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Autism Awareness…in PICTURES!!

I have really been enjoying myself since I started designing Awareness LOGOS!!  It was just the natural progression after I began  working on Alison Hoyer from and I rapidly came up with the AutismHWY logo…Which I love!!

Rachel Walker and I then came up with the winged puzzle piece and the rest is history!!

I am very visual and wanted images to compliment my text! so I visualize what I want to see and make it happen!!

So, to that end I have been painting the town ….very FUN and an effective tool.

Imagery can speak volumes to people and I like to talk happy!! Happy and positively trying to get people to take a long look at AUTISM. It’s not what you may expect!

To the contrary…we are stable and able. Once further education is given to these kids, they will soar. It is time we ALL stood up for them and welcome them into our lives.

Helping them to be understood and respected as people differently abled is key!

I will have my visualization cap on and my paintbrush in hand from now until AWARENESS is met !

Met, understood, accepted and INVITED IN!!! What a day that will be.

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