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Tick, tick ticK!!

It’s WORLD AUTISM DAY and the official 11 day countdown to our 9th year chalking UP community connections.

Stacy Nalapraya designs it the way it IS!
Stacy Nalapraya designs it the way it IS!

Inviting the community to come out and engage Autisticly with us for the day! It’s what we have always done and what we will always do. No staying home wishing for a day to play. We have created this space together. Together celebrating AUTISTIC CULTURE! A day in the sun (most years!!) filled with loving vibrations, practical information and incredible heART!

Lysa WINS Best Color PRO...
Lysa Ashley’s ┬áheART felt Giraffe design!

Autistic people know what works for them and they want to share that with you in chalk, in words, in physical space. All you need do is create that space for people to connect, listen and learn from one and other.

So come out to Downtown Covina California Saturday April 13th, the heART of AUTISM ACCEPTANCE month to experience sensory bliss. The rythym of the sights and sounds will flow through your whole soul!
2019 Chalk Art Festival - Spring Covina Today

This year we have SPECIAL GUEST Craig Quat the mastermind behind Quat Props. Meeting and experiencing what Craig has to share… will blow your mind and LIGHT UP every neuron! See YOU soon! scan0003

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