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After tonights success at the BIG PROFESSIONAL SPORTS Event...Dodger Stadium has a new name!! Wow, what a great time. As the families and kids found their seats lots of fist bumps and high fives were flying Not only did we have a great turn-out…everyone had an “even keel” going !!

Wyatt had never been to a sporting event like that so I really was’nt sure how he would like it.We arrived good and early so that helped pave the way. Wyatt was in just the mood for HIGH-ENERGY tonite …and the Dodgers provided it. Right out of the box Matt Kemp hit a HOMERUN!! That’s awesome! Matt apparently has a younger brother with AUTISM. Dodger Stadium is having an AWARENESS Day this Sunday…so lets hope he thrills them as well! GO MATT!!

That was’nt the only HOMERUN! Immediately after that Andre Ethier hit a homerun!! Back-to-Back! That really got the crowd and kids going!! Very rare, very excitng. A very short time later ~ ETHIER~ hit another HOMERUN! Only this homerun was special…like our kids ! A GRANDSLAM!! So amazing…the baseball gods were…”In The House!” From there the rest of the game was cake!

We were ALL so proud of our kids! Everyoune had a fun time and we are so looking forward to another game soon!! Heck, we have been “OUT OF THE LOOP”…& IT FEELS SO GOOD to be back in it!!! We are not going anywhere!! We have ALOT of lost time to make up for!

All of us “Rocker Parents…had a huge surprise when we found out SLASH was on hand!! His rendition of the National Anthem was very COOL! Wyatt liked the sound of it!! He was super- charged last night! The baseball is REALLY Sinking into MY Boy!! I think for ALL these kids. Seeing everyone at the nighttime event really solidified these players!

Not just our kids are bonding…I have met some of the coolest and fun friends through this “A-LEAGUE.” Very much my feeling for AUTISMHWY!! People with “Like Minds” making a difference in our kids lives!! The best support you can get is from someone on the same road as you! Liking these wonderful FAMILIES is just the icing on that “Game Cake” I mentioned earlier!!!

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For the BIG EVENT in Pasadena, California Sat. April 24! The huge Autism Speaks Walk at the ROSEBOWL! What a great day that will be. Everyone out for OUR CAUSE, Vitamin D and of course …Some “SAME TEAM” Feel!!

Please strap on your tennis shoes or boots…and let’s do some walking!! Wyatt & I will be surrounded by our ‘support net’…Grandma Louise & Grampa “deep pressure” Bob. Uncle Kevin will even join the fun, as he is an avid walker! As we ALL should be. So exhilerating a brisk walk with friends you have LOTS IN COMMON with!! WOO HOO! Go TEAM “A”!!

I will be sharing a booth with the Fabulous Lora Mancini…as she talks to interested parties about AUTISM BASEBALL LEAGUES!! Baseball has been very,very good to our kids!! With plenty of season left… more room for growth, NO DOUBT! Lora and her adventures in autism baseball are remarkable. So stop by and talk about how you can get your ball rolling for FUTURE SEASONS! Lora can be reached here .

I will be “doing my thing!” Painting childrens faces or arms…their choice! FOR FREE ~While I continue my AUTISM DIALOGUE with them! On opening Day of “A-LEAGUE” I had a ball. I have always loved talking to kids! Very fun to see what they know about autism. Sad to say it is very limited so far but, folks that is about to change!! With the creation of our “Why does Wyatt do that” book …the learning will begin! Illustrator Rachel Walker has some color book pages for everyone to preview while we await books completion! So we will be passing those out with another little giveaway! We also have some cute surprises to unveil!

I am getting very excited to talk strategies with all of you! We ALL seem to have game plans that ROCK ! I am so loving seeing EVERYONE’S Creative “Actions”! Seems I am more amazed everyday! Sports, The Arts, NEW Books!! Promoting Friendship Through Common Understanding!! AutismHWY is on that mission and so HOPE you ALL stop by to say HI, and discuss the exciting possibilities and vibrations that are out there!! Hey and possibly get painted !!

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That is what we have going on over here at San Dimas Little League!! Today was our “A-LEAGUE” players 3rd GAME!! Improvement is duelly noted!! Even with the long-gap of Easter break…it is easy to see the affects game play IS HAVING! Some of these kids don’t know their own strength. Both Divisions HITTERS make constant contact. PING…CRACKPING!!! Love those sounds…and so do the families! SMILES~ABOUNDING!

