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A~LEAGUE ?!! That’s right skip the…APPLE PIE !! We A-League Mom’s are too busy having our cake and eating it too!! Thanks to the persistence of one MOM in particular…LORA MANCINI!! What an accomplishment Lora. We honor you especially !!

On this blog you will see something very extraordinary! Mom’s that have been working their tails off for their kids. NOW Basquing in some unexpected GLORY!!

When we got our kid’s DIAGNOSIS I am sure we all felt that swift kick. However, we all know that you can’t keep a good woman down. Especially when it comes to these kids of ours .

I say “these kids” like that because …there is something so amazing about each and everyone of them! The deficits real and perceived cannot be outweighed by the GENUINESS of Spirit they possess.

As we have entered into this Baseball Adventure I am sure we kept our expectations low. No need to stress everyone out…right?

Well HECK, some of these players have been needing the bar raised a little bit more every-outing! So amazing and encouraging to watch. These players are also seeing the growth of their team-mates!

I actually over-heard the cutest “candid moment” between a father and son. Dad was in a lawn chair and his son was Cuddled at his feet as they both were watching the action. He told his Dad…”I even like to watch it more than I like to play it!!”

Well as Mom’s we know how our men REALLY LIKE to watch their sports! This moment was so sweet…as if it was an absolute new discovery! One he won’t soon forget…now that he KNOWS!! lol

Today was precious! As all of these games and practices have been. We are experiencing so much more than we have dared dream, for our BALL-PLAYERS. To see the Men in our kids lives have this chance . This sports experience that had been put “on hold!

PHENOMONAL for us Mom’s. To be sharing all of these memories with people you are in the Autism~Trenches with…amazing. How many more superlatives can I throw out there? We are growing and bonding as teams and leagues do…

We will all be sharing Dodger dogs again tomorrow! Can you believe it? More major league action for our major league sweethearts!

On Mother’s Day to boot!! So talk about the best Mother’s Day ever!! Looks like it is full steam ahead to Chavez Raveen where we will have a day in the sun with our beautiful BALL~PLAYERS!!

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This “A-League” is sure doing that!! We all knew we were missing something in our lives…& now that we have found ourselves at the ballpark. EUREKA!! We have found “IT” and we are not budging!! The feelings we are all having are just getting better with each practice and game! You’de have to be crazy to think we’de give this up now!! Last weekend we were at the Rosebowl for the Autism-walk. So today the players were ready, willing and able!!

The Yankees and Angels were swinging away BIG-TIME! These players are really amazing EVERYONE coaches and family alike!! Watching any kid master something is very gratifying …but watching the efforts of our “A-Leaguers” is something to behold! Yes, I am biased as the proud mother of Wyatt. Heck, I am feeling so proud of all of these kids!! It takes the term… “Team MOM” to a whole new level! We are all very at home with each other …& those “good vibrations” are just so infectious!!

As I was saying …the younger division really went after the ball agressively! Every player was making good contact. More and more the tee is being phased out! So neat to see these kids progressing with COMPLETE love and acceptance. Absolutely NO PRESSURE! Perfect recipe for success! Yes and it tastes sweet! The kids actually were going for those outs today…with several tosses to 1st base. A time or two they actually got the ball there before the runner arrived! AWESOME!! I love the end of each game …as they line-up and slap all the high~fives!! Very COOL!

Soon after their fans cleared out…it was The Braves & Dodgers show!! Game~ON! The day was the best yet perfect mix of sun and breeze. I made a batting line-up and away we went. Our lead-off hitter is a spark plug Zach he bounced right out hit & off to 1st w/ ease! Wyatt came up and did his “finger-roll” today…whatever floats his boat is fine by me!! The Zapata Twins got there sticks on the ball!! Line- drives today & BIG SMILES!! What could be better??

Our guys are always going for that out at 1st base. Today was no exception…more than a few tosses beat the runner.Speaking of runners we had a little news in that department. Eric on the Braves…also known as “E-Rod” has had some pains as of late so he utilized a pinch runner. Which turned out to be cute little Emily in her sunny yellow and green out-fit! Very Fun! Cosmo from the Dodgers was in an exceptional mood today!! He ran the bases like a champ!! With a spring in his step that I have never seen before! GREAT!!

I must tell you being out on the field with these players is exhilerating! To see the unsolicited support THEY ARE GIVING Each Other is priceless. Encouraging their OPPONENTS as they touch all bases. Unbelievable, phenomonal … Goosebumps, Chills, Tears …ALL GOOD!! Just another week in the life of the “A~LEAGUE“!

