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Global and International happenings.

The “Great Wall”!

…Not the one in China. The one that will be seen in Vancouver British Columbia on the weekend of September 23rd-25th. The wall of support we will build. Adorning this wall with the brilliant images of cutting edge culture! The LOGOS of companies on the frontline of Autism reform. The NEW GUARD if you will. Setting a very positive precedent!

A precedent for change. A change to partnerships not charity. Where support goes both ways…a two way HWY! Business to business. Where your dollars go toward changing  the culture…to advertise to the world that your company believes in the strengths and talents of the Autistic Community! Supporting the growth of self esteem in a previously marginalized group. Branding yourselves in history as  SUPPORTERS OF  POSTIVE CHANGE for Autistic People and their families globally.

The writing will be on the wall!!  The vinyl backdrop for the AWARDS PARTICIPANTS to be photographed in front of! A very powerful photo-op! Our AutismHWY “A” will be front and center…IF you would like to “Partner” with us and support success. Send in your sponsorship and get your logo on this great wall. Progressive thinkers paving opportunities for the world. We have to order this backdrop early and we will need your commitments  by July 31st in order for your logo to appear on this GREAT WALL!  Companies sponsoring after this cut-off date  will  still get all of the premium advertising which consists of  blogradio spots, printed materials; flyers, posters & programs. On -line newsletters, blogs, announcements etc. through numerous websites and all social media.

In my mind the most important place to have our logo is on this GREAT WALL!  Aligned with an amazing cast of people, people putting their money where our heart is… into the Autistic Population. Joining us as we march ahead in our own walk. Our walk toward acceptance, understanding, inclusion, appreciation and CELEBRATION!!

GET YOUR LOGO ON THE WALL!:  click here for sponsorship info!

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A simple concept. It’s nothing NEW.It  stands to reason. It’s perfectly understandable. It’s something we all need to do….MORE OF!  Cultivating talents and strengths  of the individuals within the Autism community!

Culturally we all love aknowledgments. We celebrate the accomplishments of others. Scrolling through history we see the amazing and notorious characters that have come before us. Notating such glorious behaviors and such dastardly deeds. People are capable of so much…and so little.

So every fall we must realize that a NEW DAY has dawned for Autistic people and the people who LOVE them!!

A SHIFT in the hearts, minds and attitudes of people. The perception of Autistic people and their capabilities is being re-focused. Fine-tuned if you will. Awards events, venues for  creating and showcasing ART, books redefining our peoples worth! In 2011 …we have arrived!

On the weekend of September 23rd-25th…we will ENJOY The 2nd Annual Naturally Autistic People AWARDS & CONVENTION!!

 The opportunity here is to INCLUDE a group of people that have been widely marginalized. Sadly it seems that this world of “Celebrating Self-Esteem” had previously overlooked the Autistic population.Well that is no longer the case. Our awards celebration is here to stay and we are thrilled about it! I believe society as a whole  had been assuming that we as a community had nothing to CELEBRATE.

NOTHING could be further from the truth. Life is worth celebrating no matter your “label”. We have life and while we have that gift we will make the best of it. We too have abundant gifts to share. Simply put this concept is at the crux of cultivating a happy life.  Growing and giving the good inside of yourself ~to others. The trick is finding those gifts that each person has to give…focusing  on interests and encouraging people to follow where those interests take them! Self esteem~101. It is a simple concept that has been overlooked for far too long. Society is NOW starting to get a small taste of the talent streaming in!

The very best way to SUPPORT this golden opportunity for the Autistic Community is to involve yourselves and…SPONSOR~ SPONSOR~ SPONSOR!!  Companies that break ground with this venture are cutting the edge in CULTURE CHANGE!! What better way to support the future’s amazing minds!! Your COMPANY can give as little as the price for 1 ticket - enabling an Autistic adult to attend the AWARDS ! To sponsoring the cost of an actual award (an original handblown glass design) with the aknowledgment of your sponsorship etched right in.  There are many ways to SUPPORT US! 

 We are very excited by the opportunities SPONSORSHIP brings. It says alot about YOU and your Company. Believing in these awards and what they represent is TANGIBLE!! Your dollars at work in the BEST way possible. Helping Autistic PEOPLE contribute to society. People that are alive NOW!  Not waiting for what researcher’s come up with years down the road. Living, breathing people. People that  desire and DESERVE support now! Show the Autistic community that YOU and the  CORPORATIONS of this world believe in the incredible possibilities for their futures !

DOWNLOAD SPONSORSHIP FORMS HERE…2011 Sponsorship form !!!  ThankYOU in advance!

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Memorialize it!

Isn’t that what we do with the things that mean the most to us? We honor them, remember them, imbed the imagery forever if we can. We  MEMORIALIZE it.  Document it.  Showing our deepest regards for  the nobility, strengths and ernest endeavors of the human spirit. So I find it fitting that this Memorial Weekend we are wrapping up the submissions and nominations for the Naturally Autistic People Awards. A group of talented and diverse people just waiting to document their strengths and talents for the world!

That documentation began last year on October 30th when the first Awards Event was held in Vancouver CANADA. These are the flags from last year’s participants! Add YOUR FLAG to this global stage! Thankyou to everyone at ANCA for starting this awesome tradition for the Autistic Community! An amazing showcase of perspectives. Layers of talent unfolding. Tucked away for years while others looked elsewhere. Thank goodness that the time has come for these floodgates to open. The heart of the community is something to behold. A pureness this world has been lacking at times. As James Durbin ~the 4th place American Idol~ with Aspergers said recently, “Different is the new normal!”

Viva La Difference!! So this weekend as we Memorialize the strengths of generations that have forged the HWY’S before us…in order for us to have better lives. Think of the NEW Generation…the generation that will finally see the Autism Community as valid individuals with many talents, strengths and differences despite their challenges. Adding a rich  new and exciting facet to the vibrant tapestry of this world. Ultimately insuring that the ASD Communities quality of life will improve in so many ways!




Visual and Literary arts submission form


Community Award Nominatios And Categories Old version of microsoft

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Naturally Autistic ANCA Blogradio

Event Name : Naturally Autistic ANCA Radio Show- Autistic People
Event Date : Sunday Jan 23, 2011 12 noon pacific
Event Specific Location : GLOBAL
Contact Name : ANCA
Phone No : 1-760-825-0903
Email Address :
Event Description :

Rainbowland Autism Services founder~ Allison Dix,our featured guest this SUNDAY JAN 23, 2011 noon Pacific Time, visit the link to view her video! You can also read about her in our Naturally Autistic magazine Premiere issue. Join to become a FREE member and receive FREE monthly newsletter and be the first for our international news updates! Leo Gregory/ANCA

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