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Read the LABEL!

“Autistic People~People First.”  “People with Autism~People First.” To me they are one in the same. One just sounds better to me grammatically and also because it is the tag phrase for my Blogtalk radio show through  !! AutismHWY Fridays~ 

Wyatt is Autistic and Wyatt has Autism. I feel dumb that I don’t get that one of these phrases LABEL my son?! This has been pointed out to me three or four times this year…and I just wish it would go away haha…

I mean, I do understand the good intention surrounding this ”so called” People First language. That no one particularly wants to be labeled . That as my radioshow co-host Erik Estabrook so plainly stated, “I want to be seen as Erik.” Correct! We are ourselves, people first. However, that being said we grow, learn, change and label everything we come in contact with. It is the nature of being. So it is natural that we label ourselves and others. For reference points, for understanding, for everything. Only when there is a perceived negative connotation on your label does it become an issue.

For whatever reason non-Autistic people seem to have some kind of negative association to the word Autistic. Thus the kinder~ gentler terminology,  person with Autism. Which to me sounds,  sad and mundane. Powerless….like something that is with you whether you want it to be or not. I don’t know? As I write this, it occurs to me that ~ that is exactly it. When you say Autistic Person it has more power, more ownership…more pride in who one is! More…BAM!  Here I am  ! lol

So some cool gremlins were at work during my Naturally Autistic People First Blogtalk radio show a few Fridays back. I entered into a query with my Poet friend and co-host on the spectrum…Erik Estabrook about this language issue. I love having conversations with Erik! I find he surprises me with the direction of his thoughts. He is far and away one of the most interesting people I have ever met! So I had 1 phone after the next malfunctioning repeatedly. Our call in guest, Paul Maywood was calling the wrong number…So Erik was left manning the listener-SHIP!! Off and on  as I  was on for a minute and then drowning out…Erik was there…”Kelly are you there?? Kelly??”He was guiding me back, as if throwing me a life raft in the sea of misunderstanding.

I did not have the opportunity to listen in to Erik’s handling of business until later that night. When I did I had to laugh and smile in glee…Erik made such wonderful sense to me once again!! In my absense Erik gave me the exact conversation  the LIFE RAFT Of understanding I wanted to have!! LISTEN, LAUGH & LEARN!

During the times I was frantically trying to get back on air…Erik said something so brilliant. As only he could. Amazing  Poet with “Spectrum Perspective”…

Labels should be taken down a notch in level of importance as far as I’m concerned. Because, they get in the way of people feeling the way they want to feel and saying what they want to say. They disrupt a little bit of the natural flow in life. When you add too much organization and labeling everything you get people that don’t fit in and you get people pushed to the outskirts…..

Succinctly said! WOW…guess we should have technical difficulties more often! Thankyou so much for that my man Erik E!

I hope people will remember that labels are important. We should really only judge calorie content while reading them…lol. Everything else should be fair game. Embrace your labels people. Love what God made in the form of you and your child! You are incredible and unique and loved!


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Autistic People, People First ANCA Radio!! Feb.Series: All in the FAMILY!

NEW – AUTISTIC PEOPLE, PEOPLE FIRST™ – Naturally Autistic® ANCA® Radio Shows Call in # 1-760-825-0903

February 2011 Radio Series “All in the family”

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 ~  “In Conversation” with special guests: Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura from Canada, the founders of AWARD WINNING “Naturally Autistic ANCA” organizations, international Autistic People AWARDS, Naturally Autistic international magazine and APAC Global goes local awareness events. Click the links to learn more about their 16 years of service to the autistic community and more about the February line up of shows - **VIEW PROMO video.

Leonora and Charlie will speak about the history of autistic people in society, how things have changed over the decades and how autistic people, themselves are beginning to emerge as critical voices in creating their own Global Community. The fear and anxiety of not fitting in is starting to dissipate as the social media communities grow and expand focusing on what the “autistic mind” can do, rather than what we cannot do.

Sunday, February 13th, 2011 ~  “In Discussion” with special guests: Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura will discuss with a group of autistic adults from Canada, the U.K., Australia and the U.S.A. who are regular folks in the world with extraordinary experiences – about what it was and is like growing up as an autistic person, going through education, finding work – a career, making friends, developing relationships, having a family and raising children. **Discussion group of adults to be announced the week prior to airing the show.

Sunday, February 20th, 2011 ~  “All in the family” with special guests: Author, consultant and motivational speaker and father of three, Brian R. King and his wife Cathy King. The first two shows in February culminate with the second two shows, speaking directly to autistic people who are raising their own autistic family.

Sunday, February 27th, 2011 ~  “All in the family” with special guests: Author, artist, wife and mother of two, Jan Beaver Coad. The first two shows in February culminate with the second two shows, speaking directly to autistic people who are raising their own autistic family.

Wishing you all the best for a very prosperous and successful 2011!!!

Leo Gregory/Creator

Naturally Autisitic® ANCA® directors. Leonora Gregory-Collura and Charlie Collura
Tune in here EVERY Sunday 12:00 NOON Pacific!!

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Thanks for the CHAT!!!

Well, I just ended my first radio Interview with “ANCA”s Autistic People, People First” ~~first ever Blogradio show!! Double WOW!  I was interviewed by Scott Jackson and Tim P. Two fine gentleman both happening to be spectrumites! I loved every minute of it and quite possibly talked  their ears off!! haha

 I am never at a loss when it comes to talking about the many facets in spectrum life. Telling them my story behind the buiding  of was very fun. Expressing my hopes and dreams for our community warmed my heart! But, not as much as a call in from snowy Canada! The Brennan family  listening in live! Colin got on air and told everyone “they’ve got to get on the HWY.!! So cool! Talk about heartwarming! Thanks guys I love that support even, in the middle of a snowball fight!

I also loved talking about building the community …the continuum. Having our kids involved in activities w/ their friends week to week. Feeling connected to people that “get-it” all together….Working towardsl the time when more useful books are published and the language has shifted. Public perceptions change and empowerment  starts ruling our lives. Not sad victims desperately searching for cures. Cures that we don’t need. The need to live our lives in a fun and positive way. Is what we need. Working with what we do have to the best of our abilities. That’s LIFE in a nutshell!! Whether you’re on the spectrum or not!! is happy to say …Let’s get on with it!! Sign-up, and  EMPOWER yourselves. Make the connections you need to get things started for yourselves. There are alot of us out here ready for BIG CHANGES!! Changes for fun, finding strengths and talents. Honing those skills and gaining employment through those skills. We all must work together by pooling our resources! Bridging those gaps we have all been slipping through!!

So THANKYOU ANCA once again for what you are doing for the Autistic community. Highliting and employing autistic people is a beautiful thing. The more the world opens itself to accepting and working with neuro-diversity the richer and fuller it will become !


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