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Can’t Be BOUND!!

The “A~League” is set to SOAR! Now that OUR Boundary Quandary has been resolved we will PRESS~ON! Onward and Upward around those bases we will roll. This truly is an uplifting experience. That must move forward. We were running into that sticky proverbial red tape. The boundary rules in Williamsport are very explicit when it comes to boundaries. Unlike others in little league history we were not looking to bring in ringers. Just PLAYERS!! Unfortunately we all live within a 30 mile radius of our fields.

Everyone on the SPECTRUM understands the logistics. It’s a No-Brainer. We are 1/ 100- 150, in some instances as low as 1/70! So to mathematically have enough eligible players to field a league from 1 city is IMPOSSIBLE. In a 3- City District still could be tough. More and more kids are moving to California so who knows someday that could be feasible. However, for Our Summer League purposes and beyond we will write our own AUTISM~ FRIENDLY Rulebook! So we will take control and branch out on our own and SPREAD OUR WINGS!! Afterall OUR KIDS are Angels! In their way they truly are.

So…this AUTISM BASEBALL moves forward w/ President Manny Zapata, Vice President (creator) Lora Mancini, w/ strong support from myself Kelly Green, Matt Parker, Carol Zapata, Megan Spano and more to be named!! We are flying high!! The fun is contagious and it’s bound to spread! With great reason. It is a NEW WAVE! A wave for OUR KIDS to “catch”~for a change! People need to see and think about both sides of the NEURO~DIVERSITY Coin. They would be so much the better for it. All people have to have outlets to create self-pride in order to change and really grow. It is a basic human instinct! So all that being said….

It looks like we have 6 teams!! 2 Rookie, 2 Minor & 2 Major! It is going to be a lot of FUN with the addition of 2 more teams! A brand new Ballpark to call our home and NEW FRIENDS on our Horizon. Summer and Fall League is here. The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times. …We cannot be BOUND…the Parents of ASD individuals know NO ~BOUNDARIES! Everyday can be a snowflake and you do whatever it takes to keep it from melting down. Like everyone else some days are great and some days are not. But, unlike EVERYONE else there aren’t available venues for our kids to do the everyday, take-it-for-granted things. The things “that kids do.” So when we have a chance to do something like this? If that means driving to and from TIMBUKTU WE WILL DO!


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NO Not the NEW DEFICIT!! ~~~”Ten Trillion” THANKS! To soo many. Last blog I started to thank all the Great Teens that helped our players. I just love the way “that looked”…seeing high-schoolers ready willing and able to help. Not having any experience with AUTISM yet, ready to take it on!! Very Brave indeed KUDOS to all of you!! By the end of this season you could see how in tune they became with each player. That is a key thing because this is part of AUTISM…you learn to work around patterns. The patterns of the ASD Individual.

ALL People are “Creatures of Habit.” Where else did that saying come from? We tend to pattern our lives ,our daily routines, it’s human nature. Siblings get that on the job training from birth just like us parents. Only that connection ,can be described as brilliant! Siblings of A.S.D. Individuals are TRULY Home run Derby Kings!


So thanks so much to the incredible teen-volunteers and the awesome brothers and sisters of OUR A~League Players. You ALL ROCK! I also want to thank ALL of the A~League families for taking that “leap of faith.” Believing in the process being kind to your child and the experience being a good one. ALL in ALL I’d say spot on!!

More thanks to spot-light on …Are the FABULOUS Generous Sponsors that gave for Our Carnival Celebration and Raffle. The kids had a great time and the people that put in their 2 cents were rewarded handsomely!! Our GRAND PRIZE that had the most entries was the Beach-Cruiser Bicycle ….Donated by ARCADIA! An amazing woman was lucky enough to win that ! Maybe it was destiny. This gal is the mother to 2 autistic sons!…..Sons that she has ADOPTED! It made my heart smile that she was the winner!! AWESOME! Another grand winner won 4 Tickets for Knott’s is a lot of fun. Generally not too crowded(Which can be key!). Wyatt has been a few times and enjoyed himself! That prize went to a mom of a new player for our league! Just what I am wanting …a new female A-Leaguer! My nephew Austin Green won 4 passes for …How much fun is that!?? Austin is a great cousin to Wyatt. He helped ALOT w/ his cousin at the carnival! Thankyou Austin for stepping-up! Our FINAL ! Shane and his mom ( Wy’s weighted vest’ creator~& raffle donation!! ) won that! Shane was so happy getting his trophy he jumped in the air! Little did he know he’d be winning a bike SOON ENOUGH! I love it!


