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Ah Ha Ha Moments

wy devilAh ha moments.

We all have them everyday in life. Big ones and little ones. Happy and sad moments, moments ripe with epic wins and moments rife with epic loss. Life is “full of  it!” ALL of it. Being human is extremely hard, at times it can be easy but, most often it is a big and wonderful mess. Life is never exactly what you expect and that is truly by design! People that believe they can control life and package it into a neat little bowed box, have a reality check coming. Even if they do get life all boxed up nicely…what comes next? Do we just admire it from the outside enjoying the pretty packaging with bow while we dismiss the beauty held tightly within?


NO. I didn’t think so. 

We rip into life. Don’t we? We toss the bow off to the side. Some ‘Aha moments’ are quite profound and or ironic. Like that one. Especially so, when these high vibrating moments of complete recognition are triggered during the difficult challenges we all face here on earth. What universally gets us all through these human difficulties? The power of ingenuity, the mother of invention: our inner knowing. When we tap into knowledge and strengths we are all innately born with, we enable ourselves to progress. Sometimes those progressions come in gradual steps with supports and at other times they come more quickly on their own. When we  truly believe in ourselves we find the things we are looking for within, not with-out. Our natural flow of knowledge and cellular memories living and breathing for decades within our ancestors, exists within our own DNA. Percolate on that last sentence. It’s generationally deep. It’s a big Aha!


Now tap into that. 

That is magic. You were actually born with instincts. Our human ’knowing.’ This world so full of it’s natural genetically coded wonder is even more amazing than our physical structures and minds can comprehend. Everything has a patterned generating instinct. For me THAT is the “Aha”…that the natural world and our natural selves are the moment. That we should be living more instinctually with less second guessings. We are coded to know. We mustn’t let the words and ideas of others cause us to doubt our knowing. These moments of perfection people are molded into thinking they need and told to wait for, milestones we pressure ourselves and others to strive for; the so-called ”someday”… when your life is where you want it to be;  your career, your bank account, the perfect relationship, the perfect child. What we are not realizing early enough in our lives, is that the perfect moment IS~NOW. We should not be waiting for things to get better, be ready, or become more suitable. The time to live is NOW. Life is perfect despite imperfection. Your goals will happen in your time NOT the goals and times dictated to you by others. Aha!


Don’t put off living 

Know that life must be lived fully each day. These ‘now are the moment ideals’ I hold, are what kicked in for me and my little family’s life in 2002, when my second son Wyatt was diagnosed as severely (their word, not mine) Autistic, when his speech and language dropped away at age 3. I didn’t decide to put living our lives off until speech therapy returned his ability to speak words. I did not stop knowing how deeply he loved me or how intelligent he was because he was no longer speaking the words. I did not decide to feel devastated about this change in our lives natural path. I didn’t allow doubters to shake my knowledge of who my son is. Ideas of perfection were never my goal. Our lives are miracles and that is where we started and where we will finish. Aha!


Don’t allow others to dictate your moments…

An unfunny thing happens to parents of newly diagnosed Autistic children. They are told they do not understand their own children. They are continually made to second-guess their inner knowing and because of this they may not follow their instincts. They may turn all of their good parental sense into doubt. PLEASE do not allow this to happen. Do not allow anyone into that sacred heart space you share with your child. You know who you are and you know who the child you gave life to is. THAT is your instinctual DNA. Do not allow people and professionals to dissuade you from what you know in your bones. Your child is bright and intact no matter if they communicate with words or with actions or with the turn of a head. Please resist the doubt and fear people inject you with. They will market fear to you in order to turn around and sell you safety. Do not be bought and sold like that.


Do not buy into self-doubt, do not sell your child out. Ahaha!


LIVE. In the moments.







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Against the Grain

kev, wy and redwoodwood heart“Going against the grain”: Idioms and Autism go hand and hand we have all discovered that at one time or another. When you have subsets of people viewing the exact same concept (or group of words) in differing fashions so much gets lost in the literal and figurative translations…


Natural things have a way of being. A grain, a flow, a natural sequence of energy. Patterns that can be seen again and again and for the most part can be relied upon. When we deviate from those patterns, those natural “grains” we disrupt a certain order in our universe. We splinter.




Modern man it seems has always felt that ’his’ order should be supreme. Often times splintering against natural grains. Creating infrastructures and setting up man-made orders and patterns. At times arrogantly deciding that humans know better than nature. Transforming natural grains into forms more palatable for the desire du jour. To those of us that respect the natural world this is a shame and a crime against the very thing here to support us. Our natural environment, the universe: our grain. The world is full of rhymes and reasons that make complete sense to the natural order here. The balance of respecting that order is not always priority in all of the big ideas humanity has employed. Big egos harnessing aspects of the universe for ”mankind’s” greater good has been a tremendous tightrope act. Many oooos and awwws and at the same time many dastardly and unthinkable, oh nos.



