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Back from an amazing event!! On an AMAZING day. The 9 yr. anniversary of the most infamous day in U.S. history. For the country to have been put in such a position. The incredible strength and DETERMINATION this country has to have battled back from CATASTROPHE! That is the SPIRIT!! The spirit it takes to fight the good fight! The spirit we as ASD families must muster!! is so honored to have been a part of such fun and IMPORTANCE! “The fight to help spread AUTISM AWARENESS!!” Thank you so much to~THE Fun & Only~ California’s GREAT AMERICA in Santa Clara Ca.for holding this event!

It is opportunities like this that help the general public to realize that our voices matter!! We have ALOT to say AND We like to have FUN too ! ~’California’s GREAT America’~ is an AWESOME Park!! It is beautiful~ from top to bottom.The rides are thrilling and SPECTACULAR!! The grounds are SO… open, airy and green. WOW! Beautiful tall trees and coasters galore!! I must mention there is an amazing Wisteria~Vine TUNNEL!! I was enchanted by it!! It is so huge that it has many benches underneath! A sensory heaven for ANYONE!! ASD or NOT!! I am definitely booking a trip next year when it is in bloom!! WOW! That being said…

The AWARENESS EVENT was fantastic! Meeting the children and adults was such sweet fun!! I will love to do this at every turn! Talking to folks about ASD issues has become so important to me. The children and adults I met last Saturday afternoon were awesome!! Twice ~I learned of programs started by passionate families filling a NEED!! School programs which encourage understanding and the need to inter-act with others differently abled! “Kids helping kids” was what one program was called! Just, BRILLIANT. Exactly what our ASD Individuals NEED!! Their contemporaries being “right there” with them! The siblings informing me of this program were such amazing kids. I could literally see them beaming with pride when they told me of their groups. It makes my heart soar to think how the world could CHANGE when all kids feel that need. That unselfish need to be a part of something “bigger than their own egos.” I say the sooner they learn that concept the better. For kids to be so selfless and compassionate is a beautiful thing that should and WILL spread! I FEEL IT !!

AutismHWY will be working on helping that concept along HOWEVER possible! In our minds it is integral that our children peers UNDERSTAND A.S.D. ISSUES!! Even individuals with no direct experience. When our kids can just be themselves with love, understanding and acceptance…we will rest. It is not a lot to hope for. I believe in the human spirit wholeheartedly…and these kids are the embodiment of that! BRAVO to all involved with implementation of kids mentoring kids with autism! This will be a WONDERFUL NEW TREND I am sure!!

The partners at the event were also fantastic! I had so much fun talking to all that I could! I love being surrounded by Autism Advocates! Creative, caring and positive people to say the least!! Thanks for the day to ALL of you!!

Of course this AUTISM BLOG would not be worth it’s salt without some simple Autism Reality! Something I am fully prepared for as a rule…however, this one did surprise me.

As a lot of you know ~an Autistic person gets overwhelmed by environmental and sensory stimulus. This feeling of overload can send a person into a panic/ meltdown. Meltdowns escalate and de-escalate. It becomes a bit of an ART in interpreting the ways to deal with and or prevent these meltdowns! Well , about 2 hrs into the days events my son Wyatt had a doozy!!

The music was LOUD…my brother placed a wrist-band on Wyatt’s arm…who by the way, had been up early while we prepared for the day AND he hadn’t yet had his lunch. So all factors led to a bad result for…my arms!! Wyatt began his meltdown…I sprang into action and the PINCHING began!! lol… He is a bit of a crab. When he lashes out in “this mode” …pinching is his M.O.! Surprisingly, it took me 20 minutes to get him mellow!! I tried deep pressure…no results there`he was not amenable to being touched at that moment! Next wrist and joint compressions, which he at least allowed. At one point he held his arm out for more… OR it could have been to take off the wrist band? lol Not sure! However when that was done …he calmed considerably. Whew…After that the day continued nicely. His favorite swinging type ride was taken over and over again, giving him the time of his life!! & Sensory INPUT Deluxe!  We explored the rest of the park and the AMAZING ATTRACTIONS! Really larger than Life!! The bungee action rides will take your breath away!! That’s meant for the people WATCHING!! Imagine if that was you on the cord!!? WOW!!!

