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…”What does it mean?!!” The double rainbow dude had us all rolling  earlier this year with that phrase. So amazing (and hilarious) his reaction to the Double Rainbow in January 2010. That is the power NATURE has over people.  In so many more ways than one! It is majestic, daunting,  and simply put unmoveable by man. Something we MUST accept. ’The ‘force to be reckoned with. Something so much bigger than ourselves! Something breathtaking.  Quite literally, when the time becomes right.

It happened again, this breathtaking natural force last friday. BAM! Double Rainbow!* Although I didn’t go, “Full-on”  ‘D.R.-Dude’…pretty darned close. 2010 has been  very special  from beginning to end. I have said so many times this year that I feel a strong ”High-Vibrational” MAGNETIC~ natural alignment. People creating venues and highways for autistic people to be heard. A progression that is a long time coming. The progression toward mainstream understanding and recognition! Forces of Autistic Nature to be reckoned with, BY ALL PEOPLE! Most importantly, FOR ALL PEOPLE!  Exactly where the A.S.D. population needs to be. UNDERSTOOD & ACCEPTED and ACREDITED. ‘Seen’ ~Under the Double Rainbow!

Last friday at my L.A. Co. fair I was under one and did’nt even know it.To the unaware eye just one was visible. My photo later vaguely revealed that there were two.When I compared notes with the web designer Alison in San Diego, she saw both bows and took these great shots! 

Upon finding this out an interesting  thought occured to me. Let me see if I can explain it……I see life as a rainbow of differences and perceptions. A spectrum of colors and diversity. We, in the world of Autism understand this concept completely. We’ve dubbed it ‘ The SPECTRUM.’  We live with it on a minute by minute basis. Our rainbow can move through the range of color/ emotion very rapidly. Ever-changing and shifting. Day in and day out.Yes,as human beings we crave and need predictability. At the same time  we as A.S.D. families learn to count on the unexpected. So I guess what I am saying is that we need EVERYONE to open up to that concept. To the idea that things are NOT so predictable. That people are unexpected. Just because someone walks parallel to you. Their brain~style may not be parallel to yours. Just because you only see 1 rainbow…doesn’t mean there aren’t really 2. Our rainbow is there, parallel to yours ~just invisible to the unaware eye! Don’t assume that your rainbow is the only one under the sun. Know that there are people on another spectrum living parallel to you!!  

In essence “The Double Rainbow” effect. This is…in my mind, “What IT means”!!

The ‘ASD / NT’ FULL~ON Double Rainbow effect….woah~~~!

*originally written Oct.3,2010





READ ABOUT The Chattanooga, Tennessee  MURAL PROJECT HERE:

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Some believe the perfect GIFT is Autism…That Autistic people are showing the world a different way of being. A purer way. I believe there is alot of merit to that thinking. More and more THIS WORLD will see the great gifts and different benefits that reside in the A.S.D. portion of it! Last fall, with ANCA’s Brilliant ~Naturally Autistic People Awards~ the tip of the iceburg was revealed! Talented, Intelligent and Bright. New Autistic Stars on the horizon! We are ALL part of an amazingly varied galaxy….watch as it expands. 

  There is always more room for talent!  Autistic talent is out there! When you see it , enjoy it, praise it and share it!! Self esteem is great medicine! Best of all it is FREE and EASY to give!! No prescriptions or appointments!! There are creative ways to group up and give our kids doses of it!! The perfect GIFT!! SERIOUSLY! Join forces, group up with friends , family, other parents & their friends/ family etc. and start your games, galleries and studios ! Have FUN with it!  Autistic Kids play, create and rock!! We need places and ways for them to do this. The experience Wyatt and I had with “A~League baseball”  has me convinced! Sports, Art, & Music- used to have fun while building self esteem is a major key and door! The whole ‘ package’ if you will!!    

