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As Wyatt’s 12th birthday approaches it feels exciting and daunting all at once. To have grown from…Dx and placement just before  age 4 . To the place we are now as he heads toward his teen and adult years. I feel as if we are on a plank of sorts. A footbridge to an uncertain future. EXCITING & DAUNTING!!

This last year building and connecting with many people on and involved with the SPECTRUM has helped me feel in control. As if I have a way to navigate these choppy waters I know lie ahead! An arsenal of friends that have been there, done that! Guidance and Mentors. We ALL need  those two elements for life success. People that don’t have  or won’t grasp those two things invariably fail. None of us can do it alone! That’s why we need to be on the HWY. together!! I am so excited when I see more and more people meeting and connecting here on our fabulous NEW website! So many layers of possibility we are building! My mother and brother connecting with Autistic adults! It is all very exciting to me for them to meet interesting, fun people. People that help them understand their grandson, nephew and selves! . Some of the best connections I have ever made are with the  people I am meeting on the AutismHWY!!

I was super excited at last months Temple Grandin Conference in Pasadena~ when I heard her exhalt the use of keyboards for spectrum kids and adults!! What I have been saying all along, as well!! WhyI knew would be the bomb!! My son spent years being taught to trace the letter “W” Why??~WY?? lol I knew then  and know  now that pencils and paper where not his cup of tea!

So  when I see people like  Susie Vega in Whittier California~~>


 and  Carly Fleischmann  ~~>  


I believe this  is where we should all be headed ~~>this is the breakthrough that is possible for non-verbal autistic kids and adults!! Simply AMAZING!! Everyone’s time may come!  TRULY, what families have always known that OUR KIDS ARE VERY SMART and taking it ALL in!! will be here for anyone and everyone …to hone their typing and friendship skills. A place to meet and connect to each other and the world! A place  for advice and understanding~ Global COMMUNICATING…………and AMAZING  KEYBOARDS!!!

Awesome Awareness Photo by Karin T’pau Mossberg.

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There for YOU. Created for YOU. All about YOU! 100% guaranteed! I don’t need to say, “or your money back” either…because it’s FREE! Free space for fun connections, photos, videos,  articles, games, events, issues and relaxing chats! A place all OUR OWN. A beautifully decorated ASD safe haven!  Recruit your family and friends to link up and learn from one and other. A place to do what you will and make the best out of it!

 This last year I’ve had networking  on line  in the Autistic community has taught me alot. Mainly that there is a whole world of positive possibility now opening up for people on the spectrum! There are many of us focusing on strengths and not deficits!

You wouldn’t of felt that way watching Dr. Oz’ s show this week. He devoted a whole segment to Autism… inanely titled ” What causes Autism?”…….. Talk about a cliffhanger. 

What causes Autism?? Are you serious ? A 1 hour show lol!! I am tired of that worry. I have taken myself off of that precipice! We, as parents  all should. Leave that for the scientists…and  instead love , understand and accept Autism. In turn helping others do the same. 

 Our kids are autistic not terminal! Yes, it is no picnic…but, most picnics have ants! That is the nature of life. When you deal with everything (positive and negative) that comes your way you are bound to learn a profound lesson! You ALL know what I am speaking of.   Maybe the episode should have been  titled “What causes DNA?”

I wonder why it is so important to focus on cause? Oh….that’s right to find “the cure.” People thinking they can “alter DNA” working feverishly to secure “5-yr. Grants” for  causation and cure research.  Are they thinking…”We must eradicate parents worst fear…this horribly dreaded diagnosis”…(?)  That was the attitude prominently trotted out for our viewing pleasure. A father was there to talk about his sad legacy…his only son is autistic. Another very tired  mother, single with three kids on the spectrum. I hear two words in all of this =”Why Me?”

It is not…”Why me?” It is why them? “They” autistic people have strengths and deficits just as all the rest of us do. As parents you do want the best for your child. However, is it best to be in constant turmoil, anxiety and horror of your child’s DNA? Certainly not in my world. My son has Autism 100%!  Do I get tired of some of the factors that go along with that? YES 100%. I have a 22 yr. old son. Do I get tired of some of the things that come along with that? DOUBLE Yes!! 200% lol…

It all comes back to this simple fact. Life is what you make it. If you let Dr. Oz and his panel convince you, you should fear having children after age 35 or your life is over with an AS dx  and your legacy has been ruined, then that is on you.  That is the reality you perceive and dwell in. How about this… You have been given a challenge. TRUE, your expectations  now SHIFT !  This can be the start of a beautiful relationship. 100% release of previous expectations. Down a different HWY. then expected. Go with the new flow of your altered life. Understand Autism from the inside out! It helps you understand yourself.  Stop insisting your child do the impossible and become you. Find a new legacy!  Allow your child room to be themselves, to go in thier own direction with guidance. Relax about this diagnosis, let it surprise you with the things it offers you. 100% pure love, NO game playing and a real vision of the important aspects of humanity! I have found Autism to be an incredible B.S. filter. 100%!!  It factors out all of  the unimportant…kind of like turning the channel on your T.V. set!!

