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A simple concept. It’s nothing NEW.It  stands to reason. It’s perfectly understandable. It’s something we all need to do….MORE OF!  Cultivating talents and strengths  of the individuals within the Autism community!

Culturally we all love aknowledgments. We celebrate the accomplishments of others. Scrolling through history we see the amazing and notorious characters that have come before us. Notating such glorious behaviors and such dastardly deeds. People are capable of so much…and so little.

So every fall we must realize that a NEW DAY has dawned for Autistic people and the people who LOVE them!!

A SHIFT in the hearts, minds and attitudes of people. The perception of Autistic people and their capabilities is being re-focused. Fine-tuned if you will. Awards events, venues for  creating and showcasing ART, books redefining our peoples worth! In 2011 …we have arrived!

On the weekend of September 23rd-25th…we will ENJOY The 2nd Annual Naturally Autistic People AWARDS & CONVENTION!!

 The opportunity here is to INCLUDE a group of people that have been widely marginalized. Sadly it seems that this world of “Celebrating Self-Esteem” had previously overlooked the Autistic population.Well that is no longer the case. Our awards celebration is here to stay and we are thrilled about it! I believe society as a whole  had been assuming that we as a community had nothing to CELEBRATE.

NOTHING could be further from the truth. Life is worth celebrating no matter your “label”. We have life and while we have that gift we will make the best of it. We too have abundant gifts to share. Simply put this concept is at the crux of cultivating a happy life.  Growing and giving the good inside of yourself ~to others. The trick is finding those gifts that each person has to give…focusing  on interests and encouraging people to follow where those interests take them! Self esteem~101. It is a simple concept that has been overlooked for far too long. Society is NOW starting to get a small taste of the talent streaming in!

The very best way to SUPPORT this golden opportunity for the Autistic Community is to involve yourselves and…SPONSOR~ SPONSOR~ SPONSOR!!  Companies that break ground with this venture are cutting the edge in CULTURE CHANGE!! What better way to support the future’s amazing minds!! Your COMPANY can give as little as the price for 1 ticket - enabling an Autistic adult to attend the AWARDS ! To sponsoring the cost of an actual award (an original handblown glass design) with the aknowledgment of your sponsorship etched right in.  There are many ways to SUPPORT US! 

 We are very excited by the opportunities SPONSORSHIP brings. It says alot about YOU and your Company. Believing in these awards and what they represent is TANGIBLE!! Your dollars at work in the BEST way possible. Helping Autistic PEOPLE contribute to society. People that are alive NOW!  Not waiting for what researcher’s come up with years down the road. Living, breathing people. People that  desire and DESERVE support now! Show the Autistic community that YOU and the  CORPORATIONS of this world believe in the incredible possibilities for their futures !

DOWNLOAD SPONSORSHIP FORMS HERE…2011 Sponsorship form !!!  ThankYOU in advance!

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A Whole NEW Perspective!

Finally! We are seeing “IT!” This whole NEW PERSPECTIVE. This amazing and beautiful perspective from a population previously not seen. Well, let the UNVEILING Continue! The unveiling that has been happening on a daily basis on our favorite fb page. ARTISTS and AUTISM!! This is my 3rd highlight blog. Each week, heck each day we are seeing such creativity!! Such a wide range of talent gracing the pages at every turn. If you need up-lifting…turn on your computer and take a gander!! Like this amazing photo of a boy with a mind like an engineer. Always building and creating! Shannon Polachek Behric’s photo of her son Dylan is stunning.

Here is another example of a beautiful photo a Mother took of some awesome ingenuity! Donna Mitchell’s 12 yr. old aspie son Keifer creates TOYS with discarded objects. What a perfect intellect! A “GREEN~INVENTOR! So~ the way of the future!! BRAVO Keifer…EXCELLENT WORK!! Such, JOY…BEAUTY…TALENT and…FUN!! It is very uplifting to see the inspiration growing. It is undeniably evident! Perhaps… an artist had stopped painting. After a work from an earlier time is posted, viewed and commented on…the ARTIST is re- inspired and re-fueled to create ANEW! I have seen this not once but, many, many times!! QUITE AMAZING! It has been phenomenal to have been involved in such an inspiring venture! Thank you, Jeffrey and Kara Kellen for this privilege ! I am honored to be a moderator in such an amazing environment! If you’ve experienced this page you know! If not …I’ll say it again> Hop on this BANDWAGON!! And CLICK HERE!!/pages/Artists-and-Autism/366165741773?ref=ts

Also PLEASE suggest it to your ALL of your friends because, everyone is affected by ART & AUTISM…when you get right down to it!! So on this Blog featuring “Artists & Autism” I am FOCUSING on Photography!! Look at this stunning Sunflower and this cool cat. Seemingly ordinary objects brought to life by an astute FOCUS!! Cool Cat…Tucker snapped by his owner Annette Stanton Harkness & this beautiful Sunflower spotted and captured by Jupiter Bennett! Images that BRIGHTEN OUR DAYS!!

We have been told that people on the SPECTRUM pay attention to visual details. That is quite evident here!! These photos taken by individuals with AUTISM ~or individuals affected by it, on a daily basis. Show great insights into life. SPECTRUM Perspectives that have not been showcased. Until NOW!! More and MORE the word is spreading that there is a NEW VIEW On things “out there. ” An ASD SPIN “if you will” on the arts! A pure un-affected creative perspective.

View these photos and VIDEO realizing that these artists are extremely viable to the tapestry of our lives. That artists come in all shapes, sizes and INTELLECTS! That artists are NOT…ONLY “Neuro-Typical”!! If they were…I fear our lives would be nowhere near AS BRILLIANT!!

Please view CRAIG THOMSON’S video here

His UNDENIABLE words of honesty accompanying his amazing photography SO ROCKS!! He shows you AND tells you with his UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE the way of the future! Which NEEDS TO INCLUDE understanding our ASD Population. UNDERSTAND that they have talents ,that they are employable. and that we will ALL NEED TO work toward making that the reality!!

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