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New Roster!

Already in the works! We are barely taking a breather… because baseball is still calling! We won’t be home if the Avon lady reaches out this Summer! The moms of the A-League have other plans! Not to leave out the Dads~ Because THERE IS a strong representation on board. They will have to make a new lawn-mowing schedule. Saturday mornings are taken!! We’ve had a very good turn-out for our Registration so far!! With many players returning! It is very exciting to see the influx of kids ready to give it a shot! AWESOME!

Today we had an assessment “so to speak” …just to get an idea of each player! WooHoo 3 girls were there today! Love to see that, I grew up in the dugouts of Glendora and Covina!! So lets hear it… any more players with pig-tails?? C’mon down!! PLEASE!

In the initial season the teams were randomly drawn. It worked out great for the most part. This time around we would like the “Crushers” and the “Bullets” to have a little more edge. Not to keep score and be competitive in that manner. However, we think some players need to bring-up their skills with kids near or at the same level ! It will be a delicate chemistry! We ARE all a little like mad scientists anyway, so it seems fitting lol! (I have said AUTISM means : “Finding your Formula” ) I have complete faith we are up to the task. We understand AUTISM & BASEBALL…and what an Explosively Awesome Combo they are!!

I had a very nice Brunch planned with a very hard-working friend so I missed today’s evaluation. I arrived as they were breaking it up. I first thought that it was a full blown game~ there were that many people there! Fantastic to see that the enthusiasm has spread!! They will not be sorry GUARANTEED!

Lora Mancini and Carol Zapata…Awesome Aut~ Moms carried out the duties today with the help of a very nice student working on his service hours. This is great, programs that encourage our youth to research and reach-out to Autism!! I can’t say enough about that ! Here’s hoping more and more of that is created! There is a real chance here to engage our youth in some… more than worthy, community service. Much like what the S.D.H.S. J.V. Softball team did this past season. The AWESOME TEAM of beauties came out to help guide our kids around the bases! Many smiles later, one of the young women did an amazing thing. Creating a service project Athletes for Autism.” Our hats off to Kayla Norrie !! THANK YOU to you , your sister Brianna and the entire team!! Oh and a special thanks to Wyatt’s “CRUSH” Jennifer Hampson! These girls recruited and scheduled extra help for each A~LEAGUE practice and game! BEYOND BOMB !! called “

Coach Megan Spano was invaluable as well! The JV Softball coach that ALSO works with autistic children!! So many AMAZING people gave of themselves. Going above and beyond at every turn. What a wonderful group of people. So hoping we all do it again and again!! Season AFTER Season. Recruiting new faces along the way!!

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Closing Day BLUES!

Well here it is the end to a perfect start!! No, not “The ~End”…as in That’s all folks! Because there is MORE , where that came from. Much MORE!! After seeing the overall success of this program, there is no-where to go but UP ! Our KIDS CAN PLAY BALL!! Very apparent and why not? What were we thinking? (as they say) Well point of fact is we weren’t. PLAIN and SIMPLE!

Nobody was. There are SOMEBODIES out there that still won’t.When the rest of the world realizes that our kids are intact. They are able spirits.Able to run, throw, hit and catch. The art is in learning how to maneuver with other people in the world. Each autistic individual is different yet, the same, all at varying degrees. Did you catch that?…I’ll wait a bit while you re-read that one. lol Now imagine a mercurial child in a mercurial environment. That is a start at explaining the complexity of it.

Having had the whole league under the ASD Umbrella made it easy for us to manage the kids in the way that they require. As parents/coaches we were able to gauge our kids limitations and desires accordingly. Kids were given the power to play their game at their speed! It was and IS a beautiful thing. A thing that must continue. As the little league rules read …we are NOT ALLOWED to have an autism only league. SCREECH………………….Did I hear that correctly? “It’s not fair to kids with other disabilities.” Is the pervasive reasoning surrounding this rule written for equalities sake. Then ITS TIME for the right to have an AUTISM ONLY rule added to the “Green Book “

A few board meetings back ex-president Moni suggested I read the “Green Book.” Someday I will. It doesn’t matter what color that book is, the bulk of those rules will not apply. Autism means throwing the “Rule Book” out the window some days. It is imperative that AUTISM be recognized as separate from other disabilities. For purposes that we have on the baseball diamond and in the classroom. THOSE ARE CIVIL RIGHTS. Seriously. The state of and/or lack of services and venues needs to be totally re-vamped. In most cases created. There are simply more and more Autistic Spectrum People in this world. Acceptance, mass understanding and recognition need to prevail.

