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No!…Not what my brother Kevin is saying!! INSTEAD… The amazing Band fronted by Scott Siegel , Autistic Savant!! The more I hear the more I love!! Scott’s vocals are crisp, clear, and relevant! You can hear that he feels and means what he is singing! This is pure ~FEEL “GREAT”~ ROCK ‘n’ ROLL!! “Pure” being the key word here. Not downplaying the other band members…They ROCK Individually! Together THEY ROLL, Baby!!

Don’t miss the boat on this one…these guys are about to blast off to OUTER SPACE!! Awesome Guitarist, Tomer Bolotnikovaka AKA; Crazy Tomes, Seasoned Bass Player Wadada Watts and Young Drummer Jon McCracken!! What a perfect BLEND!! I can feel it! This music NEEDS to be heard! It is the most relevant message ROCK has had to DELIVER in a long time!! Seriously, when you think about it~ Rock has always sent a BRASH Message to “Certain folks” . Kids wanted to dance! They needed to MOVE! PURE Human instinct !! ( Even more so …on the SPECTRUM.) FOLKS began to HEAR the messages that Rock n Roll was putting out there and…as they say, THE REST IS HISTORY!

The 80′s Glammed ROCK up, then things seemed to go soft for rock and roll. GRUNGE came along and picked up “the slack”… new cool genres meshed melded and morphed…with METAL holding its own throughout the years (Just a lot speedier!! lol). However, me being a child of the 60′s, had been missing those Rock n Roll ‘Feel Good Anthems!!’ Where had they all gone? Seemed like no one had a Rock n Roll MESSAGE they were sending. The newer MUSIC seemed MUCH MORE, manufactured than Heartfelt! Nothing like the fun and passionate Rock n Roll anthems we grew up with in the 70′s!! Not until NOW !!

ARREST MY SISTER has a message! Scott’s awesome lyrics and delivery give CLUES into NEURO~DIVERSITY!! So exactly what “The scene” NEEDS!! His delivery of said Autism/Human Awareness LYRICS Rock the “F”- out!!! Oh, I’m sorry (Blush)… Hope that didn’t offend~ I just get carried away! This music is THAT moving to me. For years I had been telling my eldest son Aaron… how I missed a good, NEW~ Rock Band on the scene! A Band that was MORE the true ROCK of my “school-days!” Songs with HOPE for understanding and change. The change that ROCK N ROLL is visionary enough to set into motion !! Motion through movement, through MUSIC, through ART, through Scott’s MIND and his Band members SOUL!!

If you don’t have a sister…NO MATTER…arrest someone ELSE’S!! CLICK HERE and watch “THE CAVE” ;♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥♥¸¸.•*¨*•♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥” IT SO ROCKS !!!

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