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2016 and BEYOND…



Z! Marks the spot...

Z! Marks the spot…



The AutismHWY has been full of more twists and turns than “normal” in this past year and we do not expect anything less for 2016! Bring IT on!! Horn tooting and ALL…just make sure you have ear-plugs and noise defenders if needed!

We have often compared Autism and the landscape around it to the Wild Wild West! Untamed and unregulated with too many sheriffs that don’t know what the heck is going on in town! A vibrant array of self-made salespeople tooting horns and hawking toxic snake-oils and so much MORE. People claiming to be the first this and the only that. Honestly, a lot of people that tell you what you want to hear, what they want you to hear and plenty of things that you don’t want to hear.


Not a lot of Autism honesty. Honestly.

In that kind of wild and wooly environment Autistic people have amaZingly made their honest mark. Like ZORO with a blazing sword marking out that letter Z. I love how Autistic people can think-jump straight to Z and work back towards A. It’s a gift, just a bit hard to follow at times! However, when you catch on the learning comes quick.



Think fast!!

Many Autistic people are seeking to reframe the world for the future generations of Autistic people in this way~ from Z to A. Turning conventional thinking on it’s head! Where has conventional thinking landed us anyway? We say on OUR collective heads. The community of parents and professionals supporting Autism can count on quick thinking honesty when reading the words of most, some, all (insert your favorite adjective) Autistic people. These words are not costing you more than the price of a book or your time on the internet. Isn’t expanding your AutismIQ worth this minor investment? This life changing leap of faith should be warmly embraced more than a million scrolled past and over-shared memes.


People not tooting their own horn…

Will bring you the most bang for your honest buck. People paying attention recognize this. Those banking on seizure inducing flashing lights, grandiosity and “Autism quick fixes” miss the entire Autism picture. The books and writings of Autistic people are rich with what your family needs to create their own unique Autism road-map. Individualized compass’ created for each person by picking and choosing from this honest information will be much easier to focus in on. Everything coming from pure source from the ground up. The source of love that Autistic people have for other Autistic people. How can you go wrong from this grounding point? Learn about Autism from those that live it. Base your Autism equations on Autistic source knowledge added to the instinctual connections you have with your loved ones and any other useful information you have found.


In source more, out source less…

So in 2016 get in the fast lane. Why pussy-foot around? Look at your “sources.” Are they re-hashed and re-worked words and methods out sourced for Autism by people of another generation? People that do not truly understand the Autistic system? People not considering the Autistic perspective on any level? On multiple levels? (The more the merrier.) Have they updated with the rapid changes? Are they Autistic based or driven, consulted? Raising these bars are how activists seek to force change. Questioning the status quo. Creating change that hasn’t truly happened in their favor. Until NOW.


NOW, is where it is at!

NOW more than ever it is time to amplify the information Autistic adults share regarding Autism. This paradigm is shifting and information is quickly expanding and this will only increase. Let’s toot the horn of Autistic people for a GREAT CHANGE! It’s their turn to be heard. Their turn to conduct and orchestrate the melodies we need, to indeed harmonize life for the futures of Autistic people. Their chance to enlighten and guide the world in understanding Autism and Neurodiversity!

CHEERS to 2015! BRING IT On to 2016!



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