Just how much man-made order should humanity impose on the natural world? In the world of Autism going against the natural grain of an individual was and is standard practice. All of a person’s Autistic instincts were and are (sometimes) still deemed invalid and in need of erasure.  Sadly, people born with this neurology and conjoined physical coping traits are branded in the worst possible ways. Setting up physicians  and psychologists to label, cure and rid the world of such an ‘unnecessary population.’ This is where the soulless arrogance of humanity made and continues to make despicable mistakes: deciding who is and who is not, a natural and complete human being. Splintering our own humanity by going against natural grains.



The universe is not ours. We are merely residents that must respect the natural order of our planet. We are at our universe’s mercy. So why is it so hard for humanity to respect the natural energy of the amazing life forms here on our unique planet? Why must a “normal model” be held up for all others to adhere to? That is preposterous! The natural grains and flows of our uniquely coded  selves deserve to be respected. Especially since learning through amazing scientific advancements that each and every person has a one-of-a-kind DNA code. Their own natural grain to flow with.


Natural and undeniable proof positive that there is MORE than just one way of being uniquely human.



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Visionary Wish List

horses mouth2015-2

We here at feel very blessed as we reflect on the year that was 2014. We are now 4 yrs. old as a visionary website and we feel a positive force for change. AutismHWY has always seen the future!!  It is bright and full of transformation for this world. In these first few years of our on-line ”life” we have witnessed a lot of fantastic movement in many positive directions. People demanding that the Autism hysterics and the othering of Autistic people— just stop. Autistic people know how they feel and have real and effective strategies for Autistic people and their families.


Families and friends of Autistic people are joining in by amplifying their voices, creating events and conferences to centerpiece their messages. Their first hand knowledge and experience; being Autistic. Voices for pragmatic change joining forces. Voices not listening to outlandish messages of pain, tragedy, unresolvable despair and pity. Voices with practical solutions to complex problems. Voices filled with love and not fear. The Autistic voice. So on point and now accessable. Ready to be heard and implemented. It is time to listen. Please do. Resolve to always.



We have had our vision of Autism all along. In 2010 we came on-line with our beliefs that it is natural and is indeed a very important piece of the human condition we all need to know about. That Autistic people are integral to creation and have been all along. Understanding and respecting the dynamics at play within the human mind is crucial to inter-relationships for ALL PEOPLE in every society. Autism clues people into all of that and more. has always seen that bigger picture now coming more and more into focus for everyone.


We wanted a website for Autistic people to connect



We wanted loving information for children about Autism



We envisioned a Chalk Festival and a loving gathering to celebrate people on the Spectrum 



We knew it was something that we needed. That we deserved. Not another pity party to twist public perceptions to raise funds. An Art party to raise friendships, spirits and acceptance. NO WALKING in circles of shame. No declaring war on Autism. No wallowing on self imposed sadness. Chalking ourselves into our community in real ways. Allowing the community to meet and greet Autistic people to dispel the misperceptions. Enjoying ourselves out in the community where we belong! With the city of Covina and the partnership of  numerous Autistic people, families, friends and organizations we have met that VISION! Autism Movement Therapy    The Art of Autism, The Gifts of Autism Joel’s VisionArts our hats are off to YOU!! Thank you for believing in AutismHWY’s vision.


In January 2014 we urged minds to be wide open to the Autistic voice in our blog titled “Minds Open:2014″ As we have now come full circle into January and already into February of 2015 we believe that steps in this direction are happening. However, we have grown beyond mere ”baby steps” and hope that Autistic inside info will become a full on gallop as we head to people seeing “OUR” Big Picture in 2020! 2020 vision will mean getting information straight from…the source! 100%!!


Our Visionary Wish List continues…..


1. Autistic activists and scholars will form a union that can be consulted by all agencies.

2. Non-Profits will be barred from disparaging the lives of the families they raise money to “assist” and will be mandated to include Autistic people on their board of advisory directors.

3. Experts on Autism will not be deemed an expert without gathering facts from Autistic people.

4. All people will be respected and valued in life regardless of the high productivity standards that are considered normal.


We don’t ask for a lot: SOCIAL JUSTICE for Autistic People!

We can make it happen: THIS YEAR, THIS DECADE!

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Different Hearts…

Different dreams, different ways of being. We all have them and are quite aware of that. So why are people so afraid and uncomfortable with difference? Why do people cling to sameness, ridiculing (or worse) those that they perceive as “different”? Why would we all be the same in a world of unique and individual DNA? I can’t figure out why we as intelligent people would even want THAT?

Always and Forever.

Always and Forever.

Accepting difference is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you. It is the first and best concept that you can teach your children and others. It is at the root of this great family tree that we all are a part of. When we consider anything in life we must first know that things will be different. We can achieve a certain routine to comfort ourselves that we are in control. Yet, we must know down deep that we are not in control. That this universe is so much bigger than our need for sameness. The universe of course knows better. That sameness is random. Much more random than difference, and that those differences are the NORM!


An accepting attitude and aptitude! If we teach this concept to young people as they shape their ideals and belief systems, we will have a much happier and healthy planet. A planet much more fine tuned to it’s own reality. More accepting of the natural flow of our completely cosmic differences.  



The differences that are truly the heart and soul of this LIFE!


Get “Down Wit Dat!”


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