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Kid Companions – Great new product!

As a parent or caregiver, looking for accessories for a growing special needs child can be a challenge. Youth affected by Sensory Processing Disorder -SPD, Autism Spectrum Disorder -ASD, Attention Deficit Distorder ADD/ADHD, etc., can still benefit from developmental tools. However, age appropriate tools can be even harder to find.

Kid Companions is a chewable and wearable fidget that is safe, stylish and effective. It’s the perfect alternative to fidget toys and chewys that can be less-than-discreet.

The Kid Companion was designed by a mom for her child. They are bpa, phthalate, lead and latex free accessories made for children to teens. Unique tactile features help your child be him/herself, anytime, anywhere. Read their full story.

If you are interested in purchasing this product click here to view their website and more information.

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Hello…My name is Kelly Green, mother of an almost 11 yr. old amazing autistic son! His name is Wyatt Griffin Green…and in his short life, I have learned so much…and, so little! My “Oxymoron”.

When I think about that …I have to laugh, so often I’ve felt that way…like an Oxy-moron. How about the time Wyatt was really thirsty, we entered the ‘ Subway’ I approached the counter ,Wyatt darts for the first available drink of an “unknowing-distracted” customer! Oh the look of relief on Wyatt’s parched face! Oh the look of horror,then disgust on the grumpy man’s face! Of course my apologies and explanation spills forth…to a…STONE-WALL. Can you say…AWKWARD?! Fortunately times they are -a-changin!!! More and more the STONES are falling from that WALL…as I’m met with a knowing look, a smile and a nod…when” another “of my speils spills forth! Wyatt is a miracle in this world like all the rest of us …EVEN… if he does randomly steal drinks!!!

My beauty giving the thumbs up!

My beauty giving the thumbs up!

My Mission …is to PROMOTE FRIENDSHIP THROUGH COMMON UNDERSTANDING! Alot can be learned from these awesome , amazing PURE PEOPLE and is on a mission to PROVE THAT ! Linking ourselves in an “Informative Friendship Network” will be the building blocks to understanding. As our extended family members link and learn from each other…to help in spreading our words. When the people of our beautiful communities understand “us” when we are out in it…miracles will abound.

I actually see OUR COMMUNITY as an opportunity for typical people to “step-up” and better themselves. Something we have been lacking as a society in our busy self driven lives. Autism has become so prevalent…I guess I’m thinking it’s time to enjoy us…and just tell people “Hey take the time people to just stop & smell the autism”!!? I smell ROSES!!! In the future we will be needing more and more mentors to help guide our growing population. Assisted living situations will be expanding in all kinds of directions.

Common knowledge & understanding of autistics and their idiosyncrasies will be imperative. I already see some great programs to encourage mentoring…and I am quite sure those involved will feel an unbelievable fulfillment.

AUTISMHWY will be a place of celebration to enjoy our differences and learn through our similarities. I am so looking forward to meeting the amazing people on the AUTISMHWY!

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Check out…

Check out for updates to our new Autism Social Networking Website!

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Welcome to the new Autism HWY Blog!

Please check back often as we will be posted great articles and information about Autism and our new social networking website for those with Autism and their families.

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