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Shedding Light on Things

Recovering DNA…I don’t think that is possible.

We all want our loved ones happy, healthy and as empowered and able to function as effectively as possible.”RECOVERED” & That means so many different things to each of us…because we are so… diverse.

What I see~ is Autistic Adults feeling negated…when mothers and fathers act as if their children are so horribly damaged/ injured…when they are not. They are organically DNA ~wise different. So research money that looks for what?…a way to twist GOD’S DNA strand…? impossible.

So take some of that research walk money and create a community that thrives and teaches the world how to interact with autistics differently…causing the world to learn about and embrace another way to process information. Making people much more thoughtful in that process.As we all bridge gaps and help each other be better people. We are too social…they are not social enough…can we meet in the middle somewhere? We as parents of autistic children learn how the important things in this world are the natural and simple …not the over stimulated manufactured world our kids cant handle. Autism is natural selection. I believe it more everyday. Let the scientists search…but we all have to live and create industries for our kids to live, be understood and ultimately employed  NOW!………..Today.

That is where the “blue light” should shine! ♥

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2 Responses to “Shedding Light on Things”

  1. Rachel says:

    VERY, VERY WELL SAID!!! If only parents could just embrace their children for who and what they are, we could start creating the awareness they require to be able to strive, like the rest of us, if not better!

    blue, light it UP!!

  2. I love what you are sharing here! D.N.A. – “Do Not Alter” We have an awesome and mighty Creator–Why try to fix something that is not broken? Our safe harbor is accepting one another! I’m perfectly happy wearing the “genes” that were handed down :) While there are those who are looking for a “cure” for autism–I am looking to “endure” with autism. While others are “playing” with the DNA–I’m “displaying” my DNA. When life hands me lemons–I squeeze them dry & hand them back. When people lay snares before me–many don’t realize that I’ve been there & already “dismantled” :)

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