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It is ALL we can do. We were born, we are, and we grow. Inside and out. In all shapes and directions. That is EXACTLY what makes life so damn interesting!! Some allow the boundaries to really soar, While others ground themselves. That my friends is the human condition in a “Nutshell!” All except for the inevitable “passing on”. But, that is all in good time. We are speaking about the HERE AND NOW!!

So you get that big mean nasty Diagnosis…The “A”~Word. AUTISM! What now?? Times have changed in the last 10 yrs. Now parents are given a cohesive packet of information and in some cases an informative DVD! Jon Hope at my San

Gabriel/Pomona Regional center shared with me the nice package he has implemented for my area! Still though you feel adrift. When you realize that your child is impacted in such a way. Such a way …that their future is NOT THEIR OWN.

If you allow THAT reality to impact your daily life it can be detrimental. I move on from that idea…and realize that it is my destiny. A fun destiny with my child …for LIFE! We will evolve naturally. I with my child!!Granted it won’t be anything like a “typical life” …but, as life moves into this 21st century less and less seems “TYPICAL” anyway!! Life experiences have a way of morphing into the future. The future that is shifting and changing even as we speak! One of my favorite sayings from my late-father says it all!! “Nothing is constant except change!”

Thus we land back at the original concept. “Evolving Naturally.” This is the process we go through. Diagnosis… a moment (or 2~ or 3) of denial…and then attack plan. Hopefully, we try, and try & TRY and learn, and learn & LEARN. Because there are so many TRAINS SCHOOLS of thought!! ‘CHOO~ CHOO’…&…’A B C~ 1 -2-3′!! Your family can then pick and choose what works best for you and your ASD individual!! “Finding your Formula“…to help you all EVOLVE~ NATURALLY!! At ANCA Naturally Leo Gregory has created an amazing resource over these last 15 years!!


This organization is cutting edge!! A no-nonsense APPROACH to ASD issues! There is much to be learned and utilized on every inch of this website! Please peruse and enlighten your lives!! Thank you to EVERYONE AT ANCA!!

We are so looking forward to ANCA’s NATURALLY AUTISTIC AWARDS event on October 30th this year. What an amazing moment that will be for so many deserving and appreciative individuals! Deserving of this CELEBRATION of their service and their Many TALENTS!! BRAVO to ALL INVOLVED!!

FOLLOW the FUN happenings leading to the EVENT HERE!!…!/event.php?eid=140857799269780

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Birds of a FEATHER….. !!!

You know what we do! Fly, Flock, Chirp & Hen~Peck…Together! lol Whatever you want to call it. We do it, and then some! The whole 9 yards. Heck ,that’s life and that’s what makes it interesting. RIGHT ?? All that being said…It can be “over-loading” AT TIMES! People can “explode your head” sometimes! Seriously! Recently…just that happened to me. Social relationships are very tricky. EVEN for the MOST~ SOCIAL of us!! That is one way ART can be so soothing to people on the SPECTRUM. Heck…TO ALL PEOPLE!

It is a NON-VERBAL way to communicate. A way to evoke feelings without being too in your face! You can soak it in and interpret at your own speed. It is so fun to see the STREAM of amazing art that graces the amazing facebook page …”Artists and Autism” If you haven’t heard of A & A…it is an amazing place.YOU MUST JOIN!!

Supportive ,creative, introspective people enjoying the ARTS as it pertains to the SPECTRUM! The talent abounds. Art submissions come freely from ASD individuals , family members, caregivers or professionals. So INSPIRING!! Visual, Literal, Musical IT’S ALL GOOD!

I have said it before I really feel like it is an ASD~Renaissance! So if that is the case. Let me introduce you to an innovative Renaissance man Jeffrey Michael Kellen. The MAN behind the Brilliance that lives and breathes everyday on A & A! He had the foresight to start an amazing much-needed venue. An artistic safe haven for us on the SPECTRUM!! Something that was previously unavailable! Jeff is a very talented writer of “fact & fiction.” His other awesome service is that of …ASD employment coach. We are very lucky to have people like him on this planet!!

I plan to do a regular blog showcasing each weeks fabulous work you see on this great page! Recently my heart has been so full because of some amazing events.The near completion of! The newly created Autism Youth Sports League and Artists and Autism. The FUTURE possibilities for ASD Individuals are HUGE! I have been busy feeling and communicating non~ verbally with my colored pencils!! So in this 1st installment showcasing A&A I will highlight 3 drawings that I created and submitted. (Hope you don’t mind!)

My Global Design speaks for itself…and it is being utilized by Lori Shayew’s~ The Gifts of Autism. She is spearheading” Love2Evolve”… an amazing global meditation for higher tolerance and acceptance! AWESOME!! (Check her Facebook page & website for all the info!) My other two designs are inspired by our great country, my sweet son Wyatt and My strong desire to SPREAD AWARENESS through common knowledge and unexpected friendship! PURE FUN!! Come JOIN IN! No reason to be shy! It’s ALL~GOOD here!!

To LEARN MORE about Love2Evolve …click here

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Roadwork Almost COMPLETED!!

Yes~ you have heard that before. Yes~ it does seem that roadwork is NEVER completed! lol…Some cities more than others! Those “Big Project” construction signs always amaze me. This to be completed 2012…”2 and 3 yr. builds and contracts” are nothing new for California Highways.There are so many existing freeways plus the work to widen and add more. We can virtually criss~cross all over the state if we want to!! Some do with all the varied therapies from community to community!!

Well, after a 1 yr. plan and build the AutismHWY is almost travel ready!! I have been working so closely with our amazing construction crew!! Our “CalTrans.” So to speak!

They have been such a pleasure professionally and personally. Just an amazing company! Understanding all of my concepts and learning about the SPECTRUM in order to do an excellent job. Very thoughtful, efficient and SUPER CREATIVE! I really can’t say enough about them! Soon we will be fine tuning all of the actions of the site. My hopes are all goes smoothly as we pave out these final touches!! You KNOW ME…I will assuredly keep you posted!!

As we approach our whole NEW hopes that we will stimulate Awareness through common UNDERSTANDING. Once the world has a working knowledge about what ASDBRIGHTEREVERYONE!! Liberate your minds because the road is going to become less narrow once the AutismHWY is open for traffic!

It will be a whole new space for people to Connect AND Create on the SPECTRUM! My hope is that complete support teams link up~ with other complete support teams!! Then A.S.D. Individuals and their families,friends and caretakers…can link with others making a huge network to live a more supported life. With this many people linking and learning we can teach everyone else with no ASD experience “What time it is.”TIME FOR CHANGE!♥ ♥ ♥

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