Open your eyes to the injustice that has run rampant for decades. Pledge to change that.



Shift your perspectives about the nature of disability and the ways we can respectfully include, accommodate and uplift this valued community of people.



“Let’s ALL get our shift together”








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