We had a delicious BBQ Picnic in the immaculate Picnic Grove!! Charlie Brown came by and had some “one on one time” with Wyatt!! It was so cute he saw Wyatt playing/stimming with his whiffle ball. After high-fiving Wy, he reached out for the ball. Instinctively Wyatt recoiled. After he thought a moment, or two he held it out to Charlie Brown!! Funny enough… Charlie tapped and stimmed, communicating volumes to my sweet non-verbal boy!! You are a “good man”…Charlie Brown!! BRAVO!! We can’t wait to come back again SOON!! There will be ALOT MORE Ground to cover FOR SURE !!!A VERY SPECIAL Thanks to Miss Ashley Chapin! You are a Joy and a Pleasure to work with! Your skills with organization and communication go far beyond your years!! AutismHWY takes it’s hat off to you for this day being so pleasurable for ALL!! You are an Autism Angel for sure!!

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The…”FUN & ONLY”!!!

Will be happening, NON~STOP!! Next Saturday on September Eleventh. Come on out to California’s GREAT AMERICA Theme Park in beautiful, sunny Santa Clara!! is counting down the minutes!! Literally…the minutes to our ~Fun DAY for AutismAwareness~ and the LAUNCH of the website!

AutismHWY has been “under construction” in one form or another since April of 09! It has been a long journey and very exciting to be working on widening the Autism Information HWY!! We all have layers and layers of info to share… and for that we need MANY extra lanes!! I guess you can hear my California Freeway mentality! lol Communication has been referred to as a “2~Way Highway” In some cases VERY TRUE!! In the ASD World. Very RARE!! Many, many avenues must be incorporated and used JUST to navigate daily life!

This is a good thing. It adds to the fabric and fun of our lives! Thinking outside of the box.FREEWAY of thought for DIVERSITY!” ASD STYLEHARMONY!! Coming from all walks of “thought” into the mainstream. Living side by side in parallel lanes!! Travelling the HWY’S of our lives! “On the

So…that being said, get me back on the HWY. The Pacific Coast Hwy…and straight to California’s Great America. AUTISM AWARENESS and an “ALL~YOU~ CAN~EAT” B.B.Q. are on the Menu! Should be alot on your plate and very SATISFYING! Learn more about the other great Organizations that will be participating

By clicking here

C.A.R.D , Children’s Health Council, elca , Faces of Hope , I Can Too Learning Center , Spectrum Center , STEPS Therapy , The Treehouse Inc. , TUCCI Learning Solutions , Hillview Prep , Autism Speaks NorCal , pace & Angels on Stage ! An AWESOME Line-Up for the BIG~DAY!

I am so looking forward to having an afternoon to speak with families about their experiences on the SPECTRUM!! We ASD Families have some challenges that can take you from the darker sides of life to the completely lighter side of life Sometimes, all in the same day!…NEVER BORING!! Always learning new ways to manage. The AUTISM TRENCHES are meant to be shared!! Can’t wait for our families to meet their comrades!! lol

The park OPENS at 10:00 a.m. and the FUN lasts until 8:00 p.m. A Full Day with helpful information to boot! The more people that take the time to examine the world of AUTISM the better. The world of AUTISM has a lot of practical ideas that apply TO ALL PEOPLE!

So come learn, live and have fun!! There will be many FUN ACTIVITIES at each of the Organizations Booths…Fun and INFO!! AutismHWY will be holding a coloring contest. Let your child shine creatively!! Fun and prizes for a few…Giveaways for ALL!! We also have a special awareness logo we would like everyone to spread!! ( with a few special surprises as well!) Shhh… So much fun…EVEN Before you TRY ALL of the Awesome Attractions!! Please see them all on the website with fun descriptions!!

CLICK HERE for a direct look at RIDES & ATTRACTIONS…

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AutismHWY to a …”GREAT America!!”

Yes folks, that is exactly where we are headed! I am just so glad to be on that ride!! Literally AND Figuratively!! The ride to Santa Clara California’s Great America… & their AUTISM AWARENESS DAY and the ride to the “More Enlightened” Great America…coming soon! The more Autism Aware AMERICA!! It has been a long and winding road and I sense we are “almost there!” ALMOST THERE!! The famous words heard in every car on family vacations EVERYWHERE!

We all want to get to our desired destination. Especially in the Summer!! My desired destination is not a physical space at all. It is more a state of mind, an understanding. An attitude! COMPLETE AWARENESS & ACCEPTANCE of all things ASD! That is the GREAT AMERICA I am envisioning. That is the America our kids deserve. The America I want to live in! That WAS the premise of this great country after all! People wanted the freedom. The freedom to be themselves!! Well, this is not the Revolutionary War. Just the 21st CENTURY!!

Just the century to get to that destination!! That enlightened future! It is a noble aspiration! With all the amazing groups and organizations on line…there is a natural alignment forming! I FEEL IT! We all want the same thing. Great minds DO think alike!! So as we all use our creative energies to drive the awareness forward…the HWY Widens!! The AutismHWY!! Blinkers on…merging in. ASD Handbook!! Our work is cut out for us! So take the challenge and help make autism mainstream!!

