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Relax, It’s Just Autism

My bundle of raw energy named ~Wyatt Griffin Green.

My bundle of raw energy named ~Wyatt Griffin Green.

It is human and we are all blessed by it, when you really LOOK.


I have been advocating for just a mere 4 yrs. now and I am continually astounded by the Autism Community and the emerging Autistic Culture I learn from. It is such a raw and natural landscape a neurodiverse universe being charted for the future. It seems like a “monolithic thinking expanse” where a whole new way of being can be shaped for humanity. Not a lot of people know about it yet but, in time I believe they will. People with  differences have always been the ones making the greatest changes on the planet even when no one  seems to be noticing. The shaping of things to come. It is usually done that way slowly, repetitively and methodically. The way a running river carves out it’s bed.

Photo by: Scott A. Jackson Woodlawn Black House Museum Trails in Maine

Photo by: Scott A. Jackson Woodlawn Black House Museum Trails in Maine


 I feel this is the case with the Autistic mind. It has silently been there all along advancing and supporting societies globally without the ‘typical’ accolades. Slowly eroding a pathway and flowing humanity toward deeper “brain function knowledge.”

It is fact.  The Autistic perspective has been engineering and pioneering without fanfare. Vastly UNDER diagnosed, understood,  under identified and completely under acknowledged. At the same time it has been OVER blown, over thought, over therapized, and OVERTLY demonized and feared.


Through the examination of Autism so much has been learned about the basics of behavior. We should be thanking the ‘mysterious’ condition. Yes, there are extreme medical portions of Autism/Life that no one wants to thank and those must be addressed separately. Medical conditions exist in all of us and Autism has it’s fair share of ailments associated with it. We all need to be comfortable in our bodies to be able to enjoy this wonderful life. That aside, I believe we have learned so much good information about  the central nervous system and how we experience the world.  Ways to help us trouble-shoot these many medical conditions more pragmatically without fear. The simple static fact that we all access our brains a bit differently and we do and can feel the world differently is the first step to understanding others and ourselves.


This bears out throughout humanity as people naturally find their ‘niches’ in life. Scholar, scientist, artisan, laborer etc. We must have all types of  abilities to build a village, a society. I feel there is a mega shift upon us.  A major shift in old school self aggrandizing perspectives. Most of the people that happen upon the AutismHWY  have felt it coming on for years. People are waking up to this more well rounded view, this less selfish perspective. Many people are accessing the amazing things being seen through this Autistic prism. Perhaps we are moving toward a world where people are accepted for what and who they are. A day when people will stop pressurizing others in life with the constant compare and contrast mentality. We as a society will know from the start, that we are all different with no need to be the same. Most importantly no need to feel superior to the other.


It is this second perspective. A perspective that has always been there unseen to me and other Non-Autistics.  A train of thought intensely pure. Not always affected by the so-called status quo of the “collective normals.” A thought process that can think circles quickly around others. Sometimes unharnessable  however, when harnessed and utilized…I believe some of humankind’s brightest concepts, achievements and creations. There is not one person on this planet that uses the whole of their brain. The mind is far too vast for a mere mortal to have full access to transport fluidly across it all. We as people are very territorial. Our brains included. We all have portions that we access more often than not. We travel and utilize the portions of our brains we are wired to. Our cranium comfort zones if you will.  We all have them. They shape the way we think and feel. We now know that they are most definitely not the same for all people. That simple “we are the same” assumption  has been corrupting us as loving, understanding and caring people. Causing derision among us when one group sees another as not the same. Too often people are pressured to be what they are not and simply cannot be because of this old train of thought. Time for that thought derailment. Autism finally disabuses people of the we are all the same scenario, thankfully.

MY Thinking.....EXACTLY!

MY Thinking…..EXACTLY!



Different stripes, different tribes, different ways of being !! That is the beauty of LIFE. We need differences in thinking to attack all angles of a project. The saying has ALWAYS BEEN…”Two heads are better than one.” I will take that to a new level by proclaiming that “Two thought processes are better than one!” When we can round out our brain awareness we can come full circle and see the complete panorama. It is much more than the black and white stark reality you may have been led to believe. There are many other colors of the spectrum in between. Showing us the brilliance of difference and how it teaches us so much.  How it teaches us to be more loving, caring and accepting individuals. We NEED THAT!


So, relax it is just AUTISM and it is actually helping us define who we all are.






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Just a Mom


That’s me, one of the many million lucky beings on this planet.  Today is our day to celebrate that label of fate or not! We all have memories and stories we share about our origins. “Our Mothership” lol. Some wonderful and others, not so wonderful.  The older I become the more I see the depth of the language people choose and the concepts not always seen at first glance. I no longer skim over words and thoughts a person reveals. I carefully contemplate and assign energy to each and every layer of their process. People do say what they mean when you listen deeply. Our Mother’s become so integral as to how we see ourselves and define our futures. Reading the thoughts and experiences from friends on-line today have me contemplating it all. Motherhood and all that is demanded and expected from it. YIKES, when you think it through you may be finding a day ‘assigned’ to that a bit overwhelming!

The blessed Mother....

The blessed Mother….


Mom on a mission, Super Mom, Warrior Mom…Autism Mom??…NO, I like to keep it simple. Just a Mom. That is enough.





God saw fit to bring Wyatt into my life to inspire me. Inspire me to take my energy into a field of thought. A field of thought needing to be written by many Autistic people; Mom’s, Fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters and sons. Authentically written from the depths of what instincts are telling us. Change your perspective about your energy in the universe. Your origin your perception your mothership.

