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AutismHWY Travels to ANCA Naturally Autistic: Chalk It For Autism 2016!

What an exciting initiative taking place at this year’s 7th ANCA WORLD Autism Festival Âû!
I am so pleased to announce that the / Chalk Festival and myself, will be coloring perceptions regarding Autism, at this amazing international gathering! I am so honored and excited to be returning to the Naturally Autistic People Awards in Vancouver Canada this fall as a …NOMINEE! My trip in 2011 as a sponsor partner was so inspiring and life changing. It will be fantastic to be back in this expansive vortex of complete acceptance and connection for AUTISTIC PEOPLE AND THEIR SUPPORTERS!
AWAF LOGO July 2016I am thrilled and so proud to be conducting an interactive Chalk Art Workshop. A workshop about this fantastic, OLD & NEW artistic medium as a part of this year’s spectacular global event. WOW!
Chalk and Street Art really do bring people back to their ancestrial roots. Our uniquely human instinctual need …to self express through creativity. Heiroglyphics in the 21st century if you will.  The experience will be exhilarating. I guarantee. As an artist working in the streets, sign painting I learned the power of colorful imagery inserted into everyday life, at a very young age.  I see how imagery markets everything to the world. I have since come to use this skill while engaging with the general public in realistic conversations about Autism. A very grounded way to connect on very deep levels!



It has been such a fantastic experience engaging with random people seemingly ‘not involved with Autism’ and learning through further discussion… that the majority in fact  are. We are indeed all connected, heARTfully.
At this years ANCA World Autism Festival I will share the story of how we built the Chalk Festival. How we came to a partnership with my fabulous hometown of Covina California. How everyone can experience the joys that ‘Street Art’ brings to people participating and spectating, something great for every community. We will see how the process emerges. I will share instruction, pointers and tips, showing the work from our past events and some of my special Autism chalkings from other festivals.

Autistic pride







Participants of the workshop will have the chance to chalk designs on square paper adhered to the table (simulating the chalk square model.) We will have imagery to prompt ART or encourage participants to work from their hearts and see what unexpected messages emerge!
BOOMWe will also be doing an inclusive rainbow color smudging which will activate us experientially. The weaving of the color scheme signifies that we all are made up of many characteristics that shift and blend throughout a lifetime! Using your fingers to literally blur your lines is a powerful feeling! It catapults us into the realization that we are all merging our similarities and/or our differing ‘ways of being’…into a NEW and more accepting way for the future.
A colorful, diverse and more intuitive way of communicating who we are. I am looking forward to authentically meeting and seeing you ALL this fall!

Kelly Green

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The Chalk Connection

Street ART is an amazing opportunity to share your work and the work of other’s whom you believe in. Chalk art is a colorful way to engage with people you have never met, yet! This weekend at the 24th annual Pasadena Chalk Festival I am once again…chalking it up with an Autistic spin!! Sharing imagery about what’s REAL in the world of AUTISM.  This is my 4th year at this Festival and the fans expect me to be here NOW! They know what I am saying is REAL and are actually looking for me to hear that. One gentlemen came running up to me so happy to CONNECT again. Fantastic times.


It is truly my pleasure to share this amazing documentary. An important film featuring the tremendous mission ANCA’s Naturally Autistic has steadfastly built for communities globally. Such a pleasure and a JOY to open hearts, minds and eyes….Now if we could just turn the Southern California Father’s day sun down to a reasonable degree!…Here is “SCENE #1″…what was put on pavement TODAY! Back tomorrow when it’s a wrap!  
pasadena 2016
pasadena 20161

pasadena 2016a
Scene #2: Day 2 at the 24th Pasadena Chalk Festival was a brutal 108 degrees for all of the hot Dad’s out there. I talked to quite a few of them about Autism and Heart. Another wonderfully eye-opening day for myself and all that I engaged and engaged me! Every year the love from this event compounds. People were very excited to discuss Autism in relation to what is happening in the world today and to see my presentation of this stunning documentary…

Here is the Connected Chalk Art canvas in the silent auction gallery that was bid on and won by a very excited fan that made a point to come find me! PLUS all of the fun finishing touches…on our mural!
What a wonderfully connected weekend. We were prominently displayed and made quite an impact on Pasadena this year. Thanks to the Bernstein Family for always supporting my chalking and Naturally Autistic. Most importantly for helping me through to the finish line just when I needed you both MOST!
CONNECTION is a choice…we can all make!


Like Rodina pictured below. She purchased the Connected Silent Auction Canvas and came to connect with me. Fantastic!
connectedcanvas Rodina

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Chalking What WE Believe!