With the help of strong determined parents and good~ willed benefactors this WILL HAPPEN. I feel it, along with 100′s of thousands of others. We are ALL Feelin’ IT. That it is high time for understanding ,acceptance and respect. Respect for being different and acceptance , for the ways that we navigate through life. We are all human we all crave understanding, acceptance and respect. As a parent of one of the A~Leaguers ,I have seen a new look in Wyatt’s eye. A look of pride and self esteem. This is what life is all about! What took us so long ~~WHAT WEREN’T WE THINKING ??

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This is how the “A~Leaguer’s” are feeling! Especially the CORE GROUP of the families that are “Making it Happen!” Building this plane while we fly it! My new favorite phrase that I TOTALLY COMPREHEND Now!!! We have learned so much this season. To carry forward into ALL the seasons that WILL follow!! We knew this would be good…but, what occurred here was so far beyond GOOD!

Much more like GREAT! Any negativity we have encountered is inconsequential !! When you are forging change there will ALWAYS Micheal Siegel the father of Rocker Scott…front man for ARREST MY SISTER wisely pointed that out to me yesterday! Thank you Micheal and wife Leeni you are an inspiration to US ALL! Airplane Flyers in the music world! However, I believe their “Airplane” will be morphing into a ROCKET!! The SHOWMANSHIP is just as awesome as the music!! PLEASE sign~up for their mailing list!! be some faction of resistance.

The weather was hot…so Lora M. made sure the kids had a water slide !! Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Games and Prizes. Awesome Music throughout and TROPHIES TOO !? Our kids were in heaven on the Diamond…with “Angels in the Outfield” What more could you want on a hot summer day?… Snow cones!! And we had those too! All bases covered! Thank you Mrs. Mancini!! Lora had the foresight to start this ball rolling and her idea to “CAP IT OFF” with the trophy Ceremony was brilliant. Completely evident in the photos I shot!! THANK YOU so much~ to the San Dias Little league for allowing OUR Dream Season and Party to happen!!

A lot of these trophy ceremonies are done at team parties nowadays. Having the players come up INDIVIDUALLY was a stroke of GENIUS!! The reactions they had were priceless…the looks of pride seemed so NEW. It makes me tear up just thinking back on it. I am also a little sad that Wyatt missed out. He had been at the party for the 1st 1/2 of the day…and just needed to go home and hang with Grandpa Bob. Not enough juice to make it to the end! Just the way it is with AUTISM sometimes. FLEXIBILITY is a must!

BE SURE to click on these pictures to see the BRIMMING PRIDE!!

This is not the last you will hear about this event…TMI too fit into one blog! To be continued…..

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A Celebrated…SEASON!!

Seems I just heard about A-League a couple of days ago. What ?? Autism Baseball ? Little League teams for players with AUTISM !? Really? YES, REALLY !! And as the saying goes TIME FLIES when you’re having fun!!

The INAUGURAL SEASON ends this Sat.! Can’t believe how fast and smooth it went…considering (?). I mean, I had A LOT of people looking at me with consternation a few times. I love to chat it up as I go along my way. So, many people I come across know all about AutismHWY & A-League. Just can’t stop talking about them. I see both projects as a WORLD OF HELP!!

And a World of FUN!! I really didn’t think Wyatt would enjoy it as much as he has! Before his AUTISM set in…he would play a little whiffle ball. Hitting and running 2 yr.old style! When we would say, “Hey Batter-Batter” he would lift his leg like a pitcher on the mound ! But, that went away and I didn’t want to push it. I could get him to play ball /catch with me in the pool. So I guess I kind of settled for that. But, no more! This outlet to exercise and interaction with teammates, coaches and friendly families…AWESOME!

Something worth fighting for and celebrating!!! JUST WHAT WE’RE DOING!! Join US this Sunday in San Dimas at Marchant Park! 1-5 P.M. We will be there honoring our players. For giving it a shot! Learning a lot and making friends. Friends with AUTISM! What a concept. So many would have you believe that, that is impossible. Yet, we parents, coaches, teachers, siblings and care-givers …KNOW BETTER! We witnessed it! A pure success for kids and adults. It was a little bumpy here and there…but just like any good ride you just hold on and don’t let go!!

Which is EXACTLY RIGHT!! We will keep the ball rolling with a SUMMER/FALL Season!! All the info can be found at the SDLL website! You can click on from our Interesting Site section on the left!! Registration will be at the ballpark this Sunday and next Saturday! NOW back to the Celebration at hand!! We are really looking forward to this! There will be Games and Food for mind and belly! An Awesome Raffle…for FUN PRIZES…An Amazing Performance by an Amazing Band…ARREST MY SISTER for fantastic entertainment !! Last but not least the CELEBRATION of this accomplishment! The Accomplishment of starting out a season and seeing it through! A season like NO~OTHER, that had never been done before!! MAKING HISTORY …acquiring friends…learning the game… while having FUN!!


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