We will be at the AMAZING AMUSEMENT PARK on 9~11~10 doing just that! I can’t wait to meet everyone and talk about AutismHWY and my “Wyatt Books.”

It is so fun to talk to kids and find out what they know about the spectrum!What a FANTASTIC setting for that Dialogue. “Great America” in beautiful sunny Santa Clara! Northern California’s premiere amusement park!!


100′s of acres of rides, shows and attractions! YOU will not know where to start!! For the thrill-seekers there are nearly a dozen EXTREME RIDES!! For those seeking a cool down…try “White~Water” and “The Logger’s Run!!” KidZville has 18 amazing adventures for the little ones!! Wyatt loves a good Merry-go-round and The world’s TALLEST Double Decker carousel is here!! WooHOO!! Planet SNOOPY is NEW this year! A Peanuts party in Celebration Plaza…Charlie Brown’s song-filled Hoedown and an all you can eat country BBQ!! Awareness and FUN on the AGENDA!!

If you still have energy after that…Go and be a “STAR” ! Jack’s Jukebox Karaoke goes down in the 50′s gazebo!! Perhaps, your child is a “Circus-Star”? Join the Ringmaster for the “Backyard Circus” in the KidZville Theatre!! We hope YOU can ALL make plans to JOIN US for the FUN~AWARENESS~CELEBRATION!! “Support Group” DISCOUNTS for 15 or more!! Check the site for all the details…and COME ON DOWN, UP or SIDEWAYS !! Whatever the case may be!!! SEE YOU There!!

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That’s WHAT my friend James said when I told him something very cool. Something I was UNAWARE of. That in Australia they have an award event called Autism SA Recognition Awards” to celebrate and honor the spectrum. WOW!! We were both speechless. He said “Really??” James is 24 has autism and is fairly high functioning. He was literally taken aback!! Me too. We both said…”COOL,” in UNISON!!

Recently I became aware of an Australian woman named Allison Dix.She is a busy lady with twin boys with autism. Her11 yr old daughter Kristie has asperger syndrome and sings like an absolute angel.I happened upon her performance at this AWARDS EVENT! Which led me to discover Kristie’s Mom Allison and her site at the end of this article PLEASE watch

Kristie Dix’ talented Performance! Allison and ALL under her Amazing RAINBOW are doing great work toward GAINING MORE AUTISM AWARENESS!! I have barely had a chance to research them and will hopefully be speaking to and about them VERY SOON! As I said a few blogs back AUSTRALIANS are not “Down Under.” They are “UP Above.” ! Far and away!!

I am so glad to see that we will have some great examples to pattern after!! What a day it will be when our family members on the SPECTRUM are accepted and understood to this degree! Celebrated EVEN ! I also came across yet another Australian Accomplishment. A full-blown Acting Co. writers, creators, actors and more. Telling THEIR stories. How incredibly informative entertaining and INSPIRATIONAL ! To say the very least. America likes to think that we are CUTTING EDGE on many issues. Well, on this important issue we are working with a DULL BLADE!

We have no problem awarding celebrities over here in the U.S. ~right and left. The list of award shows grow every year. So many that they can’t even televise them all. That is alot because, we know how they love to televise themselves. Now, yes… these people create amazing realities. They should be commended and applauded!! But AWARDED… every time they turn around for, ‘CREATING’ REALITY?!!! How about realizing REALITY and helping to CREATE Artistic Equality and Harmony? I would like to award someone for that!

Well we do have SOME creative arts going and that is where the momentum must continue ! There is a GREAT SHOW “Autism Sings” coming on May 5th…at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills visit Joanne Lara’s website for info I also have info on that on my blog titled “MUSIC SOOTHES…” Some of you may have seen last years HBO Documentary “Autism the Musical”…Very cool, Very needed!! One of the boys from the documentary coincedentally named “Wyatt” is also in “Autism Sings!”

The need to create to feel self worth is INSTINCTUAL. It is to be respected and cultivated. The days of just shuffling these kids from one gruelling endeavor to the next needs to cease or slow-up. Let these kids do the ARTS. Let these kids PLAY BALL! As I heard on the Australian news report I posted a few days ago …take them out in to NATURE! These are three therapies we can ALL TRY on a limited budget!! It is our duty to our beloved individuals on the spectrum…let them be as mainstream as they are comfortable with. Once they are out in the world creating… by writing, singing, acting, painting, playing teamsports or more.The sky IS THEIR LIMIT!!

It is their right . Their instinct to feel that they are contributing and serving a purpose in life! We need to make these HIGHWAYS available for our amazingly talented and insightful A.S.D. family members. And…AWARD THEM Accordingly!! BRAVO !!


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