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Autism Awareness…in PICTURES!!

I have really been enjoying myself since I started designing Awareness LOGOS!!  It was just the natural progression after I began  working on Alison Hoyer from and I rapidly came up with the AutismHWY logo…Which I love!!

Rachel Walker and I then came up with the winged puzzle piece and the rest is history!!

I am very visual and wanted images to compliment my text! so I visualize what I want to see and make it happen!!

So, to that end I have been painting the town ….very FUN and an effective tool.

Imagery can speak volumes to people and I like to talk happy!! Happy and positively trying to get people to take a long look at AUTISM. It’s not what you may expect!

To the contrary…we are stable and able. Once further education is given to these kids, they will soar. It is time we ALL stood up for them and welcome them into our lives.

Helping them to be understood and respected as people differently abled is key!

I will have my visualization cap on and my paintbrush in hand from now until AWARENESS is met !

Met, understood, accepted and INVITED IN!!! What a day that will be.

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The Politics of Autism Awareness

Is there such a thing? I believe yes, there is.  As we approach the month of April this is heavy on my mind. I have developed an unstoppable need to create what I have dubbed “Useful Awareness.” Something I do not see a whole lot of. Unfortunate as that is to believe and say. I must. Simply put, I just  don’t see it. As I look around I see ribbons and lights.  When I’d much rather see “Lights, Cameras and ACTION!”


Action in the form of positive, helpful dialogue. Something seemingly rare. There are people out here trying to change the conversation…like RETHINKING AUTISM.  Companies trying to CREATE CONVERSATION are NATURALLY AUTISTIC ANCA  with their fantastic naturally Autistic People blogtalk radio station, magazine and AWARDS season every fall!  AutismHWY was built to provide a platform for all of this great evolving dialogue. Our common GOAL, to be…interesting, uplifting and enlightening. Unfortunately not 3 adjectives the general population is used to associating with AUTISM. 


This is precisely my point. The sad message to be blue and march for money is old. We need NEW happy messages. The messages have to change. Embrace your live’s diagnosis, accept the things you can not shift. Shift the things you can. It is a much healthier way to live  and a much healthier way for the world to perceive AUTISM! What can we expect from everyone else if our own community is in constant anxiety. Fighting over scientific realities…and even the word, fighting over the semantics of the word Autism as opposed to the word Autistic. Ridiculous…to say the least when we have plenty of issues without manufacturing new ones!



I would ask every parent of an Autistic child to meet an Autistic Adult. Look into the future…see it for what it is. NOT what you were programmed to believe it is. To me the issue is simple. Love Autism. Love my son. Accept Autistic People.  Accept my son. That is my entire Autism Awareness political AGENDA! My son will need life-long help. I need the world to stop messing around and understand Autism. That means learning about sensory issues and  learning about the differences in processing. Not some major companies money making “Awareness Light-up” campaign. Once everyone knows its Awareness month or day…can we please tell them something useful??

When TV pays  attention to AUTISM it is generally very fleeting. Usually  geared at the general knowledge…that (I believe) isn’t even out there. So invariably every April…some recycled vaccination stories will pop up, usually accompanied by some celebrity with a book. What does that do to further along awareness? Looking up at a building that is lit blue…WHAT DOES THAT DO?


Does it clue people in to the fact that autistic people have marketable skills and are great employees? With mentoring and apprentice programs there will be room for  ~great success. Does the world realize that Autistic people contribute…by creating jobs? The greater population will benefit by the focus Autism can bring to life. People and technology have gone so far afield. Autism is a way to bring us back to the natural.  A way for people to re-connect with people. Working together by understanding the differences in brainstyles,  how each style compliments the other. To learn about these processing styles has been such an eye-opener for me. Making me VERY AWARE!! Aware that the only things that truly matter are NOT things. The things that matter are heart and soul.


Maybe we should change it to Humanity Awareness Month.

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Today was a grand day! The first implementation of  APAC Global…Goes Local! A grass roots effort to spread useful awareness partnering with  local communities and companies. Sharing the wonderful knowledge about talents within our community and how things can and will positively change!

ANCA  Naturally Autistic in Gibsons, B.C. Canada  at the Sunny Crest mall, and at The Village Eatery in Glendora Cal. U.S.A.!! Passing out information and GOOD NEWS about the Autistic Community! How grand!!

I was delighted to see the children coloring the pages as they waited for their delicious meals! Wyatt tried a Monte Cristo for the first time. Delicious and NEW just like this Campaign!! Autistic People stepping up to contribute to this world’s awareness. The results will be astonishing I am sure. ASD+NT= PUZZLE SOLVED!

