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GREAT Expectation!

Wow………The exhilaration I have been feeling just keeps rollin along down my AutismHWY! This Friday…I, Kelly Green will be in the presence of “GREATNESS” !  Ms. Temple Grandin, Doctor, Professor, Cattle Industry Visionary, Good-sense mentor ….AUTISM BEACON!! This amazing woman has helped an untold amount of people infinitely! Talk about living in service to others! She is the  truest example of that to be sure!

The funny thing about that, is it was never her purpose or her intended vision! It is purely who she is and what her heart and soul has guided her to do. No pretensions no “business-plan”. Just the sense that I NEED TO DO THIS!! This is the heart and soul of her brilliance. The so-called ‘mother of invention’.  People living in circumstances that call out for change.  Always the best catalyst for people to create!! Like ANCA  Naturally Autistic, AutismHWY, Rainbowland,  fb’s Artist’s and Autism and so many  OTHERS!! People  with life experiences like Temple literally taking the “Bull by the Horns”! haha ……..AWESOME!

There are ALOT of us out here inspired by Ms. Grandin’s enormous ability to allow “on-lookers” a view. A view into the kaleidoscope that IS Autism. An ever changing world of brilliant patterns, shapes and colors. Our daily spectrum. The plain-speak that Temple generously shares is what I dream of at every “I. E. P.U.*”  I attend!! lol…..Really though isn’t it time we all learned to see and  speak in pictures with Ms. Grandin?  We ALL think she is brilliant! Let’s give her credit where credit is due and follow her lead for the world. Just as she shifted the direction the cattle took , let’s allow her to influence the language we use. Speak like Temple! Walk like an Egyptian whatever…Just do it!!

Let’s stop with cliches, old ways and the uneducated general public! There needs to be a “catch-up course” on HUMANITY!! A little Autism primer if you will! 1st assignment for ALL STUDENTS (the world…I’m talking to you now)….Watch the HBO Movie “Temple Grandin.” Once you’ve done that, the next time you meet someone like ME that tells you they have an Autistic son or daughter you will be  more “appropriate.” What I mean by that…is you won’t say (Like a ‘Robot’) “Oh, vaccines cause that huh?”…OR…”Oh Yeah….Jenny McCarthy!” What I am looking for is the day when during conversation and AUTISM comes up people say “Oh like Temple Grandin!” “You must be dealing with sensory issues and processing matters!”


*I.E.P. : Individualized Education Plan… ‘my sarcasm’

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4 Responses to “GREAT Expectation!”

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  2. Dearest Kelly,
    I just love how you paint those vivid pictures for everyone! With such precision that a surgeon stands back and says, “Wow!” :) Dr. Temple Grandin is a very admirable woman with the so much vibrance that the ground quakes the beneathe us. Like Temple, I too–”think in pictures” & take hundreds (sometimes thousands) of photographs each day–depending on which of life’s lemons I squeeze when handed to me :) Some call it “sensory overload” & others–”meltdown”. As a child, I was often ridiculed as vexacious. As an adult, I’ve learned to put those photos together & section them as videos into the files within my mind. For me, this was a survival skill I “had”to learn as a child. Upon reflection, I can see that this was just one of many sensory sensitivity coping strategies that I used in order to process the large amounts of information–coming to me all at once. There were also many sounds that I could hear–that others were not hearing. No, these weren’t “voices in my head”–they were actually sounds (i.e. electricity flowing through wires & lights to name only one of several). This heightened sense of hearing was often extremely frustrating. Imagine hearing the lips of people “smacking”, the sand on floors “crackling”, the air through teeth “whistling”, the glare of brights all “blinding”, the legs of pants “binding” & the textures of clothing “grinding”–ALL at the same time? I’m describing a 15 minute study hall in a supposed, “quiet” room. Through the years, I’ve learned to block out some of the noise by plugging my ears & humming. I really enjoyed swimming & immersing my head under water–because it plugged my ears for me–without looking strange while in public. I often sang aloud in vehicles–to rid my ears of the noise while travelling. My teenage years were filled with loud music, guitar & amplifiers, headphones etc.–which I believe–has helped in desensitizing my ears to the smaller noises. Although (to this day) there are times when I still need to wear earplugs, hum with a hooded sweatshirt &/or ears plugged etc. My eyes are very sensitive to lights, ears to specific decibels, tastes & certain textures, smells to many odors & skin to many fibers, scents etc. As I’ve grown to be an adult, husband & father–one can only imagine what other areas I’ve been desensitized to :) I’m filled with joy each time I hear of Temple Grandin & her awesome walks of life! She’s inspiring, personal & fiiled with those strengths, talents & abilities that continue to “mobilize” many–accross the world. Thank you for such a wonderful article about this extraordinary woman!

  3. kelly says:

    Mr. Scott Jackson. I thankyou dear friend. Those amazing insight filled words have just given Wyatt NEW wings. I can only hope many other mothers and fathers read this incredible post. You are most certainly a strong partner on the frontline for APAC GLOBAL! Our communitys~ Autistic People AWARENESS Campaign! Much love tou you and yours for these heart felt words!

  4. Ahhh–music to my ears Kelly–”Spread those wings & fly Wyatt”–Love to you & your’s as well! One thing in addition, do you know how many wings you’ve given to others? Now that’s what I’m talking about! Collective souls of reasoning! Together–We can! & will & are! :)

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