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Against the Grain

kev, wy and redwoodwood heart“Going against the grain”: Idioms and Autism go hand and hand we have all discovered that at one time or another. When you have subsets of people viewing the exact same concept (or group of words) in differing fashions so much gets lost in the literal and figurative translations…


Natural things have a way of being. A grain, a flow, a natural sequence of energy. Patterns that can be seen again and again and for the most part can be relied upon. When we deviate from those patterns, those natural “grains” we disrupt a certain order in our universe. We splinter.




Modern man it seems has always felt that ’his’ order should be supreme. Often times splintering against natural grains. Creating infrastructures and setting up man-made orders and patterns. At times arrogantly deciding that humans know better than nature. Transforming natural grains into forms more palatable for the desire du jour. To those of us that respect the natural world this is a shame and a crime against the very thing here to support us. Our natural environment, the universe: our grain. The world is full of rhymes and reasons that make complete sense to the natural order here. The balance of respecting that order is not always priority in all of the big ideas humanity has employed. Big egos harnessing aspects of the universe for ”mankind’s” greater good has been a tremendous tightrope act. Many oooos and awwws and at the same time many dastardly and unthinkable, oh nos.



Just how much man-made order should humanity impose on the natural world? In the world of Autism going against the natural grain of an individual was and is standard practice. All of a person’s Autistic instincts were and are (sometimes) still deemed invalid and in need of erasure.  Sadly, people born with this neurology and conjoined physical coping traits are branded in the worst possible ways. Setting up physicians  and psychologists to label, cure and rid the world of such an ‘unnecessary population.’ This is where the soulless arrogance of humanity made and continues to make despicable mistakes: deciding who is and who is not, a natural and complete human being. Splintering our own humanity by going against natural grains.



The universe is not ours. We are merely residents that must respect the natural order of our planet. We are at our universe’s mercy. So why is it so hard for humanity to respect the natural energy of the amazing life forms here on our unique planet? Why must a “normal model” be held up for all others to adhere to? That is preposterous! The natural grains and flows of our uniquely coded  selves deserve to be respected. Especially since learning through amazing scientific advancements that each and every person has a one-of-a-kind DNA code. Their own natural grain to flow with.


Natural and undeniable proof positive that there is MORE than just one way of being uniquely human.



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