As we move forward toward real progress we will have more and more people interested in what this inspiring community has to offer. It is no longer about charity!! Keep the charity at home. We are out in the world with Autism Awareness and we mean business! We are joining forces and making a network. A network that will inspire, enable and empower people to work together in this world. It’s a beautiful vision and stay tuned how YOU Can involve your family and friends locally. Help us cast this huge awareness net as we link together. Contact Leo Gregory at  sign on for your free newsletter and keep up to date with the pulse of this campaign! OR  Log in to  make a profile  friend me and join in or e-mail me here ! We will soon have an Blogradio show on fridays to keep up with ALL THE FUN! So be thinking creatively for AWARENESS !! It is really the way to go!! Erik Estabrook did just that!! Check out this EPIC POEM he wrote…read it with a “Rap~Vibe”…..

Look Again

You look at me and say retard, simpleton,

but my wheels are in motion,

brace yourself for this poetic mind explosion,

Why bring in the norm,

 when we are so much better?

when weathering the storm I don’t even need a sweater,

why when you see me do you think in numbers and letters?

hate starts in the heart and multiplies when you feel you know better,

Are you righter than I?

 because I’m a righteous guy,

the magnetic output of a thunderstorm passing by,

look again if you see anything but friend,

my mind is a fountain where wellsprings blossom land to land,

I’m the spring birth of your aura,

yet you’ll try to ignore me,

I’m the newborn eyes of love unfolding,

Yet you’ll put me down,

because your in a mold,

by your tree molding,

I’m an earth-bound star,

last the crash,

and we’ll embark on this journey. (autism awareness)


by Erik Estabrook

Listen in to 15 minutes of Naturally Autistic Blogradio~Hosted by Scott Jackson and Erik Estabrook  as Leo, Charlie, Jan and I wrap-up our events!!

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…”What does it mean?!!” The double rainbow dude had us all rolling  earlier this year with that phrase. So amazing (and hilarious) his reaction to the Double Rainbow in January 2010. That is the power NATURE has over people.  In so many more ways than one! It is majestic, daunting,  and simply put unmoveable by man. Something we MUST accept. ’The ‘force to be reckoned with. Something so much bigger than ourselves! Something breathtaking.  Quite literally, when the time becomes right.

It happened again, this breathtaking natural force last friday. BAM! Double Rainbow!* Although I didn’t go, “Full-on”  ‘D.R.-Dude’…pretty darned close. 2010 has been  very special  from beginning to end. I have said so many times this year that I feel a strong ”High-Vibrational” MAGNETIC~ natural alignment. People creating venues and highways for autistic people to be heard. A progression that is a long time coming. The progression toward mainstream understanding and recognition! Forces of Autistic Nature to be reckoned with, BY ALL PEOPLE! Most importantly, FOR ALL PEOPLE!  Exactly where the A.S.D. population needs to be. UNDERSTOOD & ACCEPTED and ACREDITED. ‘Seen’ ~Under the Double Rainbow!

Last friday at my L.A. Co. fair I was under one and did’nt even know it.To the unaware eye just one was visible. My photo later vaguely revealed that there were two.When I compared notes with the web designer Alison in San Diego, she saw both bows and took these great shots! 

Upon finding this out an interesting  thought occured to me. Let me see if I can explain it……I see life as a rainbow of differences and perceptions. A spectrum of colors and diversity. We, in the world of Autism understand this concept completely. We’ve dubbed it ‘ The SPECTRUM.’  We live with it on a minute by minute basis. Our rainbow can move through the range of color/ emotion very rapidly. Ever-changing and shifting. Day in and day out.Yes,as human beings we crave and need predictability. At the same time  we as A.S.D. families learn to count on the unexpected. So I guess what I am saying is that we need EVERYONE to open up to that concept. To the idea that things are NOT so predictable. That people are unexpected. Just because someone walks parallel to you. Their brain~style may not be parallel to yours. Just because you only see 1 rainbow…doesn’t mean there aren’t really 2. Our rainbow is there, parallel to yours ~just invisible to the unaware eye! Don’t assume that your rainbow is the only one under the sun. Know that there are people on another spectrum living parallel to you!!  

In essence “The Double Rainbow” effect. This is…in my mind, “What IT means”!!

The ‘ASD / NT’ FULL~ON Double Rainbow effect….woah~~~!

*originally written Oct.3,2010





READ ABOUT The Chattanooga, Tennessee  MURAL PROJECT HERE:

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