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That’s the Way We Roll

Craig Quat. WoW. Remember the name.


Craig, Paul and Archie at the 2016 AWAF event.

Paul-Constatin Cojocaru, Craig Quat and Archie David with a juggle board at the 2016 AWAF event.

He is by far one of the most amazing people to ever cross our path here on the AutismHWY!  Craig Quat and his uber creative company Quat Props is a game changer for people that like to challenge themselves, build skills and have fun while they are doing it. Craig’s talent and love of CIRCUS has become his life’s calling. It has catapulted him into the fantastic and creative purpose to make juggling accessable for ALL people. The importance of this work is easy to see as the mind/ body and central nervous system connections are truly the heart and soul of being human. Craig has found an amazing way to work the inroads of connection through his love of juggling and CIRCUS!


Craig and  partners actively teach people to organize their brains by juggling! At first this may seem a bit mind boggling yet, Craig clearly knows and demonstrates rapidly the immense value juggling has. Through the creation of his “Juggle board” and other engagingly fun exercises he utilizes the importance of focus, connection and rythym that will spill over into everyday tasking. Watching him work with varied individuals live at the 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival was truly fascinating and very moving. You could literally see him gage the inner thinking of each person he was “juggling” with. Through this rythmic creative patterning Craig stimulates quick rolling -turn taking actions which must occur sequentually, causing many brain connections to be made. Naturally brilliant! Just take a look at this video and Craig’s entire Vimeo channel, you will be astounded…


We see Craig’s skill set and point of view as a game changer for all people not just the Autistic population. Rapid fire rolling which uses the left and right brain in conjunction, is oh so helpful for so many of us at any given time in our lives. We can ALL use some fine tuning while multi-tasking and literally JUGGLING LIFE!


autistic renaissance

Craig’s ambidextrous ways will amaze and delight you, please explore his Quat Props website and all of the work he does. Meeting him this fall at the 2016 ANCA World Autism Festival was a HUGE highlight of 2016 and our great DECADE! We have always believed this was the game-changing decade for Autistic people and Craig Quat “plays” right into the emerging Autistic Renaissance perfectly. His innovative use of the CIRCUS EQUIPMENT he loves and/or develops brings great joy and quick success. I was permanently moved by his presentation. This type of activity brings it all home for people that have a mind/body disconnect. Challenging your system to travel in ways it is not used to is a daunting task for many. Until now I have not seen it done so fluidly with such intensity and such loving zeal. Craig Quat will change the world with his ability to teach “juggling life skills” and the ripple effects that will bring to all of us.

Put him on your list of VERY important innovators to follow!

anca 2016 craig quat

No where to go but UP Craig…WE AGREE!

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Recognizing Autism Naturally: Hold the Shame and Fear

Something wonderful happens when you have a super- natural, Autistic child and you then make friends with other super-natural, Autistic people. You feel super-naturally empowered. You don’t feel like you are operating in the dark all alone. You have friends full of enLIGHTenment that understand and recognize Autism and your child in ways that you cannot experience; internally (unless of course you yourself are Autistic and parenting from an Autistic perspective.) Internal understanding of Autism is essential for the enlightenment of all people and something I have long called “innerstanding.” It’s a concept that non-Autistic parents need when raising Autistic people of any age at ANY STAGE. 


It is critical to understand that the varied sensitivities and processing systems Autistic people experience daily are ‘differentials that slide on scales’ within each individual person’s framework and development over a lifetime of experience. This valuable information has opened my mind to the bigger Autism picture. A pragmatic reality void of fear and full of realistic knowledge.  A more worldly and intelligent view of Autism and all of the variables experienced within Autistic people. The sooner parents and ALL PEOPLE empower themselves by learning and thinking about this BIGGER Autism PICTURE… the better.
light in the dark


Autistic people have always been innovators in this world and will continue that work “in the closet or out of it.”


Right up until and into the amazing days ahead… when there are NO CLOSETS hiding Autistic people!


Be proud to understand this truth. This knowledge builds power and will have you and your family operating from a position of power that will lead you, your Autistic loved one and your entire inner circle towards success in the LIGHT. When you are being hidden OR hiding behind Autism’s dark and erroneous stigmas you will undoubtedly remain hidden away and invariably keep those oppressive stigmas in place. When Autistic people and their families do not take pride in their own lives by continuing to reside in shame and fear how then will we garner worldwide innerstandings and acceptance as a whole?


We won’t. The world will follow the Autistic communities lead. Where will we lead the world?


Shame, fear and insisted upon confidentiality are emotionally unhealthy places to reside.



The longer you are hidden or choose to hide, the longer the stigma controls your life, your spirit, your free-will and ultimately your soul.


