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The Art of Autism is a Movement


Posted by Debra Hosseini on May 28, 2012

     My good friend Kelly Green asked me a while back to write a blurb for the Autism Highway about The Art of Autism.  Keri Bowers and I started the collaborative project in 2011 to assist artists, writers, and performance artists to find venues to be seen and heard. Venue is a loose term and includes Keri's films, my books, and physical and virtual places. The project has a momentum of its own and now includes over 200 individuals on the autism spectrum and a number of like-minded organizations. Our newest venue is the book "The Art of Autism: Shifting Perceptions," which features 77 artists and poets on the autism spectrum. What follows is our mission.

     The ART of AUTISM is a collaborative project that connects artists and performers of all ages on the autism spectrum with opportunities and venues to showcase their varied talents. We are committed to promoting artists and educating the general public. We help artists through mentorships, building  resumes, portfolios, and direct work experience in the arts.

By bringing awareness about the artistic gifts of people on the spectrum, The ART of AUTISM inspires the general public, gives hope to parents of children on the spectrum,  and provides self-advocates with tools for professional development. The ART of AUTISM shifts consciousness about autism.

    The Art of Autism actively seeks venues for visual and performing artists. In 2011 & 2012, we had young authors participate in book signings (books they’ve written); poetry readings, spectacular entertainment shows in theaters in major cities; art displays in galleries, libraries, and book stores; and small film festivals.We also started a regular newsletter with art opportunities.

    Please like our project on facebook - and follow us on twitter: artautism. If you would like to volunteer or be part of our project, please email me at