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Show You Care – Be Aware AUTISM Chalk Festival

Excitement is in the air as all the artists begin to set up and prepare for their chalk work. Kelly Green of AutismHwy and her inspiration Wyatt have done an amazing job of arranging community support from sponsors:

California Burgers
Artist BJ Lane
ANCA Naturally Autistic
Sensitive Sweets
Paco’s Mexican Restaurant
Dr Andor
The Edge of the World Clothing
Glendora Motor Cars
Paint Bucket Inc
Colonial Pharmacy
Covina Valley Cyclery
Rosemary Johnson & Associates of Monrovia
Autism Movement Therapy
Valley View Drugs
San Dimas Liquors
Bubbles Make Him Smile
Frisella’s Roastery,
Simon Rents
& The Candy Connection

Thanks to all who provided chalk, services & support for this inaugural event!

~ Jan Beaver Coad

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GREAT Expectation!

Wow………The exhilaration I have been feeling just keeps rollin along down my AutismHWY! This Friday…I, Kelly Green will be in the presence of “GREATNESS” !  Ms. Temple Grandin, Doctor, Professor, Cattle Industry Visionary, Good-sense mentor ….AUTISM BEACON!! This amazing woman has helped an untold amount of people infinitely! Talk about living in service to others! She is the  truest example of that to be sure!

The funny thing about that, is it was never her purpose or her intended vision! It is purely who she is and what her heart and soul has guided her to do. No pretensions no “business-plan”. Just the sense that I NEED TO DO THIS!! This is the heart and soul of her brilliance. The so-called ‘mother of invention’.  People living in circumstances that call out for change.  Always the best catalyst for people to create!! Like ANCA  Naturally Autistic, AutismHWY, Rainbowland,  fb’s Artist’s and Autism and so many  OTHERS!! People  with life experiences like Temple literally taking the “Bull by the Horns”! haha ……..AWESOME!

There are ALOT of us out here inspired by Ms. Grandin’s enormous ability to allow “on-lookers” a view. A view into the kaleidoscope that IS Autism. An ever changing world of brilliant patterns, shapes and colors. Our daily spectrum. The plain-speak that Temple generously shares is what I dream of at every “I. E. P.U.*”  I attend!! lol…..Really though isn’t it time we all learned to see and  speak in pictures with Ms. Grandin?  We ALL think she is brilliant! Let’s give her credit where credit is due and follow her lead for the world. Just as she shifted the direction the cattle took , let’s allow her to influence the language we use. Speak like Temple! Walk like an Egyptian whatever…Just do it!!

Let’s stop with cliches, old ways and the uneducated general public! There needs to be a “catch-up course” on HUMANITY!! A little Autism primer if you will! 1st assignment for ALL STUDENTS (the world…I’m talking to you now)….Watch the HBO Movie “Temple Grandin.” Once you’ve done that, the next time you meet someone like ME that tells you they have an Autistic son or daughter you will be  more “appropriate.” What I mean by that…is you won’t say (Like a ‘Robot’) “Oh, vaccines cause that huh?”…OR…”Oh Yeah….Jenny McCarthy!” What I am looking for is the day when during conversation and AUTISM comes up people say “Oh like Temple Grandin!” “You must be dealing with sensory issues and processing matters!”


*I.E.P. : Individualized Education Plan… ‘my sarcasm’

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…”What does it mean?!!” The double rainbow dude had us all rolling  earlier this year with that phrase. So amazing (and hilarious) his reaction to the Double Rainbow in January 2010. That is the power NATURE has over people.  In so many more ways than one! It is majestic, daunting,  and simply put unmoveable by man. Something we MUST accept. ’The ‘force to be reckoned with. Something so much bigger than ourselves! Something breathtaking.  Quite literally, when the time becomes right.

It happened again, this breathtaking natural force last friday. BAM! Double Rainbow!* Although I didn’t go, “Full-on”  ‘D.R.-Dude’…pretty darned close. 2010 has been  very special  from beginning to end. I have said so many times this year that I feel a strong ”High-Vibrational” MAGNETIC~ natural alignment. People creating venues and highways for autistic people to be heard. A progression that is a long time coming. The progression toward mainstream understanding and recognition! Forces of Autistic Nature to be reckoned with, BY ALL PEOPLE! Most importantly, FOR ALL PEOPLE!  Exactly where the A.S.D. population needs to be. UNDERSTOOD & ACCEPTED and ACREDITED. ‘Seen’ ~Under the Double Rainbow!

