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There for YOU. Created for YOU. All about YOU! 100% guaranteed! I don’t need to say, “or your money back” either…because it’s FREE! Free space for fun connections, photos, videos,  articles, games, events, issues and relaxing chats! A place all OUR OWN. A beautifully decorated ASD safe haven!  Recruit your family and friends to link up and learn from one and other. A place to do what you will and make the best out of it!

 This last year I’ve had networking  on line  in the Autistic community has taught me alot. Mainly that there is a whole world of positive possibility now opening up for people on the spectrum! There are many of us focusing on strengths and not deficits!

You wouldn’t of felt that way watching Dr. Oz’ s show this week. He devoted a whole segment to Autism… inanely titled ” What causes Autism?”…….. Talk about a cliffhanger. 

What causes Autism?? Are you serious ? A 1 hour show lol!! I am tired of that worry. I have taken myself off of that precipice! We, as parents  all should. Leave that for the scientists…and  instead love , understand and accept Autism. In turn helping others do the same. 

 Our kids are autistic not terminal! Yes, it is no picnic…but, most picnics have ants! That is the nature of life. When you deal with everything (positive and negative) that comes your way you are bound to learn a profound lesson! You ALL know what I am speaking of.   Maybe the episode should have been  titled “What causes DNA?”

I wonder why it is so important to focus on cause? Oh….that’s right to find “the cure.” People thinking they can “alter DNA” working feverishly to secure “5-yr. Grants” for  causation and cure research.  Are they thinking…”We must eradicate parents worst fear…this horribly dreaded diagnosis”…(?)  That was the attitude prominently trotted out for our viewing pleasure. A father was there to talk about his sad legacy…his only son is autistic. Another very tired  mother, single with three kids on the spectrum. I hear two words in all of this =”Why Me?”

It is not…”Why me?” It is why them? “They” autistic people have strengths and deficits just as all the rest of us do. As parents you do want the best for your child. However, is it best to be in constant turmoil, anxiety and horror of your child’s DNA? Certainly not in my world. My son has Autism 100%!  Do I get tired of some of the factors that go along with that? YES 100%. I have a 22 yr. old son. Do I get tired of some of the things that come along with that? DOUBLE Yes!! 200% lol…

It all comes back to this simple fact. Life is what you make it. If you let Dr. Oz and his panel convince you, you should fear having children after age 35 or your life is over with an AS dx  and your legacy has been ruined, then that is on you.  That is the reality you perceive and dwell in. How about this… You have been given a challenge. TRUE, your expectations  now SHIFT !  This can be the start of a beautiful relationship. 100% release of previous expectations. Down a different HWY. then expected. Go with the new flow of your altered life. Understand Autism from the inside out! It helps you understand yourself.  Stop insisting your child do the impossible and become you. Find a new legacy!  Allow your child room to be themselves, to go in thier own direction with guidance. Relax about this diagnosis, let it surprise you with the things it offers you. 100% pure love, NO game playing and a real vision of the important aspects of humanity! I have found Autism to be an incredible B.S. filter. 100%!!  It factors out all of  the unimportant…kind of like turning the channel on your T.V. set!!

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4 Responses to “ 100% !!”

  1. BMHS says:

    I literally just watched Dr. Oz’s ‘What Causes Autism’ episode and a couple things make me want to scream, some of which you mentioned.

    First, he couldn’t even dedicate a full hour to the topic, it was more like 36 minutes of unanswered questions and cliffhangers of ‘we’ll get back to that’ and of that 36 minutes, about 20 minutes of a vaccine war. Every question answered made half of the audience cringe in disagreement, and visa versa.

    I think this episode was even more evident on why it is so important to not only spread autism awareness, but autism acceptance and understand (like the Awareness Is Not Enough campaign is promoting) because seriously, that dad who was talking like ever man wants a son to ‘carry his legacy’ and to sound like he was doomed for the rest of his life, that just struck a nerve. I have no idea why Dr. Oz’s team decided that that man should be the voice for all the fathers of children with autism, but now every man out there thinks that his life is over if he has a son with autism. I guess it’s all about the ratings…

    It really would of been nice for them to show the moments that are so rarely caught on film of the happiness a child (with autism or not) can bring. Instead they focused on the side that people seem to dwell on and that’s the controversy side, which is a shame.

    In the end, I don’t think that Dr. Oz’s episode answered any questions, to anyone, or at least anything you couldn’t find out from 5 minutes of Googling autism, and especially nothing no parent with someone on the spectrum didn’t already know. While it was great to be talked about, and probably gave Dr. Oz a lot of ratings that day from concerned parents, I do think it was a pointless, and until we know more, an endless debate of time really.

    One thing I can honestly agree with something that was mentioned on that episode was the fact that research companies are funded by whoever wants the results to benefit them. So you can’t really trust anything. That being said, do I know what causes autism? No. Do I care? Sure, I’d like to know. If autism was preventable, or there was a cure, would I be interested? Of course. While I disagree that ‘autism is the worst thing a parent can be told’, I can honestly say that if there was a cure for autism, I’d take it, if it was preventable, I’d do everything in my power to prevent it. Why? I honestly don’t know why!

    I mean, I look at my life now with my son, and I can honestly say that while his diagnosis doesn’t make him who he is, it did change the way that I look at life. How I appreciate the little things, every single little thing. But it is so hard to answer why I would want to prevent something if I don’t know what the alternative would of been. You know what I mean?

    And I do agree that life is what you make it, just don’t let it make you crazy!

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