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I see it happening right and left. In all of these amazing “A-League” kids!! Most closely I see it in my boy Wyatt! In the last three baseball outings we’ve had …he has made a 360! From a boy that was feeling “lukewarm” at best~to a boy having a grand time! He had seemed unhappy… when it came to putting that helmet on, manuvering that bat and running those bases. Not the case today! He was on fire !

I love being out on the field with these kids! I am seeing alot of confidence and pride…growing and swelling. As well it should! I saw ALOT of extended family out there today. That really puts a spring in the players steps! Having Grampa Bob in right field with the video camera did the trick for Wyatt today. Hey… it just dawned on me ~was Wyatts 360 all about “his audience”?! LOL!! Is my boy a little more typical than others would like to admit!?

I believe that to be true sometimes! We all have tendencies to be typical AND autistic! More on that another day!

I have said that DUGOUTS are character builders and I mean it. The sportsmanship and comraderie evoked through these bi-weekly meetings is intense! You really become a family of sorts. Coach is like a Dad…guiding you through rough patches. Your teammates are the siblings flanking you as you perform these tasks. Team moms and fans are the open arms waiting for you to score at home plate!! A perfect chemistry for beautiful life-long connections! Something EXPERTS have told us will NEVER Happen!!

SO THERE~ EXPERTS!!! This was our 3rd game and for the Dodger’s… HOMERUNS keep piling up!! Our power hitters the Zapata Twins are keeping their even keel going! Strong and steady hitters that give our other players a great example. They are both very nice boys with a very cool demeaner. Their father Manual is a fantastic Coach/Dad …he worked some of that “Z”~Magic on Wyatt prior to yesterday’s game! He helped Wyatt at the tee on Thurs. & on Saturdays game…Wyatt took his 1st independent swing dropping the ball just off the tee! AWESOME!

That is what it is all about compassionate guidance and understanding! With that the possibilities here are endless. Is this sports experience going to “CURE” our players? NO. This is not about that elusive cure. We don’t have time to worry about a cure. If we spend all our time fretting and lamenting our condition we have no time left to enjoy our HERE AND NOW. So here and now…we have found an awesome outlet for our kids to

PLAY ball, BOND with team-mates and BUILD their already INCREDIBLE CHARACTER !!

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After tonights success at the BIG PROFESSIONAL SPORTS Event...Dodger Stadium has a new name!! Wow, what a great time. As the families and kids found their seats lots of fist bumps and high fives were flying Not only did we have a great turn-out…everyone had an “even keel” going !!

Wyatt had never been to a sporting event like that so I really was’nt sure how he would like it.We arrived good and early so that helped pave the way. Wyatt was in just the mood for HIGH-ENERGY tonite …and the Dodgers provided it. Right out of the box Matt Kemp hit a HOMERUN!! That’s awesome! Matt apparently has a younger brother with AUTISM. Dodger Stadium is having an AWARENESS Day this Sunday…so lets hope he thrills them as well! GO MATT!!

That was’nt the only HOMERUN! Immediately after that Andre Ethier hit a homerun!! Back-to-Back! That really got the crowd and kids going!! Very rare, very excitng. A very short time later ~ ETHIER~ hit another HOMERUN! Only this homerun was special…like our kids ! A GRANDSLAM!! So amazing…the baseball gods were…”In The House!” From there the rest of the game was cake!

We were ALL so proud of our kids! Everyoune had a fun time and we are so looking forward to another game soon!! Heck, we have been “OUT OF THE LOOP”…& IT FEELS SO GOOD to be back in it!!! We are not going anywhere!! We have ALOT of lost time to make up for!

All of us “Rocker Parents…had a huge surprise when we found out SLASH was on hand!! His rendition of the National Anthem was very COOL! Wyatt liked the sound of it!! He was super- charged last night! The baseball is REALLY Sinking into MY Boy!! I think for ALL these kids. Seeing everyone at the nighttime event really solidified these players!

Not just our kids are bonding…I have met some of the coolest and fun friends through this “A-LEAGUE.” Very much my feeling for AUTISMHWY!! People with “Like Minds” making a difference in our kids lives!! The best support you can get is from someone on the same road as you! Liking these wonderful FAMILIES is just the icing on that “Game Cake” I mentioned earlier!!!

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