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AUTISMHWY hopes…ALL PEOPLE watch HBO’s TEMPLE GRANDIN!… WORLD of info in 2 HOURS!! Give IT UP People!!!

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Lacking aim. An accidental chance occurance. Without careful choice. Purposeless. Haphazard.Seeming to happen without intention. Sprinkle…or connote with a little nonchalance and indifference. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you AUTISM. Sure sounds like all the characteristics to me! Actually all of that ‘prose’ is listed under RANDOM in your nearby dictionary. Words…seperated at birth? No… just TRUE SYNONYMS.

I began to think about the word RANDOM…after getting some stunning news from the company building AUTISMHWY... Alison ,web-builder designer- extraordinare was struck by a DRUNK-DRIVER! Luckily the only severe damage was the totalling of her car. She was parked at a gas station in the car with her husband & 2 dogs. Suddenly and RANDOMLY hit! Hopefully no injuries will recur from this accident. Life is like that sometimes at any given moment a RANDOM blow…that can devastate- in the blink of an eye.

How we all must have felt with the first diagnosis of AUTISM. The first day leaving your child in a “special needs” class. Not exactly what you had imagined. However, devastation CAN BE “in the eye of the beholder.” Autism is a GAME CHANGER no doubt! But the game of life is the same, just add new “ever-shifting” rules. I am lucky in the fact that Wyatt and I have flexible personalities. We have a way of operating on a fairly even keel despite the fork in our HIGHWAY! Really…somedays that is the best any of us can hope for, as we map out our lives.One day at a time!

So as we make our way RANDOMLY through life. Let us think about how lucky we are. As people we have many things to be thankful for! Yet often times we are caught up in the daily grind and forget about reaching out to others. Others that have been dealt the RANDOMIST of blows! Autistic people are awesome individuals that deserve understanding ,NOT indifference! Individuals that deserve respect, NOT nonchalance! So reach out with RANDOM respect and understanding for individuals…that seemingly were in the wrong place at the wrong time!!

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It is palpable…I feel it, then again I am biased. The feeling I have is that people are finally ready. Ready to address “Our ISSUE”. Ready to make it ” Their ISSUE”. Oh let’s hope! There are MANY thousands of awesome people who have been making this “Their ISSUE” long before it was ever even on my radar! Which is my point exactly. Who knew? Who ever knows? UNTIL IT HITS YOU! Now I know…Life on the AUTISMHWY!

I have been out and about…taking my “informal surveys.” “What do you know?” “Do you know anyone with?” “Have you heard anything in school ABOUT AUTISM?” I thoroughly enjoy this because, people fascinate me. I can only hope these queried individuals are fascinated by… and enjoy me?! My over-all findings are…the only kids that know anything about autism, have direct experience. Siblings, Friends or Cousins! Three of the very best resources OUR KIDS will ever know! Grandparents and Parents unfortunately have “pesky” longevity issues! This is why it is so important to help enlighten the “general population.” I am hoping that the world will “HAVE OUR BACKS!!”

2010 is a NEW ERA ! For AUTISM especially! Now that doctors have learned about the areas of the brain where the deficits lie. What will those brilliant minds do with that information? With all the emerging research people can try to “Find their Formula”. So many valid areas of thought that people can apply to their lives. This is what we need…the deep exchange of ideas and experiences. “What works for you?” ” Did you know this?”…”Did you try that? ” So MANY creative people with awesome ideas and support linking together…! An INFORMATIVE FRIENDSHIP NETWORK that’s what WE NEED !

Yes, our therapists and specialists will ALWAYS be needed. The knowledge they can impart is golden. However the families on the spectrum are a far vaster treasure of KNOWLEDGE! Autism is not a career path for us …it becomes the HIGHWAY of our lives. A road we are priveleged to travel. A road that gets easier with the MERGING of ideas, experience, friendship and support!

Support, not only from our families…but, from our communities! If “unaffected” individuals and their families learn “about us” think of the possibilities! Mmmm …”BACK-SUPPORT! ” Just the thought of that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling! Alot of times families can feel “Out-on-a-Ledge”… on the PRECIPICE. I’m calling out. AUTISMHWY is calling out GIVE US A HAND…help us off that ledge! I am so hoping to promote FRIENDSHIP through COMMON UNDERSTANDING! So we create a huge support system…to help this growing population through their difficult lives.


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EVERYONE Out there CUT-A-THON Challenge for autism awareness!Great EVENT !! Arcadia, California. Thanks!!

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