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Birds of a FEATHER….. !!!

You know what we do! Fly, Flock, Chirp & Hen~Peck…Together! lol Whatever you want to call it. We do it, and then some! The whole 9 yards. Heck ,that’s life and that’s what makes it interesting. RIGHT ?? All that being said…It can be “over-loading” AT TIMES! People can “explode your head” sometimes! Seriously! Recently…just that happened to me. Social relationships are very tricky. EVEN for the MOST~ SOCIAL of us!! That is one way ART can be so soothing to people on the SPECTRUM. Heck…TO ALL PEOPLE!

It is a NON-VERBAL way to communicate. A way to evoke feelings without being too in your face! You can soak it in and interpret at your own speed. It is so fun to see the STREAM of amazing art that graces the amazing facebook page …”Artists and Autism” If you haven’t heard of A & A…it is an amazing place.YOU MUST JOIN!!

Supportive ,creative, introspective people enjoying the ARTS as it pertains to the SPECTRUM! The talent abounds. Art submissions come freely from ASD individuals , family members, caregivers or professionals. So INSPIRING!! Visual, Literal, Musical IT’S ALL GOOD!

I have said it before I really feel like it is an ASD~Renaissance! So if that is the case. Let me introduce you to an innovative Renaissance man Jeffrey Michael Kellen. The MAN behind the Brilliance that lives and breathes everyday on A & A! He had the foresight to start an amazing much-needed venue. An artistic safe haven for us on the SPECTRUM!! Something that was previously unavailable! Jeff is a very talented writer of “fact & fiction.” His other awesome service is that of …ASD employment coach. We are very lucky to have people like him on this planet!!

I plan to do a regular blog showcasing each weeks fabulous work you see on this great page! Recently my heart has been so full because of some amazing events.The near completion of! The newly created Autism Youth Sports League and Artists and Autism. The FUTURE possibilities for ASD Individuals are HUGE! I have been busy feeling and communicating non~ verbally with my colored pencils!! So in this 1st installment showcasing A&A I will highlight 3 drawings that I created and submitted. (Hope you don’t mind!)

My Global Design speaks for itself…and it is being utilized by Lori Shayew’s~ The Gifts of Autism. She is spearheading” Love2Evolve”… an amazing global meditation for higher tolerance and acceptance! AWESOME!! (Check her Facebook page & website for all the info!) My other two designs are inspired by our great country, my sweet son Wyatt and My strong desire to SPREAD AWARENESS through common knowledge and unexpected friendship! PURE FUN!! Come JOIN IN! No reason to be shy! It’s ALL~GOOD here!!

To LEARN MORE about Love2Evolve …click here

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Calm COOL Colors…

Are the “New Black“! Is’nt that how the saying goes…when something is about to be in vogue?! Well AutismHWY has just declared a new viable way to calm our kids…COLOR THERAPY!! Seriously.I have been noticing it in one capacity or another for years. Now it is stunningly CLEAR to me! These kids so respond to color! How many of our kids love to drape fabrics over head? Viewing the world through their prism. Draping a buffer of color between them and the enviornment.

The last Easter egg hunt at Leroy Haynes School, Wyatt and I brought his “Parachute” game. So fun, to see the different play styles! Some of the students loved to be jumping and using the handles to flap the ‘chute up and down. While others chose to lie ” under the rainbow” feeling the wind and basquing in the reflecting colors of the canopy! Which they would have had no problem enjoying all~day!! Such a pleasure to see them all seek the sensory experience they preferred!

Alot of tents, forts,plastic cubes and play equipment. These kids often try to place a veil or shield between themselves and “Our BUSY World” Toning it down it seems. We know they have “Sensory Sensibilities and that they CANNOT tolerate flourescent lighting!! So why not try colored lightbulbs, colored lenses on glasses, colored glass for their bedroom windows!! Allison Dix’ Rainbow awareness to WHOLE new levels!!! I truly believe this is something everyone can consider and try. It certainly can’t hurt.

Lisa Bradshaw the brilliant speech therapist…(Leroy Haynes last free training provider) has imperical proof. Her son has had brain injuries since birth providing many challenges.Through the years her and husband Boyd Bradshaw have used great teamwork to help him through his many perplexing issues. She reports that her son wore PURPLE LENSES for two years! His choice. The ability to choose his color was empowering. Allowing him to wear the glasses and regulate as he deemed fit! AWESOME!!

Wearing the colored lenses was such a calming and effective thing for him!! After 2 years he just did not put them on anymore. He had self-regulated !! I have seen Wyatt use color in this fashion so many times!! Usually he chooses blue…I am curious what color your kids will choose!? Will they want it “Lit -up” or will they prefer it darker. I am quite sure that with all spectrum “issues”…EVERYONE is different. With varying degrees of ability or disability! Keeping us on “OUR TOES!”

It so~ DEPENDS ~on HOW YOU SEE IT!! I’m thinking …let’s SEE IT through…


The Irlen method…

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It has been over 160 years since California first STRUCK GOLD. It occured to me over this past weekend…that IT is about to happen again.The discovery of a rich vastly unmined resource. Our amazingly SHARP and TALENTED family members on the SPECTRUM! For years now people have been mistakenly counting them OUT. Well I am here to tell you it is time to start counting them IN!!

Count the MANY talents and abilities these amazing kids and adults possess. GONE are the days of concentrating on all the negatives! We need to “accentuate the positive.” Is’nt that, a line from some ..Disney song? If it’s not it should be. That’s how people get happy! In this day~ of so many medications and diagnosis~ ‘revolving’ around moods and behaviors. We need to REMEMBER some simple basics! Life is what YOU make it… and sometimes you get lemons. Guess what? Lemons can be and are a good thing. We need lemons!! Who does not appreciate a nice lemon handed to them? As a gardener there is nothing more life affirming than a fresh home~grown LEMON from a friend or a family members tree!

One of nature’s NUGGETS. Most of NATURE’S GIFTS are discovered and widely enjoyed. However, this population of ARTISTS on the Spectrum is a pure, rich source of vision and creativity just waiting to enrich this WORLD!

A new FRESH perspective. A perspective with such edge. PURE and from the honest heart. The world is in for a treat! The individuals ON THE SPECTRUM will show the world things it has never seen. Beautiful gifts of AUTISM and art. Gifts so easy to see on a couple of incredible groups on Facebook.~Artists and Autism~ & ~The Gifts of Autism~ Please enjoy the amazing celebration of our lives and differences going on there! Jeff Michael Kellen’s group is called ARTISTS AND AUTISM! Lori Shayew’s group is called THE GIFTS OF AUTISM! Please, go to these great RESOURCES and contribute! The experience WILL REVITALIZE YOU!

Our “Neuro~Diversity” is exactly what makes this planet so amazing. How many times do we hear the phrase, “If everyone was the same …life would be so boring!? As a parent of a boy with AUTISM I understand that phrase AND… these gifts. We all do! All of the Extended Families, Friends, Teachers, Aides & Therapists …the feeling we get is something special. SOMETHING GOLDEN. Worth an unexplicable amount. NOW is the time to share THESE GIFTS with others. The others that don’t know about this “NEW GOLD RUSH”…The gifted and amazing spirited people on the SPECTRUM that lift our souls daily!

So OUR WORK will be to convey to the rest of the world just how valuable this resource is. This untapped wealth of spirit and knowledge. A monolith of creativity brimming with heart and soul! Brace yourselves people… we are about to be hit by the MOTHERLODE!!!

Visit Artist and Autism on Facebook - Click Here

Visit The Gifts of Autism on Facebook - Click Here

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