Last friday at my L.A. Co. fair I was under one and did’nt even know it.To the unaware eye just one was visible. My photo later vaguely revealed that there were two.When I compared notes with the web designer Alison in San Diego, she saw both bows and took these great shots! 

Upon finding this out an interesting  thought occured to me. Let me see if I can explain it……I see life as a rainbow of differences and perceptions. A spectrum of colors and diversity. We, in the world of Autism understand this concept completely. We’ve dubbed it ‘ The SPECTRUM.’  We live with it on a minute by minute basis. Our rainbow can move through the range of color/ emotion very rapidly. Ever-changing and shifting. Day in and day out.Yes,as human beings we crave and need predictability. At the same time  we as A.S.D. families learn to count on the unexpected. So I guess what I am saying is that we need EVERYONE to open up to that concept. To the idea that things are NOT so predictable. That people are unexpected. Just because someone walks parallel to you. Their brain~style may not be parallel to yours. Just because you only see 1 rainbow…doesn’t mean there aren’t really 2. Our rainbow is there, parallel to yours ~just invisible to the unaware eye! Don’t assume that your rainbow is the only one under the sun. Know that there are people on another spectrum living parallel to you!!  

In essence “The Double Rainbow” effect. This is…in my mind, “What IT means”!!

The ‘ASD / NT’ FULL~ON Double Rainbow effect….woah~~~!

*originally written Oct.3,2010





READ ABOUT The Chattanooga, Tennessee  MURAL PROJECT HERE:

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Some believe the perfect GIFT is Autism…That Autistic people are showing the world a different way of being. A purer way. I believe there is alot of merit to that thinking. More and more THIS WORLD will see the great gifts and different benefits that reside in the A.S.D. portion of it! Last fall, with ANCA’s Brilliant ~Naturally Autistic People Awards~ the tip of the iceburg was revealed! Talented, Intelligent and Bright. New Autistic Stars on the horizon! We are ALL part of an amazingly varied galaxy….watch as it expands. 

  There is always more room for talent!  Autistic talent is out there! When you see it , enjoy it, praise it and share it!! Self esteem is great medicine! Best of all it is FREE and EASY to give!! No prescriptions or appointments!! There are creative ways to group up and give our kids doses of it!! The perfect GIFT!! SERIOUSLY! Join forces, group up with friends , family, other parents & their friends/ family etc. and start your games, galleries and studios ! Have FUN with it!  Autistic Kids play, create and rock!! We need places and ways for them to do this. The experience Wyatt and I had with “A~League baseball”  has me convinced! Sports, Art, & Music- used to have fun while building self esteem is a major key and door! The whole ‘ package’ if you will!!    

So…this Holiday Season as you contemplate ’packages’ for your Autistic loved ones …think BIG!  Plan something beneficial they can participate in year round!! We all know how insignificant “gifts” actually are to the majority of spectrum kids! My son never wants to unwrap most gifts. Many times he is more interested in the packaging of what finally does get unwrapped! lol…until I figured out that a trampoline, a swing and a squishy ball will “do the trick!” Each kid has his or her OWN unique combo. If you have’nt figured it out yet…YOU WILL~~ lol!!  Gift giving. It used to be so important, so stressful. So NOT what it was intended to be about! Giving should be free and easy…uncomplicated. People get so caught up in it all. Making sure everyone has the best item. A competiton of sorts.  Mom’s and Dad’s waiting in lines to garner the year’s hot ticket seller!  Those days have been long released by me. I am not a part of that world! Yay!! It truly is liberating to not even have to try and keep up with the Jones’.  Autism has shifted so many of my perceptions about people and materialism. It was and is a grand eye-opener. A simpler, purer way of being. No pretenses and no pressure.   

In it’s own way~A  Perfect GIFT!! 


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