So…this Holiday Season as you contemplate ’packages’ for your Autistic loved ones …think BIG!  Plan something beneficial they can participate in year round!! We all know how insignificant “gifts” actually are to the majority of spectrum kids! My son never wants to unwrap most gifts. Many times he is more interested in the packaging of what finally does get unwrapped! lol…until I figured out that a trampoline, a swing and a squishy ball will “do the trick!” Each kid has his or her OWN unique combo. If you have’nt figured it out yet…YOU WILL~~ lol!!  Gift giving. It used to be so important, so stressful. So NOT what it was intended to be about! Giving should be free and easy…uncomplicated. People get so caught up in it all. Making sure everyone has the best item. A competiton of sorts.  Mom’s and Dad’s waiting in lines to garner the year’s hot ticket seller!  Those days have been long released by me. I am not a part of that world! Yay!! It truly is liberating to not even have to try and keep up with the Jones’.  Autism has shifted so many of my perceptions about people and materialism. It was and is a grand eye-opener. A simpler, purer way of being. No pretenses and no pressure.   

In it’s own way~A  Perfect GIFT!! 


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Back from an amazing event!! On an AMAZING day. The 9 yr. anniversary of the most infamous day in U.S. history. For the country to have been put in such a position. The incredible strength and DETERMINATION this country has to have battled back from CATASTROPHE! That is the SPIRIT!! The spirit it takes to fight the good fight! The spirit we as ASD families must muster!! is so honored to have been a part of such fun and IMPORTANCE! “The fight to help spread AUTISM AWARENESS!!” Thank you so much to~THE Fun & Only~ California’s GREAT AMERICA in Santa Clara Ca.for holding this event!

It is opportunities like this that help the general public to realize that our voices matter!! We have ALOT to say AND We like to have FUN too ! ~’California’s GREAT America’~ is an AWESOME Park!! It is beautiful~ from top to bottom.The rides are thrilling and SPECTACULAR!! The grounds are SO… open, airy and green. WOW! Beautiful tall trees and coasters galore!! I must mention there is an amazing Wisteria~Vine TUNNEL!! I was enchanted by it!! It is so huge that it has many benches underneath! A sensory heaven for ANYONE!! ASD or NOT!! I am definitely booking a trip next year when it is in bloom!! WOW! That being said…

The AWARENESS EVENT was fantastic! Meeting the children and adults was such sweet fun!! I will love to do this at every turn! Talking to folks about ASD issues has become so important to me. The children and adults I met last Saturday afternoon were awesome!! Twice ~I learned of programs started by passionate families filling a NEED!! School programs which encourage understanding and the need to inter-act with others differently abled! “Kids helping kids” was what one program was called! Just, BRILLIANT. Exactly what our ASD Individuals NEED!! Their contemporaries being “right there” with them! The siblings informing me of this program were such amazing kids. I could literally see them beaming with pride when they told me of their groups. It makes my heart soar to think how the world could CHANGE when all kids feel that need. That unselfish need to be a part of something “bigger than their own egos.” I say the sooner they learn that concept the better. For kids to be so selfless and compassionate is a beautiful thing that should and WILL spread! I FEEL IT !!

AutismHWY will be working on helping that concept along HOWEVER possible! In our minds it is integral that our children peers UNDERSTAND A.S.D. ISSUES!! Even individuals with no direct experience. When our kids can just be themselves with love, understanding and acceptance…we will rest. It is not a lot to hope for. I believe in the human spirit wholeheartedly…and these kids are the embodiment of that! BRAVO to all involved with implementation of kids mentoring kids with autism! This will be a WONDERFUL NEW TREND I am sure!!

The partners at the event were also fantastic! I had so much fun talking to all that I could! I love being surrounded by Autism Advocates! Creative, caring and positive people to say the least!! Thanks for the day to ALL of you!!

Of course this AUTISM BLOG would not be worth it’s salt without some simple Autism Reality! Something I am fully prepared for as a rule…however, this one did surprise me.

As a lot of you know ~an Autistic person gets overwhelmed by environmental and sensory stimulus. This feeling of overload can send a person into a panic/ meltdown. Meltdowns escalate and de-escalate. It becomes a bit of an ART in interpreting the ways to deal with and or prevent these meltdowns! Well , about 2 hrs into the days events my son Wyatt had a doozy!!

