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Oh I Wish I Was A….

….Weiner, Schwarzenegger, Spitzer, Edwards !? NOT!  What are our ‘role models’ ~coming to…Ooops. BAD PUN! Sorry folks, this is a family AUTISM~FRIENDLY website ! I just have to seriously question the “social skills “of more and more Neuro-typicals.  In positions of power or not. People are people. The longer I live the more and more that becomes crystal clear. As humans we put people on pedestals. These undeservered pinnacles. Idolized and fantasized. Made into perfection, “socially” and morally.  A certain subset transported and morphed into powerful specimens.  Propped up icons, if you will.

The 1st problem with this equation is that pesky “P-word” P E R F E C T I O N. I have said it before and I will say it again simply unattainable. Let that helium balloon go folks. You will feel a big weight dropping off of your shoulders. We are all human and we all lack social graces at times. Especially when it comes to opening our minds to embracing  imperfection in ourselves and others. Imperfection in all of it’s brilliant humanity. Why do we believe that the value of a person can be quantified against the value of another? Prettiest, Smartest, Hippest, most Perfect… what else…hmmm…most Egotistical? Can’t we just  agree all people are amazing creatures of earth?

Why do people pedestal prop others, then sit in judgement when said icon shows their humanity in all its glory? Constantly idolizing percieved perfections and social superiority without careful consideration is assinine. Yet,  it’s done all day, every day backed by dollars flowing through a wind tunnel of insanity. The “3 pronged” trillion dollar deficits… financially, socially and morally.  It’s a feeding frenzy that tells me it is time to go back to basics. Understanding the human psyche. The way Autism focuses your knowledge of the brain. Understanding, how our brain dictates why we do what we do. Funny,  the lessons mankind has forgotten to teach ITSELF. Well, don’t fret, AUTISM is here!

So, haha how IRONIC!! The population of people supposedly so socially inept have taught an army of us a new insight. A NEW Insight we can teach others to realize how silly it is to have every bit of your feelings and /or emotions tied to your thinking. More than likely causing your social life stress and anxiety. Highly emotional thinking. What’s the point of it anyway?  Oh yeah, it is keeping ‘Reality TV’ cranked on high and those big buck$ rolling in. The studios love it.  Are these socially rude and impudent  reality stars recieving millions for…rescuing humanity? Setting  social skill standards and trends for the rest of us?  Such scary contemplations.

That is why I will keep fighting the Brain-styles Awareness ’good fight’ to help others wake-up and examine their own social skills and how they “do what they do.” There is alot to it. If you examine the interactions and or lack of interactions of the Autistic Mind. It SHINES  a light on some things untapped in you. How you can step out of the trap . The trap of constantly idolizing and fantasizing about the perfection people are trying to sell to you. The elusive item all seem to crave. The pedestal not worth fighting for…because we all know what goes up must come down! Literally.

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Very beautiful, very soothing , very ZEN!! VERY ~AUTISM FRIENDLY~! A little bit of EDEN right here in California!! We just returned from our annual trip! Sunday was a perfect day to enjoy all of that beauty and more. The weather was warm and sunny with lots of shade and water to keep cool if need be!! If you have not heard about this AMAZING place….then please by all means, pull up a chair!
We first discovered this magic garden through the T.V. show “California’s Gold” with Hewell Howser! My brother Kevin was intrigued by the “Circus Trees.”

An amazing man, Axel Erlandson created them in the1920′s. He was the son of a Swedish immigrant and when he saw Sycamore trees grafting through natural processes he had a brilliant idea. To graft several trees into architecture. The results are stunning. His vision and foresight to create beauty in this manner is unparalleled! These trees are WORTH the trip alone.
After Mr. Erlandson had passed away these specimens were languishing without his loving arborists care. There were people caring for the trees by trespassing! Luckily Michael Bonfante was constructing this amazing garden park in Gilroy when he heard about the plight of the Circus Trees! He for all intense purposes rescued them, bringing them to this beautiful new home!! He took on the monumental task of uprooting and relocating them!! AN INCREDIBLE VISION!!
The VISION of complete beauty and love for nature. That is what you feel as you stroll every inch of this park! Oh yes there are plenty of fun and thrilling rides for all the kids to enjoy. The setting also is just so overwhelmingly serene.
Wyatt, having been on the more severe side of the SPECTRUM loves this park! The place is NATURALLY Autism Friendly!! There are so many nooks and crannies for “CHILLAXIN!!” You can ALSO get a pass to forgo any waits you may encounter. Go to the public-relations desk and you will be given a packet of info. Present this if the lines are too long for your ASD child to handle…and you will be escorted on the ride quickly. OR given a precise time to return for your turn!! You have got to LOVE THAT!!


There are many, many ways to get sensory needs met here! Wyatt has a high energy favorite in the Balloon Ride!! He loves it in the basket spinning through the wind!!! Nothing better in his book. There are other spinning and swinging rides for that deep input. Real Jolts!! There are also rides with a much gentler “Jolt Factor” as well. There is a wonderful train-ride that circles the park in 2 routes. You can travel 1~way OR round~trip!! At the top of the park you will find the fun SPLASH GARDEN!! When you feel the need for a cool-down this is the place to be!! From mists to sprays to buckets …Water can be FUN!! Bring your suit and towel. Or choose a new one from the supplies on sale!! However you enjoy your sensory needs being met. There is something for EVERYONE HERE!! BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY & ENJOY!!

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Can’t Be BOUND!!

The “A~League” is set to SOAR! Now that OUR Boundary Quandary has been resolved we will PRESS~ON! Onward and Upward around those bases we will roll. This truly is an uplifting experience. That must move forward. We were running into that sticky proverbial red tape. The boundary rules in Williamsport are very explicit when it comes to boundaries. Unlike others in little league history we were not looking to bring in ringers. Just PLAYERS!! Unfortunately we all live within a 30 mile radius of our fields.

Everyone on the SPECTRUM understands the logistics. It’s a No-Brainer. We are 1/ 100- 150, in some instances as low as 1/70! So to mathematically have enough eligible players to field a league from 1 city is IMPOSSIBLE. In a 3- City District still could be tough. More and more kids are moving to California so who knows someday that could be feasible. However, for Our Summer League purposes and beyond we will write our own AUTISM~ FRIENDLY Rulebook! So we will take control and branch out on our own and SPREAD OUR WINGS!! Afterall OUR KIDS are Angels! In their way they truly are.

So…this AUTISM BASEBALL moves forward w/ President Manny Zapata, Vice President (creator) Lora Mancini, w/ strong support from myself Kelly Green, Matt Parker, Carol Zapata, Megan Spano and more to be named!! We are flying high!! The fun is contagious and it’s bound to spread! With great reason. It is a NEW WAVE! A wave for OUR KIDS to “catch”~for a change! People need to see and think about both sides of the NEURO~DIVERSITY Coin. They would be so much the better for it. All people have to have outlets to create self-pride in order to change and really grow. It is a basic human instinct! So all that being said….

It looks like we have 6 teams!! 2 Rookie, 2 Minor & 2 Major! It is going to be a lot of FUN with the addition of 2 more teams! A brand new Ballpark to call our home and NEW FRIENDS on our Horizon. Summer and Fall League is here. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. …We cannot be BOUND…the Parents of ASD individuals know NO ~BOUNDARIES! Everyday can be a snowflake and you do whatever it takes to keep it from melting down. Like everyone else some days are great and some days are not. But, unlike EVERYONE else there aren’t available venues for our kids to do the everyday, take-it-for-granted things. The things “that kids do.” So when we have a chance to do something like this? If that means driving to and from TIMBUKTU WE WILL DO!


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