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It is that time of year!! Time to honor Our Dads and Our Grads! Two factions of constant hard work!! These factions need support. Since June is the time to GIVE IT…it is so fitting that Jim Gott ex- L.A. Dodger(father to 2 sons w/ AUTISM) has picked this Saturday for an amazing event!!FOR MEN ONLY!!! Teaming with another great Dad, Jon Hope the Autism Manager for the San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center. They have planned a training/seminar

Sorry Ladies…but this is an event that we could use A LOT MORE of!! Dads joining forces to find ways to deal!! Women being more verbal…(less autistic ! lol ) tend to group up and commiserate/ trouble-shoot MUCH MORE effortlessly! So glad to see an avenue/HWY. for MEN to bond and solve issues in their style! Very COOL Event!! Let’s get a great turn-out here so more can be planned in the future!! The more we learn the more strategies for SUCCESS !! Have a great time GUYS!! contact: Jon Hope (909) 706-3595


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A Celebrated…SEASON!!

Seems I just heard about A-League a couple of days ago. What ?? Autism Baseball ? Little League teams for players with AUTISM !? Really? YES, REALLY !! And as the saying goes TIME FLIES when you’re having fun!!

The INAUGURAL SEASON ends this Sat.! Can’t believe how fast and smooth it went…considering (?). I mean, I had A LOT of people looking at me with consternation a few times. I love to chat it up as I go along my way. So, many people I come across know all about AutismHWY & A-League. Just can’t stop talking about them. I see both projects as a WORLD OF HELP!!

And a World of FUN!! I really didn’t think Wyatt would enjoy it as much as he has! Before his AUTISM set in…he would play a little whiffle ball. Hitting and running 2 yr.old style! When we would say, “Hey Batter-Batter” he would lift his leg like a pitcher on the mound ! But, that went away and I didn’t want to push it. I could get him to play ball /catch with me in the pool. So I guess I kind of settled for that. But, no more! This outlet to exercise and interaction with teammates, coaches and friendly families…AWESOME!

Something worth fighting for and celebrating!!! JUST WHAT WE’RE DOING!! Join US this Sunday in San Dimas at Marchant Park! 1-5 P.M. We will be there honoring our players. For giving it a shot! Learning a lot and making friends. Friends with AUTISM! What a concept. So many would have you believe that, that is impossible. Yet, we parents, coaches, teachers, siblings and care-givers …KNOW BETTER! We witnessed it! A pure success for kids and adults. It was a little bumpy here and there…but just like any good ride you just hold on and don’t let go!!

Which is EXACTLY RIGHT!! We will keep the ball rolling with a SUMMER/FALL Season!! All the info can be found at the SDLL website! You can click on from our Interesting Site section on the left!! Registration will be at the ballpark this Sunday and next Saturday! NOW back to the Celebration at hand!! We are really looking forward to this! There will be Games and Food for mind and belly! An Awesome Raffle…for FUN PRIZES…An Amazing Performance by an Amazing Band…ARREST MY SISTER for fantastic entertainment !! Last but not least the CELEBRATION of this accomplishment! The Accomplishment of starting out a season and seeing it through! A season like NO~OTHER, that had never been done before!! MAKING HISTORY …acquiring friends…learning the game… while having FUN!!


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