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Not JUST talking “The Talk”…

…OR walking “The Walk”. We are taking  Autism Awareness Action in new ways…Giving people a sensory experience if you will. Art and acceptance go hand and hand. What speaks to people without words? Yes, Autism speaks to me in this manner through my 12 yr. old son Wyatt. But what I speak of  is divine creativity! The mother of all invention. People’s minds used to the highest power to start something new!

Mixed in with a splash of color and positivity! What better way to bridge to people’s hearts and minds  than through color, creativity and smiles. Since I had my “epiphany” to create books describing my son’s Autistic  behaviors to the many curious children. I have felt an amazing flow of energy. Unexplainable really. One great connection after another presenting itself. Truly remarkable. I have always been an artist working alone. In recent months I feel as if I have been recruited.

Recruited to an invisible yet, powerful surge.An artistic army making a wave of change. Change in perceptions and attitudes. Attitudes that have shaped generations of Autistic people and their families. Worse yet, the rest of the world. Attitudes of shame , sadness and anxiety over the future. Feelings all valid and understandable in the culture we live in. That phrase is critical though. “The culture we live in”…  the amazing and the absurd. There are so many amazing things people are capable of and at the same time so much absurdity. People need to realize that “the culture we live in” is not the gold standard. Not the end-all, be-all.

The ideal, the pinnacle, the cream of the crop? People have given in to such crazy and unnatural behaviors. All for the sake of status. When  car companies propogate elitism to children sitting in vehicles at stoplights as per who has the superior backseat entertainment system…excuse me while I go and throw-up. Really? Is this the ideal? Status seeking chidren raised up to better society? Is this the legacy that Autism steals from you? Then thankyou very much, I have been burgaled!! I won’t be pressing  any charges. Sometimes, I believe less can be more.

Sure Wyatt’s life may not be filled with proms and cars and jobs…Should I go out there in a frenzy trying to make that happen with every hair-brained plan going?? When in my gut I know it is not essential to him? I think not. Playing the hand your dealt is what life is about for ALL of us…!! My Autism Awareness Action plan is about making sure everyone is told the rules to the game. How can we expect people to play awareness games with us  if no-one understands the rules? Through happiness people can recieve information much easier. With sadness and dread messages are avoided and lost. Saved for the people that have to deal with those messages. So with Happy and creative plans we go to the masses. Seeking to find people open to this perception shift.

Coloring awareness in new ways, that bridge  what autism really is for people…walking and talking are what we do everyday. People are used to it…we need something NEW~ a gimmick.

“GIMMICK: a trick device used by a magician.” Sounds about right!! To get the masses to realize the error of their thinking regarding Autism. .We could use…Harry Houdini or~The perfect solution ART, HAPPINESS and good old fashioned INGENUITY! Chalk Festivals, MURALS, “Teaching” Coloring Books and Pages. Positive imagery making positive attitude adjustments. Take control of  the Autism belief systems in your area, start campaigns of colorful change! Need some ideas? Just ask me how~


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