The music was LOUD…my brother placed a wrist-band on Wyatt’s arm…who by the way, had been up early while we prepared for the day AND he hadn’t yet had his lunch. So all factors led to a bad result for…my arms!! Wyatt began his meltdown…I sprang into action and the PINCHING began!! lol… He is a bit of a crab. When he lashes out in “this mode” …pinching is his M.O.! Surprisingly, it took me 20 minutes to get him mellow!! I tried deep pressure…no results there`he was not amenable to being touched at that moment! Next wrist and joint compressions, which he at least allowed. At one point he held his arm out for more… OR it could have been to take off the wrist band? lol Not sure! However when that was done …he calmed considerably. Whew…After that the day continued nicely. His favorite swinging type ride was taken over and over again, giving him the time of his life!! & Sensory INPUT Deluxe!  We explored the rest of the park and the AMAZING ATTRACTIONS! Really larger than Life!! The bungee action rides will take your breath away!! That’s meant for the people WATCHING!! Imagine if that was you on the cord!!? WOW!!!

We had a delicious BBQ Picnic in the immaculate Picnic Grove!! Charlie Brown came by and had some “one on one time” with Wyatt!! It was so cute he saw Wyatt playing/stimming with his whiffle ball. After high-fiving Wy, he reached out for the ball. Instinctively Wyatt recoiled. After he thought a moment, or two he held it out to Charlie Brown!! Funny enough… Charlie tapped and stimmed, communicating volumes to my sweet non-verbal boy!! You are a “good man”…Charlie Brown!! BRAVO!! We can’t wait to come back again SOON!! There will be ALOT MORE Ground to cover FOR SURE !!!A VERY SPECIAL Thanks to Miss Ashley Chapin! You are a Joy and a Pleasure to work with! Your skills with organization and communication go far beyond your years!! AutismHWY takes it’s hat off to you for this day being so pleasurable for ALL!! You are an Autism Angel for sure!!

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Would YOU Know what AUTISM looks like?

An Amazing ARTIST that has become my friend created this beautiful work with this thought provoking title!! It is profound, really. People have things staring them in the face everyday. Seemingly very appearant yet, obviously not seen. This can describe AUTISM. How it feels for US. The parents, families and care-givers.You are essentially operating in 2 REALITIES …1 WORLD!! We walk the tight-rope with our children. With essentially all the worlds professionals. Some aware of ASD’s others~ not so much. Out in the community…our kids need people to not assume they are “typical.” Autism is such that we need to explain the world to our children. AND…explain our children to the world!! We are their “buffers,” their “conduits,” their translators. We are all those things and more. So we see both worlds! Our minds are anything but “Abstract!” lol

That is why Wendy McCormick Lopez is such a wonder. Dealing with a beautiful ASD son. Complicates the daily routine in ANY # of ways… ADD a daughter, family life and a career. Your lucky what even fits in after that!! Well , lucky we are!! Wendy’s work is stunning …take a look for yourself! You will love the feelings that will be evoked!

She has a beautiful soothing style. I love the way her work makes me feel. Very calm very zen…something not always so readily available in spectrum life!! lol …So definitely take a peak at her work. Months ago I asked Wendy if I could use her designs in my home. I have envisioned a zen spa bathroom with this amazing look…

Just STUNNING isn’t it? So much like all of life ~INTERPRETATION is the key!! If you see a great future despite an unwanted diagnosis you can have it. If you see gloom and doom, you are bound to it!! THIS MUCH I HAVE LEARNED!! Sure an ASD Lifestyle is not a bed of roses. We all have a set of challenges we manage. How we rise to that CHALLENGE creativity is where it is at.Let our kids create!! Parents and Teachers across the globe need to realize this and push past the “budget constraints.” is the real test. More and more I am in the belief that

We can accomplish A LOT as passionate caring parents of the SPECTRUM! Grass roots efforts will be popping up!! I am seeing this EVERYWHERE!! Our individuals NEED VENUES!! To create and do what “Comes~Naturally” So get busy planting the seeds for creative futures…invent ways and means in your neighborhoods!! will be announcing something SPECIAL in this regard very soon!! As for “Knowing what AUTISM looks like?”… I will hope that in OUR “NEW” Creative FUTURES will start to look a little deeper MULTI~DIMENSIONAL World!! people and see if they really know what they are looking at …in this very

CLICK HERE for Wendy’s Facebook Page as well!!!!/abstractmindbywendy?ref=ts

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