We admittedly have had a few snafu’s with schedueling and issues with a shifting -practice field. Just NORMAL STUFF! Small potatoes …when you hold that up to ALL THESE SMILING FACES!! I am amazed at how these kids are truly BONDING with each other!! It must seem like I am carrying on about something so mundane. The act of bonding with others is HUGE for ASD individuals > something typical people TAKE FOR Complete GRANTED!

Wyatt had a bad night last night so he went home with Grandma.NO BASEBALL on his agenda today. Which is perfect for our kids…if he’s not up to it today…try, try again another day! NO PRESSURE! Wy’s “Friend Josh” had me rollin today! He says to me on the field…”Oh so Wyatt went home?”I replied “Yes”…and he happily says…”I miss that guy…when he says…YO YO YO !” Really very endearing that he is thinking about my son and his”ways.” Josh is definitely a talker…he had encouraging words & high fives for everyone that rounded 2nd!!

What really strikes me is ALL THE MANY HANDS!! Making light work. We have Brothers, Sisters, Moms, Dads…COACHES and S.D.H.S. Athletes pitching in. The spirit of comraderie IS “CATCHING” and I love it! We are truly a league to be reckoned with!! Team Moms with snacks, Dugout cheers and chants and the GREAT COACHES. Guiding these kids at their “speed” is becoming such a FUN GROUP PROJECT! We all seem to be meshing together to make that SUPPORT NET so needed. Such a GOOD FEELING!

The ENCOURAGEMENT and good vibes make such a “High-Energy”feel! How could our kids help but, not be boosted up? The Dodgers and Braves had their best bout yet. The Angels & Yankees AS WELL!! The players really focus when they take their cuts! I have never seen such GROUP fun running the bases. If we were keeping score it would be ASTRONOMICAL! As many of us that are running the bases and touching HOMEPLATE, with our PLAYERS…the neighborhood gyms will start going broke!!!

The MAGIC here is not ONLY from the GAME DYNAMIC! It is sharing that with people you love. Special People who need a little extra coaching on the field and in THIS WORLD. People we are priveleged to be “IN~CARE” of each day…as WE touch ALL THE BASES as we HAPPILY head for home!

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Our A-Leaguers are FEELIN IT ! The BUDDIES, The COACHES, The FAMILIES…WE are ALL FEELIN IT ! & What a good feeling IT IS!! It had been so long since I had been in a dugout, I had forgotten! FORGOTTEN?!! How I could have ?!…I’ll never know! Guess all these years in the “trenches” with this SYNDROME! You become a little weary…AUTISM is hard for the individual and even harder for the family! However, a little DUG-OUT “action” is going a LONG WAY toward healing that!

The feelings that go down on a baseball DIAMOND are transformative! Anybody that does’nt believe that…come on down to SAN DIMAS any given SATURDAY and watch the A-LEAGUE!! I firmly believe DUGOUTS are CHARACTER BUILDERS!! The game of baseball takes SUCH TEAMWORK!! As does AUTISM & ASPERGER SYNDROME!!! Our individuals RELY…on networks. NETWORKS of caring individuals…understanding, informed INDIVIDUALS. A Team mentality has always been pervasive ON THE SPECTRUM!

Teams that consist of Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. Not to mention the real TEAM LEADERS…The SIBLINGS! We are “in the dugout “DAILY!! When we are not in the dugout we are driving to the rest of the team! A vast number of therapists and their appointments, social skills groups, Drs. visits and on and on! You could add as many to the TEAM that you or the state can afford!! The net you cast covers it ALL…or so you think!

NOW, with each and every BASEBALL OUTING…I am seeing something I have not seen before. Autistic kids “lighting-up” over seeing their FRIENDS! This A-LEAGUE is awesome! This…ON THE SAME TEAMFEEL!” I have no doubts that this will carry over to everyday life. These weekends in the DUGOUT are pointing our kids in the right direction. On the HIGHWAY to FRIENDSHIPS! The feeling that they don’t run those bases alone, their daily struggles are all WORTH IT! As our players round the bases knowing that their team is in the dugout rooting and waiting to SLAP FIVE!

Their THIRD TEAM!!! Not Mom & Dad or their Siblings…Not The Teachers or varied Therapists. Their FRIENDS ,their comrades the ones they are IN THE TRENCHES with! As they navigate their way around Our National Pastime with THEIR TEAM! Building SKILLS, HEART and CHARACTER in The Dugout!

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