LOVE is instinctual. Looking at things from all angles is learned!!

LOVE is instinctual. Looking at things from all angles is learned!!

 LOVE is instinctual. Looking at things from ALL ANGLES is learned!!

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Autistic People Should Change the World


Recently there has been a ‘fire-storm’ a ‘flash-blog’ over what should and shouldn’t be.

"Fix Yourselves"

“Fix Yourselves”


Sadly, when typed into the Google tool bar…Autistic people should…the auto complete words that ‘popped-up’ were DIE & BE EXTERMINATED. Those of you that read my blog know that I am the mother of a great teenaged son that happens to be a non-verbal Autistic. What a sad, sinking feeling to hear this dismaying news. Yes we live in a world that can be terribly demeaning and unkind to people with differences, but this? Imagine how my Autistic friends here on- line everyday felt. How would Wyatt feel if he knew? This medium of the internet has opened up our community by leaps and bounds. So we love to travel here and abroad- we hop, skip and jump to all of our sites and  blogspots  to get the news, views and moods we need. It is truly a life-line for us. Our daily diligence, our check-in~ whatever you want to call it…IT WORKS for us ! Our true “Autism- Information HWY” so, to see this. In the tool-bar of our trade?? Not good. Our trade of trying to promote friendship through common understanding.’s original mission statement. Paving the way for future generations to be Autistic and proud. Understood and comfortable in the world. It will be accomplished.

I feel we are all out here on the net and in our communities trying to infuse the world with new trains of thought. Our search engines are on over-drive learning, shifting, sharing and pressing forward. Forward to a new way of thinking. Thinking in directions that are so obvious that they have been lost somehow in this complex existence. The thought processes it takes to understand the inner workings of Autism teach people the keys to personal interactions. Personal interactions with ones own mind and body and (the bonus) with others. It is simply put the key to humanity. Our central nervous systems and how they perceive/handle the world are the engines driving our behavior.

Photo by: Yumi Yasuyama- Adventures in Autism

Photo by: Yumi Yasuyama- Adventures in Autism

Understanding the limitations and differences people have on this electrical infrastructure we are born with is LIFE. This is how we as people ‘roll.’ I am thankful that Autism has touched my life and helped me to make these connections.


So to see the societal attitudes mirrored in this fashion was appalling to say the least.  Despicable hate speech like this spelled out for all of our universe to see felt crushing. When advocates feel they are making headway in the world, this kick in the gut was devastating. But, as the saying goes you cannot keep GOOD people down and AUTISTIC PEOPLE are just that sort !! They banned together wrote thousands of wonderful, eloquent words of truths that can no longer be ignored. This amazing group of flash bloggers took Google to the mat. Releasing a statement to the press about this horrific “auto complete hate speech” upon searching this phrase.  BRAVO to the amazing Autistic Adults and Individuals supporting Autistics everywhere. Brilliant brave people that pushed this issue with their positivity FORCING Google to “fix” this from happening in the future! The future of change!


We tip OUR HATS to you and you alone.

You have the power to CHANGE THE WORLD. The knowledge and experience to tell the world the hidden truths about AUTISM and where society can help auto-correct the negative stereotypes that always seem to POP-UP!!

Our hope for humanity!

Our hope for humanity!



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Every Opportunity!

Everyday, every HolidaY will find ways to put the information on the table! Promoting friendship through common understanding at every opportunity! Our mission is to find fun and creative ways to teach people useable facts about the hidden issues that are AUTISM. Here is a preview page from our upcoming “Awareness EVERY Month” Coloring Book filled with “teaching tool” pages!

Ideal for families, teachers, therapists and professionals.  Lovingly created by myself, Kelly Green and my wonderful partner, artist and friend Rachel Walker! Look for our 3rd book in early December by clicking the coloring book link at the bottom of all of our web pages!

Our coloring pages truly open the doors to expanding knowledge! As we move forward gathering true knowledge through experience~ Autism becomes more human. More human than, human if you consider it on the deepest level possible. You can do it if you try. Just this month a young girl on the spectrum proved just that.

Her diligent and profound artwork told me that I am on to something fantastic with these coloring pages and books!! was invited to ‘The Spirit of Aloha’ a Hawaiian festival in the amazing town of Temecula California benefiting the Our Nicholas foundation

 In honor of the event we created a New coloring page…in the spirit of Aloha! (Every opportunity…like I said!)

My partner Rachel took my single flower design pictured here to a multi-pattern design creating an opportunity for something profound to evolve!

I had tables of children happily coloring our pages of acceptance and we met some fantastic families. One family with two beautiful blonde daughters on the spectrum affected me deeply. Sisters with degrees of Autism as varied as the spectrum itself. Both beautiful in unique ways. One a “colorer” and one…not so much (like my Wyatt).  I watched with such pleasure as she enjoyed every stroke of the crayon and her sister took a walk with her father.Take a good look at this masterpiece I was surprisingly gifted with, making my day.

I was taken aback by this presentation and the speech that accompanied it. My new colorful friend Morgan told me that the flower on the right was the Autistic one….because it had all of the “extra stuff” going on! Wow…she simply gets it. My wise colorer helping me to teach others with her innate sense to describe herself. Her pride and complete self awareness is exactly what I hope to see in the generations of children coming up. People with higher levels of mind and body understanding and ACCEPTANCE. Bravo Morgan…you have validated all of our efforts BLESS YOU! Here’s to more and more children becoming as wonderfully self-aware as you!


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