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Today was a grand day! The first implementation of  APAC Global…Goes Local! A grass roots effort to spread useful awareness partnering with  local communities and companies. Sharing the wonderful knowledge about talents within our community and how things can and will positively change!

ANCA  Naturally Autistic in Gibsons, B.C. Canada  at the Sunny Crest mall, and at The Village Eatery in Glendora Cal. U.S.A.!! Passing out information and GOOD NEWS about the Autistic Community! How grand!!

I was delighted to see the children coloring the pages as they waited for their delicious meals! Wyatt tried a Monte Cristo for the first time. Delicious and NEW just like this Campaign!! Autistic People stepping up to contribute to this world’s awareness. The results will be astonishing I am sure. ASD+NT= PUZZLE SOLVED!

As we move forward toward real progress we will have more and more people interested in what this inspiring community has to offer. It is no longer about charity!! Keep the charity at home. We are out in the world with Autism Awareness and we mean business! We are joining forces and making a network. A network that will inspire, enable and empower people to work together in this world. It’s a beautiful vision and stay tuned how YOU Can involve your family and friends locally. Help us cast this huge awareness net as we link together. Contact Leo Gregory at  sign on for your free newsletter and keep up to date with the pulse of this campaign! OR  Log in to  make a profile  friend me and join in or e-mail me here ! We will soon have an Blogradio show on fridays to keep up with ALL THE FUN! So be thinking creatively for AWARENESS !! It is really the way to go!! Erik Estabrook did just that!! Check out this EPIC POEM he wrote…read it with a “Rap~Vibe”…..

Look Again

You look at me and say retard, simpleton,

but my wheels are in motion,

brace yourself for this poetic mind explosion,

Why bring in the norm,

 when we are so much better?

when weathering the storm I don’t even need a sweater,

why when you see me do you think in numbers and letters?

hate starts in the heart and multiplies when you feel you know better,

Are you righter than I?

 because I’m a righteous guy,

the magnetic output of a thunderstorm passing by,

look again if you see anything but friend,

my mind is a fountain where wellsprings blossom land to land,

I’m the spring birth of your aura,

yet you’ll try to ignore me,

I’m the newborn eyes of love unfolding,

Yet you’ll put me down,

because your in a mold,

by your tree molding,

I’m an earth-bound star,

last the crash,

and we’ll embark on this journey. (autism awareness)


by Erik Estabrook

Listen in to 15 minutes of Naturally Autistic Blogradio~Hosted by Scott Jackson and Erik Estabrook  as Leo, Charlie, Jan and I wrap-up our events!!

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GREAT Expectation!

Wow………The exhilaration I have been feeling just keeps rollin along down my AutismHWY! This Friday…I, Kelly Green will be in the presence of “GREATNESS” !  Ms. Temple Grandin, Doctor, Professor, Cattle Industry Visionary, Good-sense mentor ….AUTISM BEACON!! This amazing woman has helped an untold amount of people infinitely! Talk about living in service to others! She is the  truest example of that to be sure!

The funny thing about that, is it was never her purpose or her intended vision! It is purely who she is and what her heart and soul has guided her to do. No pretensions no “business-plan”. Just the sense that I NEED TO DO THIS!! This is the heart and soul of her brilliance. The so-called ‘mother of invention’.  People living in circumstances that call out for change.  Always the best catalyst for people to create!! Like ANCA  Naturally Autistic, AutismHWY, Rainbowland,  fb’s Artist’s and Autism and so many  OTHERS!! People  with life experiences like Temple literally taking the “Bull by the Horns”! haha ……..AWESOME!

There are ALOT of us out here inspired by Ms. Grandin’s enormous ability to allow “on-lookers” a view. A view into the kaleidoscope that IS Autism. An ever changing world of brilliant patterns, shapes and colors. Our daily spectrum. The plain-speak that Temple generously shares is what I dream of at every “I. E. P.U.*”  I attend!! lol…..Really though isn’t it time we all learned to see and  speak in pictures with Ms. Grandin?  We ALL think she is brilliant! Let’s give her credit where credit is due and follow her lead for the world. Just as she shifted the direction the cattle took , let’s allow her to influence the language we use. Speak like Temple! Walk like an Egyptian whatever…Just do it!!

Let’s stop with cliches, old ways and the uneducated general public! There needs to be a “catch-up course” on HUMANITY!! A little Autism primer if you will! 1st assignment for ALL STUDENTS (the world…I’m talking to you now)….Watch the HBO Movie “Temple Grandin.” Once you’ve done that, the next time you meet someone like ME that tells you they have an Autistic son or daughter you will be  more “appropriate.” What I mean by that…is you won’t say (Like a ‘Robot’) “Oh, vaccines cause that huh?”…OR…”Oh Yeah….Jenny McCarthy!” What I am looking for is the day when during conversation and AUTISM comes up people say “Oh like Temple Grandin!” “You must be dealing with sensory issues and processing matters!”


*I.E.P. : Individualized Education Plan… ‘my sarcasm’

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