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Autism Positivity 2014

I love Autism. I love my son. They are packaged together and I love the whole package! Love is my life’s filter that takes us over the daily hurdles. If we give ourselves more hurdle’s than necessary then it becomes hard to keep up. Life is about hurdles to be sure. Some we produce and many that others produce for us. It’s the jumping of those hurdles that matters, when to jump and when not to.



Our society has downloaded people into believing they have to reach for more all of the time. Don’t accept what you have. You need something different, something more, something else, something better.  Jump these hurdles for us to be where we think you should be. Sadly we are stripped of the beliefs we have in ourselves and others. We are often put on other people’s obstacle courses full of unnecessary hurdles. Differentiating the messaging surrounding these hurdles is very crucial and that is where PosAutivity is KEY!  Stand your own ground and know that you are made of 100% awesomeness, regardless of the negativity that has been assigned to Autism through ignorance. Pick and choose the hurdles you buy in to. Believe in yourselves!



Believe in yourselves, your Autistic friends and family members. Don’t let other people’s negative messaging about Autism  hold power over your lives. Connect to the Autistic adults in the world sharing their inside Autism information! Work pragmatically toward accommodating the needs your loved ones may have. Through love, validation and respect so much more can be accomplished towards personal success. Positive energy is how we should all roll.


Watch OUR 4th Chalk Festival Video to see the awesome PosAutivity we created this year and will continue to create every year to come!






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