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Poison Pens and Pissed Off Moms

You know the saying, "If you can't say something nice....."

You know the saying, “If you can’t say something nice…..”



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I have learned to expect both of those things here on the internet and especially in the multi directional community “supporting” Autistic people. There are so many differing ideas and expectations concerning Autism, one could hardly expect this community to be a cohesive group. There are people that would love to nuke Autism because their problem solving techniques and singular sided intellect demand it. There are others that seek a more natural and accepting approach because, that is the way their intellect plays out. Then there are those traversing in and about the middle trying to sort their journey out as they mull over each end of this spectrum of beliefs. A culture defining itself as we …………………WRITE.


We all follow our respective “natures” or we follow other’s.   That can be scary when you read what people write. What they…………………………………………………………..SPEAK. What they think.

This week’s current example of bigotry and intolerance comes courtesy of a horrible letter recently penned and sent like a shot through the heart of all things and people Autistic. Be forewarned it is despicable……………………….. NEWS STORY HERE.

Such a distorted reflection of what human nature should be. To see this kind of raw, dangerous hatred against a person clearly not considered human enough to be understood. The kind of person that could voice a diatribe like this and the people that would choose to follow this hate deeply sadden us. More of a tragedy will be the children of this “pissed off mom” with a poison pen. The sick and selfish energy her hatred imparts to them on a moment by moment basis is scary. This type of pathology is not normal and I will go out into my yard and scream it daily to make that point!  



Hatred from one  neighbor to another in Toronto, Canada. A woman following her nature of despicable hate and intolerance with a large dollop of utter selfishness.  A triple layer of inhumanity. If you have the heart to read the perverse text (click to enlarge) it leaves you kind of speechless with tears in your eyes. I felt my heart plummet reading the vile and deliberate hate speak directed at a human being. A beautiful human being much like my son. A teen that sometimes screams and cries in utter pain and discomfort. Yes, inside and outside of his home. Is he a nuisance to his neighbors? Yes, if they are self-centered, small minded and hateful like the cowardly author of  the anonymous hatred above.


My neighbors have heard some very difficult moments in my son’s life. Are these moments loud and scary? Yes, at times they are.  They have also witnessed a blissful young man enjoying his day in the sun, as he well should. After all,  The Sun Shines on Everyone Equally!

My bundle of raw energy named ~Wyatt Griffin Green.

My bundle of raw energy named ~Wyatt Griffin Green.


Should you choose to believe that a person with a central nervous system crisis, in the midst of a painful interruption is trying to annoy you, or terrify your “normal children” you show your complete narcissism. Only a person like that could and would suggest euthanization for any individual.  A person believing the universe revolves around themselves and their perfect family, hates and begrudges others their own orbit in our shared solar system. It has been a problem dragging humanity into and through the mud for milleniums. I just wonder when we can EVER evolve away from the mire and elevate our knowledge and understanding of other’s perceptions and the very real differences experienced in the ever changing environment we all share? Respect those differences and accept that we all have difficulties and that we all deserve love and complete support from one and other.


I want to say YES, it will happen. People will stop the egotistical hatred and eliteism. Ableism will cease and the world will treat all people of all differences with love, respect and equality. YES, YES, YES.

"Make Friends" with what you don't understand!~Making Friends with Autism Coloring Books~

“Make Friends” with what you don’t understand!
~Making Friends with Autism Coloring Books~


NOW…… get every one else to say……. “YES, YES, YES.”

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One Response to “Poison Pens and Pissed Off Moms”

  1. Patricia Chandler says:

    You should make a video speaking directly to this “person”, telling them in full detail how their WORDS of Complaint about someone they don’t even know, Your Son, could never equal the enormity of PAIN it is Causing YOU, which in turn Causes Your Son to react. It is going to get worse before it gets better and it will! Autism is Caused by: Hatred, Greed, Envy, Lust, Violence, Bigotry, Elitism because Autism is Universally Revealing all of these Behaviors, Personality Traits in the Human Soul, which needs to be Corrected. Figure, it’s going to take something as profound, tremendous, daring and AUesome as Autism to Wake People Up!

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