Trader Joe’s…SAN DIMAS, Frisella’s Roastery…GLENDORA, Numero Uno Pizza…PASADENA, LaVerne-Sierra Madre-Duarte PIZZA CO’s, SAN DIMAS & FREEWAY(W. Covina) Liquor, Little Joe’s FRESH MEX of ARCADIA, The Old Spaghetti Factory…DUARTE, Taco Ready…COVINA, HOUSTON’S Restaraunt …PASADENA, SUBWAY of SAN DIMAS/Via Verde, Undercovers (intimate Apparel) GLENDORA, KAILANI Jewelers…COVINA, Thematic Attic school supplies…COVINA, Candy Connection…COVINA, Glessners Pharmacy…COVINA, Bright Plaza Home Medical Equipment…WHITTIER, Phillips Ranch Pharmacy…PHILLIPS RANCH, Rosemary Johnson’s O.T. in MONROVIA, Covina CYCLERY…COVINA, Bicycle CENTRAL…GLENDORA, Perfect Tyme CLOCKS …GLENDORA Johnny’s POOL SUPPLY…COVINA! & LAST BUT NOT LEAST… !!!


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That is what we have going on over here at San Dimas Little League!! Today was our “A-LEAGUE” players 3rd GAME!! Improvement is duelly noted!! Even with the long-gap of Easter break…it is easy to see the affects game play IS HAVING! Some of these kids don’t know their own strength. Both Divisions HITTERS make constant contact. PING…CRACKPING!!! Love those sounds…and so do the families! SMILES~ABOUNDING!

We admittedly have had a few snafu’s with schedueling and issues with a shifting -practice field. Just NORMAL STUFF! Small potatoes …when you hold that up to ALL THESE SMILING FACES!! I am amazed at how these kids are truly BONDING with each other!! It must seem like I am carrying on about something so mundane. The act of bonding with others is HUGE for ASD individuals > something typical people TAKE FOR Complete GRANTED!

Wyatt had a bad night last night so he went home with Grandma.NO BASEBALL on his agenda today. Which is perfect for our kids…if he’s not up to it today…try, try again another day! NO PRESSURE! Wy’s “Friend Josh” had me rollin today! He says to me on the field…”Oh so Wyatt went home?”I replied “Yes”…and he happily says…”I miss that guy…when he says…YO YO YO !” Really very endearing that he is thinking about my son and his”ways.” Josh is definitely a talker…he had encouraging words & high fives for everyone that rounded 2nd!!

What really strikes me is ALL THE MANY HANDS!! Making light work. We have Brothers, Sisters, Moms, Dads…COACHES and S.D.H.S. Athletes pitching in. The spirit of comraderie IS “CATCHING” and I love it! We are truly a league to be reckoned with!! Team Moms with snacks, Dugout cheers and chants and the GREAT COACHES. Guiding these kids at their “speed” is becoming such a FUN GROUP PROJECT! We all seem to be meshing together to make that SUPPORT NET so needed. Such a GOOD FEELING!

The ENCOURAGEMENT and good vibes make such a “High-Energy”feel! How could our kids help but, not be boosted up? The Dodgers and Braves had their best bout yet. The Angels & Yankees AS WELL!! The players really focus when they take their cuts! I have never seen such GROUP fun running the bases. If we were keeping score it would be ASTRONOMICAL! As many of us that are running the bases and touching HOMEPLATE, with our PLAYERS…the neighborhood gyms will start going broke!!!

The MAGIC here is not ONLY from the GAME DYNAMIC! It is sharing that with people you love. Special People who need a little extra coaching on the field and in THIS WORLD. People we are priveleged to be “IN~CARE” of each day…as WE touch ALL THE BASES as we HAPPILY head for home!

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