At we don’t just walk the walk or talk the talk we also chalk the chalk! We CHALK what we believe IN......

The AutismHWY we roll on is chalked UP with street art for diversity. Calling attention to artful texts that need viewing in a mainstream festival environment. Enlightening dismal societal Autism views that have darkened the last century for Autistic people and those of us that love them.


Turning on bright lights and Autistic thought bubbles for people is exactly what we are ALL about!

Our mission is most important and our idea of a good time! It is also precisely why we have created and annually produce the Chalk Festival in Downtown Covina California! A festival for Autistic people, partnering with them and centering everything around their comfort, rights and needs!  #ChalkOn !

This will be the 4th time participating as a street Artist for Autistic rights chalking at the LARGEST CHALK FESTIVAL on the planet! The Pasadena Chalk Festival which falls on Father’s Day weekend each and every year for the last 23 years here in the heART of our San Gabriel Valley!
2013 was my first year joining all of the amazing talent that congregates at this spectacular event. My designs have always consisted of; spectral colors fitted together like paint draping our brains in a colorfully neurodiverse learning curve!

I chalk what I believe in and I believe in Autistic people.
Autistic pride
They are and have been valid world citizens on this planet from the beginning of time. That was really spelled out for the world last summer when the best selling book ‘NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity’ written by Steve Silberman hit the streets. I believe in this book so much…I laid it right down for all to see…



This year’s Pasadena chalking event is this weekend and once again I will be chalking up what I believe IN. I will be replicating The Movie Poster for the amazing NEW Documentary ‘Connected: A Film About Autistic People’ produced by Charlie and Leonora Collura directed by Sonia Suvagau. I had the pleasure of attending it’s screening at the Life Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles at the end of April. I was completely wowed and reviewed the film here Such love, light and reality. Something that is all too often very hard to find in the Autism industry. As we have repeatedly told our readers: Easy to find when you go to the source…Autistic people, of course!

Just last week the documentary was screened at the Hoboken International Film Festival in New York and was among the 4 nominees for Best documentary film of the entire Festival!! I could not be more excited to be chalking my spin on this beautiful Movie Poster. A film full of amazing vignettes that don’t just ‘scratch the surface.’ This film is built upon thousands of hours of work and the deep layered connections that are indeed like a fine painting. Decades of connections built by Autistic people for their grid on their infra structure at their speed. It is perfectly and ‘Naturally Autistic’ as the name states. Let’s hope my ART can do that, JUSTICE!


No posing or pretending to be anything but simply and wonderfully themselves…presented stunningly as they are. BRAVO to ANCA Naturally Autistic, to the entire team of amazing people on screen and behind the scenes. I only hope my chalk rendition of your masterpiece honors you ALL. xo

STAY TUNED for photos to follow…

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It was fantastic to see ANCA Naturally Autistic in L.A. today on the ‘Big Screen.’ In the midst of a turbulent year the Life Fest Film Fest chose to screen the fantastic and wonderfully calming 60 minute documentary “Connected: A Film About Autistic People” directed by Sonia Suvagau, executive produced by Charlie and Leonora Collura the founders of ANCA.
The film follows friends and participants at the 5th Annual INAP International Naturally Autistic People Awards and World Autism Festival held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2014. The connections so clearly seen in the film jump off of the screen right into your heart. The exchange of Autistic energy is a very high vibration and it shines through with brilliant force and enlightenment in the films entirety.


The interaction amongst Autistic friends and family members is something tangible that is very hard to describe. Yet once you have experienced it you won’t soon forget the feelings evoked. One such film festival goer had to tell those of us watching with Leonora and Charlie that he felt “energized” by viewing the film. I just had to giggle because I know full well of what he speaks. It’s undeniable and it is a HIGH. A high vibration of acceptance that filters out the ‘human ideals’ we have all been forced to assimilate into. Ideals that do not always go hand and hand with our innate humanity and our individual systemology.

nat aut
Seeing so many honest and lighthearted Autistic moments seemed to transport me back in time to the 2nd Annual INAP Awards Festival of 2011 that AutismHWY attended in Vancouver, Canada. People from around the globe working from the heart to create support systems for creative expression and complete connection. It’s what ANCA has naturally done for 22 years and seeing those energetic results on film was truly magnetic. Exactly the energy felt four years ago when life changing connections were made over that year’s 3-day event.
The empowered Autistic children and adults that participate in this annual event are sharing their dreams with the world so the world will share their dreams. AutismHWY firmly believes in the power of Autistic people and this film is just proof that seeing IS believing!


April Dawn Griffin, Kelly Green and Leonora Gregory Collura….CONNECTING!



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