Confidentiality and exposure are two separate entities that mutually exclude each other regardless if you are the child of the President-elect or the corner grocer… We cannot have it both ways and that plays out today more than ever. In an age of ‘electronic cuneiform’ we are no longer writing our thoughts on a rock that no one will see for centuries. We are literally telegraphing our thoughts, ideas and experiences globally in real time. It is mind boggling as stated in our last blog post here. We live in a time quickly moving to re-define itself. We urge Autistic people to step up, be heard and contribute! Remove the shameful confidentiality enforcement and painful stigmas that have kept the world in the DARK concerning valuable Autistic people and their priceless Autism truths.

It’s time we hold the shame , fear and stigma by operating from positions of power by stopping the world (and some Autism stakeholders) from continually pathologizing the super natural Autistic way of being!


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The Generations of Communication

glass ceiling
After the unprecedented 2016 presidential election a glass ceiling has been shattered here in the United States of America. Not the obvious gender based one that all attention had been trained upon. The ‘glass ceiling’ we refer to is an entirely new concept. The communication “glass ceiling” that has expanded greatly in 2016 and …as we have been saying all along, this entire great decade of change. We are living in the generations of complete and total plugged in communications. Just look at what our lifetimes have witnessed. In the last century our ability to communicate globally went from 0%————————————-100%.

Completely downloaded and connected!


With just the push of a button and the stroke of some keys…you can be heard and you can be read; LOUDLY and CLEARLY all around the world. What communication ‘ceiling shattering’ progress!! Progress we don’t seem to marvel at or even acknowledge because, it has become so ‘normal’ so common-place. Something that was once unheard of has become our everyday experience.

In this 2016 news cycle of social interconnectedness we communicate freely with the greatest of ease and at lightening speeds.


But do WE…really?

glass heart

In today’s society we frequently see communications that are filled with disdain. Conversations that are unkind, extremely harsh, personally critical and beyond. People seemingly have less and less empathy in this fast paced entertainment and information driven society to be mindful and gracious. It is seemingly all about out doing one and other or having the final word. The art of communication has been lost. Many people spend time “branding themselves” and “messaging” their personal agendas instead of listening to one and other and enjoying authentic or caring human connections.

In this GENERATION of COMMUNICATION what better time and place in history for us to RE~BRAND those  communicative styles. In Autism we have a responsibility to our culture to understand communication on levels that are as deep as the ocean. We cannot merely skim the surface and rush along as so many people seem to. Communications must be respected and reworked in most instances and through this process you find much more respect for the individuality of each person you interface with. In our fast paced lifestyle how often does this contemplation even occur?  More and more we seem to witness people talking at one and other and in many cases not truly understanding who they are even talking to.


Melania Trump recently revealed that she wants to have a national conversation about this harsh style of communication in the world. Many people made a big joke of that by saying, “She should start at home with her husband.” There is some truth in that because, honestly we should ALL start at home within our own families. We can all be more respectful to our individual family members; ‘Autistic or Nautistic.’  More forgiving and respectful of our neighbors and those we meet and greet on a daily basis. Autistic people have shown us their extreme discomfort in conjunction with many of the so called “social norms” or ”ways of the world.” Listening to those discomforts and concerns will guide us to more authentic ways of getting our information, thoughts and feelings recognized. Let’s join the new first lady on her platform for respectful communication change!! AutismHWY hopes that kinder and clearer communication is ONE THING we can all agree upon as we move forward to 2020 visions…melania-trump-2-3001

A whole new era of COMMUNICATION through respectful understandings and kind gives and takes?!

Can WE do this?…YES we CAN!

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The Divided States of Autism

Today, November 8th 2016 is election day in the U.S.A. It should be a proud and exhilarating day for each and every one of us. However, that is just not the case this year. The past political campaign of Hillary Clinton verses Donald Trump has been soul crushing. In a country that prides itself in being “United” today is most ironic. The great divide will become apparent as the poles close one by one. Many of us wonder this morning what tomorrow will bring? The barrage of hateful rhetoric that has traveled in both directions is hard to process. For anyone.


Sadly, it is reminiscent of the Autism Divides we see so prominently. Those that believe Autism is a disease that must be eradicated, those that seek to blame others for Autism’s existence, those that use harmful language to share their frustration about a life which includes Autism and Autistic people.sand hand

Juxtaposed against a vibrant community of love and understanding for Autism and Autistic people. A community of people that accept and appreciate that; Autistic DNA runs throughout a human system for a lifetime. That Autism is an INTEGRAL part of humanity and must be supported in ways that make the Autistic person comfortable NOT in ways that make “others” comfortable.

Listening to Autistic voices about Autism...priceless.

Listening to Autistic voices about Autism…priceless.

At we have faith in people, in self worth and in UNITY. We came on line 6 years ago to prove that different thinkers are to be uplifted and united with society not marginalized and held down by it. We are all better together, respected and…UNITED FREELY. IMG_0098 BRIGHT FUTURES full of bright ideas for ALL PEOPLE is what AutismHWY is VOTING FOR and BANKING ON!

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